Here’s How You Can Make Money By Flying Drones!

How can you make money by flying drones?

Now that you have acquired your drone, you would like to make a tremendous amount of money, by leveraging the abilities of your drone. How much could you make per month? $10? $100? $1000? Or even $10,000?

It is essential that you first make sure that the drone you own has the ability to be used in a professional context. Many of the drones that are sold today, do not have the characteristics that would get them approved by national aircraft agencies.

Once you have made sure that your drone truly matches the tightest security and safety standards, you need to pay attention to your surroundings. Depending on the type of people, companies, or settings that you will find around, you might get absolutely amazing opportunities to make money.

In order to illustrate that, and show you that the potential is genuine and huge, let’s examine three totally different cases.

In the first setup, you are living in a mountainous region. Not only do you have an exclusive access to a professional drone, you are also surrounded by breathtaking landscapes that attract tourists, hikers, climbers and mountain bikers from all over the world. These people could become a source of revenue for you, for two reasons.

The first reason is that they will want to get shot by your camera, flying high above them, while they are walking, jumping or climbing those exquisite areas.

The second case is the case where those people have accidents in locations that are hard to reach. You will be able to get paid by the security research times, that will really appreciate having an experimented drone pilot who can help them in their search and rescue operations.

In the second setup, you are living in a large capital, like Paris, New York or even Tokyo. Those downs are hosts of incredible events. Glamorous, luxurious and, in a word, stupendous events, attract a lot of wealthy people and are over advertised all over the planet through every single media channel.

By owning a drone, and being able to get the registration and authorizations to fly it over those downs, you will be chased because of this unique skill.

This will enable you to shoot those events from above. By cleverly mixing the event area with the breathtaking views of these touristic capitals, you will simply give birth to dozens of strongly viral videos, that will be an efficient vector to promote your business of premium drone pilot. And once you enter the Luxury Drone network … you are set to earn $10,000s in a matter of months. You doubt it ? Simply check how expensive it is to get a drone team come and take professional videos for you. $1000. An hour. Yes.

Make money by flying your drones for weddings and real estate

Another way of making great money by flying a drone is to solicit your services to Wedding Planners and Real Estate agents.

These two professionals realize that taking great, unique drone photos are very valuable. You will be able to choose your own hourly rate to fly your drone.

For example, if a bride wanted to have amazing drone shots at her wedding you will be able to charge $150/hr to fly your drone. And that also goes for a real estate agent who wants amazing aerial photos of a listing.

Make money by providing security

Last but not least, in order to make a great amount of money by making a good use of your drone, you can specialize in security. Lots of highly sensitive areas, like electricity plants and any of the numerous restricted zones, often require a permanent and versatile surveillance system. By putting your drone piloting skills at the service of those agencies, you will increase your revenues ten-fold, as such government approved specialists are rare and really scarce.

To conclude, there are numerous ways for you to use your drone and generate money through it. Depending on your location, your technical abilities, and your network, you will be able to get into niche markets where drone flying rhymes with money earning. Some of the most famous drone flyers just started practicing in their backyards. They trained until they became really good at it. And one day, they realized that those skills were sellable. And that, if they chose the right context, the right customers, and over delivered on quality, they would simply become successful in a matter of years.

Do you feel you could put your skills at the service of a local agency? Artists, governments and security companies are really fond of drone flyers. If you accept to work for an intermediary company, you can also contact communication agencies. Those agencies, thanks to their incredible network, can rapidly put you in touch with premium clients, who will pay big money in order to get a taste of the images you can take from high altitudes.

Just remember to get proper insurance, register your drone, and get your drone license to be able to commercially fly your drone.