Gun Safes That Use Biometrics

The best gun safes would remain reliable even after many years of use. So, no matter how old a gun safe is, as long as it is constructed well and is made from the most durable and strongest materials, you should expect that it will last for a long time. However, what would be outdated in a lot of old gun safes is their locking mechanics, as padlock and combination locks are sometimes insufficient to provide security and protection for your firearms against thieves or home invaders.

Fortunately, several different types of technologies have already been added to modern gun safes to increase their security features. One of the technologies added to plenty of gun safes is the biometrics system, which allows you to use fingerprints to open the lock of the safe. Today, there are dozens of different biometric gun safes available in physical and online stores, but there are a few that are considered better than the others. Here is a list of the best gun safes that use biometrics.

Awesafe Gun Safe with Fingerprint Identification


One of the cheapest biometric gun safes you can buy is the Awesafe Gun Safe with Fingerprint Identification. The Awesafe Gun Safe is big enough to store up to two pistols or one pistol with extra ammunition. In addition to the biometrics lock, the Awesafe Gun Safe also has a digital keypad so that you can use a password instead of a fingerprint for unlocking the safe.

The gun safe is made from solid steel, which is tough enough to withstand falls and impacts from blunt objects. The door of the safe is also pry-resistant, so thieves may have a difficult time opening it once they actually get their hands on the safe. Once you have unlocked the gun safe, the gas strut installed inside would automatically open the door of the safe for you so that you can access your firearm quicker. The built-in LED light would also help you see what to bring out from inside the gun safe.

Vaultek VT20i Gun Safe


An advanced gun safe available today is the Vaultek VT20i, which may look like a normal pistol safe at first glance, but it is actually packed with plenty of modern features that improve its protection and security. Much like the Awesafe, the Vaultek gun safe is made from solid steel and has an anti-pry door with latches and bars that are tough to pull out by hand or by using a tool.

However, what makes the Vaultek VT20i from the Awesafe is that you have more options in terms of how you can unlock the door of the gun safe. Not only will you be able to open the gun sage using a digital keypad and a biometric scanner, but you also have the option to unlock it using an app that you can download on your smartphone. If all of these digital options fail, you have the chance to use a manual key as well.

Barska Biometric Rifle Safe

Another budget-friendly biometric safes besides the Awesafe Gun Safe is the Barska Biometric Rifle Safe, which is much larger than the Vaultek and the Awesafe because it is designed to store rifles instead of pistols and other handguns. The smart biometric technology of the Barska rifle safe can store up to 120 fingerprints, and you can already get this feature at a relatively affordable price.

Moreover, the biometric scanner of the Barska rifle safe will allow you to unlock the door in just 2.5 seconds after scanning your fingerprint. So, if you are going to pull out your rifle in emergency situations, the Barska rifle safe will make sure that you will get your firearm as quickly as possible. If ever the biometric scanner is malfunctioning, you have the option of using the included key so that you can manually open or unlock the door of the safe.

GunVault SVB500 SpeedVault Biometric Gun Safe

An unusual-looking gun safe on this list is the GunVault SVB500, which may look like a bulky handgun holster from afar but is actually a compact gun safe that is packed with plenty of features. The GunVault is called “SpeedVault” because of how quickly you will be able to get your handgun from the safe to your hands because of its ergonomic design. Once you open the SVB500, the holder of the handgun inside the safe will actually be pulled downwards so that you can already grab the handgun by its grip. 

The biometric system of the GunVault gun safe is then able to hold up to 20 individual fingerprints. The system is then reliant on the small biometric fingerprint scanner at the top of the safe, which would activate the locking mechanism in just a few seconds. The SVB500 can then be mounted in various ways depending on where you want to place it. In case the biometric scanner fails, you can use the backup override key as an alternative.

SentrySafe QAP1BE Quick Access Gun Safe

The last biometric gun safe on the list is the SentrySafe QAP1BE, which is a quick-access pistol safe that has a reliable biometric scanner that can store multiple fingerprints so that you can open it with whatever finger is available or not occupied in your hands. The scanner allows single-handed access so that you don’t need to use two hands in times when you are in an emergency situation.

Furthermore, the door of the SentrySafe Quick Access Gun Safe has a compression gas strut that will automatically open the door once you have finally unlocked the safe using the scanner. The interior of the gun safe has a soft lining so that your pistol or handgun won’t get scratches or dents while inside the safe. You can also bolt down the SentrySafe QAP1BE so that thieves won’t be able to take it out of your drawer, closet, or wall easily.

These five biometric gun safes are considered some of the best gun safes on the market, even if you don’t include their biometric features. The gun safes are made from strong and durable material, so they will be able to withstand blows, falls, and other movements that may cause damage to cheaper gun safes that are made from subpar materials.