Ideas for Setting up Home Bowling Tournament

When you cannot go outside due to certain reasons, one place where you can have all the fun is your home. Many people buy pool tables for the whole family to enjoy. On the other hand, board games are also a great source of entertainment as people had been looking for ideas to have an excellent family time together.

DIY crafts came to the rescue several times. From creating crafts out of plastic and paper to set up a home bowling alley, the DIY ideas saved a lot of people from getting bored at home. While you can imagine how difficult it is to create an actual bowling alley at home, we will make planning your home bowling tournament look like a piece of cake. Let us begin!

Where to Buy
Buying a Bowling Set
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Setting up Home Bowling Alley 

Buying a Bowling Set 


There are several options from where you can get your hands on the best bowling setup for homes. “Hey! Play! Store” offers a fantastic bowling game set that you can get for your kids. It is suitable for kids three years and above. It comes in an appealing blue color and wood finish on the tips of the pins.

Although this bowling set is meant to be set up in the backyard, you can prop it up in your home, too, if you have a gameroom. You can set this up and put creative game room lighting to enhance the ambiance.

Things to Consider 

  • You should consider getting more than one set if you plan on arranging a tournament. It does not hurt to keep a backup.
  • If you have toddlers and young children both, you should get separate sets for them.
  • Adult bowling sets are made of hard materials, while the kids’ ones are made with plastic to avoid injury. So, always go for a plastic bowling set if you want your kids to play safe.

Making Your Own Bowling Set

Another option is to create DIY bowling set out of old plastic bottles or containers. Gather your children around when making them so that it becomes a family activity. You need to have a couple of old plastic bottles; fill them with small pebbles or toys to weigh down. The most important thing you need is a ball.

Once the bottles are weighed down, set them up in rows like the pins are set up in a bowling alley. Set up a mark about 7 to 10 steps away from the pins, and let your kids roll the ball. Knock the bottles and start having the time of your life.

Setting Up a Home Tournament 

First off, find people from your family or friends who are as enthusiastic about participating in a home bowling tournament as you. Send out invites to people using any social media group, and you have a date. Now, you have to start preparing to host the best home bowling tournament ever.

The first thing you have to do is to share the rules with everyone. The rules should be loud and clear to everyone. One idea is to print the rules on a big sheet of paper and print it out. If you have a soft board in your game room, you should pin the rules on it.

You can also stick the sheet outlining the rules of the tournament on a wall right next to where you have the balls stacked.

Mark the alley where you place the pins at one end and play with the ball from the other hand. You can use painter’s tape to mark the vertical area designated as the alley.

Next, you can take a big and sturdy plastic container to place all the balls in. Place the container with balls on one end of the alley.

You can prepare juice boxes lined up on a folding table in one corner of the room to match the actual settings of the bowling alley.

Having a scoreboard is also a must for the tournament. Have white or blackboard ready in the game room with chalks or dry-erase marker ready. Make columns with participants’ names on them, and voila! You have a scoreboard ready.

Setting up the Rules 

  • Set some rounds to play. Ten is the standard number of rounds played in bowling alleys.
  • Each player gets their own turn to knock down the pins with the ball.
  • The ball should be shot straight across the alley without getting out of the markings on both sides.
  • The player gets one point for each knocked-down pin.
  • If a player knocks down all the balls in a single hit, it is a strike and instantly earns you a double score strike the next time.
  • The player having the highest score in the end wins.

Other Ideas 

Setting up a tournament implies arranging a series of games till the finale. You can organize a tournament by starting with, for instance, ten contestants from two groups of friends each. Each team loses the members who score low in every round until there is only one contestant left from each team. When this happens, you have your tournament finale.

You can have kids seated in the corner of the game room to cheer the players up. It will give actual bowling alley feels. Arrange some music, and you are good to host the most popular bowling tournament in town.

What Home Bowling Games Teach? 

Every game teaches something to the kids. Indoor games teach the spirit of sportsmanship to the children. Bowling game is crucial for honing hand-eye coordination in children. It enhances their neural pathways processing the relationship between force, distance, and speed.

Scoring the strikes also teaches children mathematics skills. It helps them understand subtraction functions when determining how many pins they have struck down and how many are left. Children also vitally learn the role of force in creating an action that moves another object.