Hobbies That Can Use a Laser Cutter

A laser cutter is an excellent and creative tool that allowsyou to create many things like simple boxes, engraving detailed graphics onto the wood, metal, etc., and help build complicated three-dimensional objects.

It is controlled by a computer and uses a laser beam to cut or engrave materials accurately. It is a highly focused and amplified light that cuts the objects by melting, burning, and vaporizing. The kind of material that a laser can cut depends upon the type of laser and the specific machine’s power.

Even though the laser cutters are used for industrial and commercial purposes, they have evolved into more flexible and easy to use machines that allow other applications as well. There are machines that you can use at home as well for creating multiple things as desired while practicing safety precautions, as the laser is quite hot and dangerous to touch.

Things You Can Do With a Laser Cutter


A laser cutter can allow you to do the following three tasks:


The laser goes through an object and cuts it. Hence you can use the laser as a cutting tool to shape an object the way you want. It is very effective in making the edges look perfect and smooth as desired.


A laser cutter can also be used to engrave things on an object. The cutter doesn’t cut all the way, so when the laser beam removes a part of the object, it is called engraving.


Marking is the process of engraving anything to the metal, for example, a number or a name. It is mainly on metal objects through a CO2 laser cutter. Before starting the process, the metal is marked with a marking solution. After the solution dries off, engraving is performed—the heat bonds the solution to the metal, resulting in a permanent mark.

Things You Can Make With a Laser Cutter



You can use a laser cutter to cut wood quickly. All you need is a laser cutter machine and design, and the cutter will manage the rest. For example, it can make skateboard decks, cutting boards, and wooden earrings.


You can cut cardboard to create prototype designs and low-cost products. A laser will cut through the cardboard quite efficiently, allowing you to cut as per your desire.


Most people get surprised when they hear that a laser cutter can cut paper. It is not such a big deal for a laser cutter to cut paperwhen it can cut wood easily. The surprising thing about the laser cutter is that it doesn’t burn thin material like paper. The machineis great for making accurate patterns and images from the paper when the knife doesn’t offer the same accuracy level.


Just like the paper, the laser is capable enough to cut through fabric. It can be used to make clothes and costumes with different patterns. This can also include stuffed animals and pillows. Some materials work better than others, so you should keep experimenting with it.The fabric includes materials like cloth, polyester, Gore-Tex, silk, and other similar materials.


A laser cannot cut through tiles or stones due to their density, but these materials can be engraved with a laser cutter. Laser engraving cut through the material, but instead, it removes the surface point of the material to show three-dimensional cavities that create an image.

This means that you can decorate the surface of the tiles with custom images. Contrast is the key to the best results, so people often prefer polished stone.


Lasers can also engrave on the glass. Similar to tiles, this technique creates a visible contrast on the glass allowing custom images and messages. The most commonly used glass objects are bottles and drinking glasses. This is achieved using a rotary, a part that enables the use of laser on the curved items.


Acrylic comes in various colors levels and opaqueness and hasa wide range of uses and designs. Even the low powered laser tubes can cut acrylic. Therefore, it is an excellent tool for makers and laser enthusiasts. It would be best if you were careful about cutting any plastic material as not all plastic materials are safe to cut with a laser due to toxic fumes.


You can entirely customize the leather goods and clothing with laser engravings. Fascinating and unique belts, holsters, backpacksare just a few examples that can be laser engraved. You can laser-cut leather products like custom leatherette wine bags, custom leather wallets, and custom leather iPad and iPhone cases.


Rubber is one of the most flexible and perfect raw materials for laser cutting as well as engraving on machines. They can be cut into any shape with the help of a laser cutter. The achievable laser products include rubbers for stamps.

Laser Cut Coasters

You can make coasters with the laser cutters by making a pattern, mandala, or sayings. There are endless possibilities to think of. These are made by laser engraving acrylic, but you can also utilize many other materials such as glass, wood, stone , tile, and some metals with the AP Laser.

Wood Rolling Pin

A rolling pin made of wood is one of the most commonhousehold items used for rolling dough. This is an example of what can be made with laser cutting. You can make the wooden rolling pin with laser engraving.

Glass Spice Jars

Glass Spice Jar is a standard household accessory for storing different kinds of spices. You can also make glass jars by cutting and labeling them with a laser cutting machine. You can even personalize by engraving on them.

Laptop Stand

You can make a laptop stand by assembling and cutting out puzzle type pieces. The laser-cut acrylic laptop stand is an excellent example of this technique. It is a bonus if you like puzzles that can also be crafted nicely using laser cutting technology.


Pillows are relatively new creationsas a result of laser cutting. The neutral two tunes and geometric cutouts help create and bring this product to fruition. Laser-cut leather pillows can be easily engraved with laser.

Wooden Signage

You can make laser cut engraved wooden signs.They are excellent crowd-pleasers, and if the wood doesn’t work with the look, you can try metal or acrylic or a mammoth stone yard sign. The wooden signage isunique and ultimatelyend up catching people’s attention compared toordinary advertisements.

Wedding Invitations

If you are creative and want to make unique wedding invitations that receivers will like, a laser cutter can surely help. You can use a laser cutting machine to cut and engrave wood to make elegant designs. Use these designed wooden sheets as a cover to wrap your invitation card.Besides that, you can also make one from paper as there are many ways to laser cut paper and make amazing designs on it.

Laser Cut Clocks

Time is like an illusion, but it doesn’t mean that you cannot make sense of it. The concept of a clock is pretty obvious, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. You can combine your creativity with some crafting skills and make a great-looking clock with laser cutting technology.

Paint Brush Holder

You can make a paintbrush holder for your painting brushes with the help of a laser cutter. The design should consist of several layers with holes so that you can slip your paintbrush into it. You can also cut a paintbrush holder with different size holes to easily fit various brush sizes.

Wooden Tie

You can implement wooden materials, even in the fashion industry. Show your creative self by making a wooden tie of 3.2mm in length. You can engrave creative patterns or designs on the tie that you like with the help of a laser cutter. It would look pretty futuristic, unique, and decent while making you look as classy as ever, with a good suit on.

Laser Cutting – Futuristic Technology

The development of laser technology has provided us with several new ways of cutting, shaping, and ultimately producing materials at a faster rate. The laser can cut through materials easily and engrave or mark objects as well. All in all, a laser cutting machine has proven to be a very effective tool for craft makers that help them showcase their craftsmanship with more ease and less effort.