How To Safely Carry Your Golf Clubs In Your Car

Golf clubs are relatively hard to bring because of their shape, so we have to be careful about taking them with us. Hiding our golf clubs in the trunk of our car is one of the convenient and easiest ways to keep it safe. Unfortunately, we need to make sure the clubs are well protected from a sudden change of temperature – or else it could seriously damage the clubs.

Golf club gears and bags can be purchased to prevent severe possible damage it can incur. Carrying them the right way can help to make their life longer. Like how we want the feeling of comfort when sitting on leather seats, our clubs need it too.

Should We Carry Our Golf Clubs?

Carrying golf clubs the right way is a good thing for them. But do we benefit when we use our bare strength to carry our clubs? According to studies, carrying clubs is worthless. You need an enormously huge amount of force from your body that can cause lactic acid build-up in the surrounding muscle, resulting in fatigue and other injuries. In short, carrying golf clubs can put too much stress on our bodies.

Don’t get us wrong, golfing is a good thing. There’s a benefit that our body can get from golfing, but not for carrying a golf bag. We have to make sure the golf clubs are well kept, but it’s also good to know that there is no point in carrying them by bare strength.

How Do We Keep Our Golf Clubs In Car?

Golf clubs should be stored in a dry, temperature-controlled room, or at least a space with the right temperature; not too hot or too cold. There could be times that we forgot our clubs inside our car, and this could potentially damage the clubs depending on the temperature; a moisture build-up would shorten a club’s life. If we want to ensure that our clubs are protected, we can buy a durable bag to ensure the clubs are correctly insulated while stored inside our car.

If we are going to store clubs in our car, avoid placing them under direct sunlight or near the a/c – as it could incur permanent damages. Every time we are finished using our golf clubs, don’t forget to check the club’s condition; if you see it’s wet or have a little moisture, make sure to wipe and dry it off. Don’t ever store them away when it’s still wet. Golf clubs aren’t cheap; the same goes for repairs. If possible, park your car in a parking building or at least a shaded parking area. This will help to keep the temperature in check. Always remember that clubs are sensitive when it comes to temperature; if it’s too cold, it could get moisture build-up, and it’s too hot, the head and grip could become brittle quickly.

How To Carry Our Golf Clubs?

Carrying clubs could be painful, and we want to take them without the feeling of pain as much as we can. You can use shorter golf bags to carry them with ease. You can also use an adjustable strap to adjust the length depending on the level of comfort. It’s also recommended to remove the strap to redistribute the weight in the uppermost of our shoulder.

Aside from that, it is better to choose a quality lightweight golf bag to lessen its heaviness. If you want to minimize the pressure, don’t choose a golf bag that has an accessory. Doing these tips could relatively add some relief in terms of carrying your golf clubs. Not only can you prevent injuries from carrying your clubs, but it also allows you to move them efficiently.

There’s no harm in taking good care of our things, but if it compromises our health and well-being, you might be doing something wrong. Heavier and difficulty don’t always mean it’s beneficial; you can efficiently carry heavy loads without much stress.

You can also opt-in consulting a professional golfer or going to a sports shop if you have more relevant questions regarding golfing and the matter.