Important Safety Practices When Using Power Tools

Power tools make your work faster, easier, and more efficient. Also, a lot of power tools have ergonomic designs that enable you to work as safely and comfortably as possible.

The integrated safety features of several power tools do not necessarily mean that you should be complacent in using them haphazardly or without wearing any safety gear. A lot of power tools indeed have safety elements and even UL safety certifications. Yet, you might be required to wear protective equipment to keep accidents at bay.

Be sure to always follow all manufactures instructions and guidelines for safety.

Here’s a fact: around 400,000 emergency room visits each year are caused by the improper and unsafe use of handheld power tools. Some of these accidents are also caused by using defective products. So if you don’t want to become a part of that statistic, take heed at the following practices when using power tools to ensure a safe and hassle-free working environment.

General safety tips for power tools

  • Buy quality tools and avoid defective products. If the products are incredibly cheap and are on “sale,” it’s best to avoid them! When buying tools from an electronics or hardware shop, it is best to have them tested first to make sure that they are working well as they should.
  • Keep the OR, invoice or any proof of purchase so that you could use them in case you have to return defective products to the seller to be replaced or refunded. Also, do not forget the warranty – that’s the most important! However, make sure that the defects are caused by factory error. Otherwise, damage to the product by your own undoing can nullify its warranty.
  • Inspect and test the tools regularly to make sure that they are in good shape for use.
  • Do regular maintenance to your power tools to keep them in top working condition. Always follow manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Avoid wearing loose clothing or accessories that can get caught in the power tool’s moving parts, such as ties and dangling jewelry.
  • Wear appropriate safety gear, such as leather aprons, leather gloves and safety goggles.
  • Wear an appropriate face mask to prevent inhaling sawdust, particles, smoke, fumes and chemicals.
  • Wear closed and non-slippery footwear to protect your feet from sharp objects and to avoid slipping accidents, which may cause serious injuries.
  • Wear an appropriate hearing protector, especially when working in an environment whose noise levels reach 85 decibels and above.
  • When you have to carry tools as you go up the ladder, put them in a bucket or bag to hoist them up.
  • Be aware of the people around you, and make sure to keep them away from the tools you are using.
  • Secure your work with a clamp or vise to keep it from falling or slipping.
  • When working at heights, never leave your tools scattered on areas where they could present hazards to other workers, and especially children and pets
  • Make sure that the tools are stored in a safe place, away from pets and children.
  • Do not carry the tool by the cord or hose.
  • Do not yank the cord or hose to disconnect it from the power outlet.
  • Disconnect tools after you use them, when you are about to clean or service them, or when you are to switch between accessories.
  • Keep the cords and hoses away from oil, heat and objects with sharp edges.
  • Make sure to keep your footing firmly planted on the surface, and maintain the right balance when operating power tools.
  • Keep your workspace clear by removing all clutter from the floor and keeping it clean at all times to prevent slipping or tripping.
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