How to Spot a Decent Golf Course

A beautiful, sunny day signals it’s time for a great game of golf. So, you packed your things up, wore your best golfing attire, and now ready to hit the roads to the golf course. But, with so many golf courses available around, you might be thorned which one you should go to for a fun and exciting outing.

Let’s be honest! Not all golf courses boast the same quality. Yet, whether you’re a beginner or a professional, it only fits that you find good greens to play. To help you get what you deserve, here are some things you need to know in spotting for a decent golf course.

Check the golf course design

When thinking about architects, people often imagine them making plans for homes, schools, and buildings. However, landscapes like decent golf courses also take the architects’ services to plan their landscape. By doing so, golf courses ensure that key elements and features are rashly placed and instead fuse to bring coherence to the gameplay. That means there should be precise patterning and location of holes, grasses, hills, slopes, paths, ponds, and stonework, that are not only visually enticing but also incredibly playable.

Look for variety

Apart from checking the design, you also have to look if there’s a variety in the holes. Are there different shapes available? There should be one-straight shots, doglegs, and blind shots to keep things exciting. Are there various lengths? It’s expected that some holes may require more space than the others.

Do the holes provide some challenge? Some shots are quick and easy, while others may require more attempts to fire you up. Lastly, is there an excellent array of obstacles present? Bunkers, ponds, slopes, and false fronts make the gameplay enjoyable.

Remember, without variety, the game can quickly be redundant and boring. So, diversity is something you should be looking for in a decent golf course.

Aim for natural beauty

Golf is one of the few sports that allows players to go outdoors and enjoy their surroundings. Some Hawaiian golf courses boast awe-inspiring backdrops of mountains, cliffs, volcanoes, and other natural landscapes. Plus, they are also circled by teeming flora and fauna that will please your eyes.

Other golf courses are well-planned. They can incorporate these natural landscapes into the golf course design, providing a sense of oneness to its surroundings. While having artificial features is no problem, it’s should also blend beautifully well with the terrain. All in all, find a golf course that will both let you play the sport you love and provide you the opportunity to get closer to nature.

Make sure that the golf course is well-maintained

The early 20th century is renowned as the golden age of golf course design, with many of the best layouts were made during the era. Sadly, not all are properly maintained.

Are the staff doing daily maintenance to keep the greens smooth and healthy? Do they irrigate, rake, and mow the grounds regularly to keep them in tip-top condition? Are they doing the same level of dedication to maintenance, be it the regular or peak season? Remember, preserving the beauty, longevity, and playability of the golf course means providing regular upkeep.

Read about the golf course’s history and reviews

First, know the history of the golf course. It will tell you a lot about the origins of the course, its standards and traditions, management changes, and renovations in recent years. Second, read the reviews. Are there more good reviews than bad reviews? Are the bad reviews negligible, or can they be worked on? Do the good reviews say about the features or playability you’re looking for? Doing some research can do you wonders in finding the perfect course for you.

Check the cost

Of course, you need to see if the golf course will fit your budget. Ask the cost of off-hours, primetime, and tee time and compare various golf courses’ prices. See if you can avail of membership and discounts. Afterward, know the offerings and features in the golf course to ensure that you are getting decent services for your buck.

Assess the players

While checking the actual golf course is critical, assessing the players who use it is also vital. After all, the golf course is an excellent social activity where you interact with people who share the same passion for the sport.

Evaluate the social environment in the golf course. Is the golf course brimmed with high-quality players who can inspire to do better? Or, is it flocked by leisure-loving players with who you can build friendships with? Is the vibe more social or more competitive? Through that, you can know if the type of people around will fit your preference and pace of play.


Playing golf is undoubtedly exciting, but the experience will be memorable if you play in a golf course that can provide you with excellent playability, design, features, and aesthetics. Make sure to use the above-listed tips so you can find a decent golf course and get more rounds of swings!