Guide to Woodworking Tool Kits

Different people require different tools for their woodworking life. Some use their wood carving and joining skills to create brilliant DIY projects, while others keep tools solely for their professional carpenting life. But no matter if you’re a master craftsperson or a rank amateur, you need to have a perfectly assembled woodworking tools kit. This guide will help you do just that! 

Besides a craftsman’s own skills, tools are the second most significant aspect in determining the quality of work. Hence, your best woodworking tool kit should house all the top-tier woodworking tools that help you ace wood tasks and also save you a lot of money in the long run. 

However, assembling the best kit does not mean loading it up with everything you come by until it starts to overflow. Our guide to Woodworking Tool Kits will help you get everything necessary for building simple to complex items. 

All The Essential to Make a Woodworking Tools Kit

From newbie workers to professional carpenters, here are the must-have tools for every carpenter, best in handling any carpenting job.


No woodworking task is achievable without cutting wood into workable-sized pieces. Whether it’s softwood like pine, hardwood like oak, wood needs some cross-cutting and ripping to come in shape. 

Saws are the ultimate solution for this; however, they come in various sizes and shapes. Furthermore, each type of saw is specialized to serve different cutting tasks making it even more difficult for you to select the right one. 

From amongst all, the circular power-activated saw is one type that can be a perfect fit for every beginner and expert’s woodworking tool kit. This type features a round or circular blade full of sharp teeth that are potent enough to tear through any wood. 

We also recommend Handsaw for beginners as they are straightforward to use for quick work or where detailed cuts are required with minimal saw maneuvering knowledge. 

Jigsaw is another worth spending saw, especially for beginner woodworkers. It carries saber-like blades that aid in making intricate cuts that can be curved, straight,  or serpentine. This blade feature is what has earned jigsaw. It’s another renowned name, saber saw. 

Want something even mightier than jigsaws? A bandsaw is another intricate cut specialist. This power tool is a combination of saber and circular saws, great for carving wood with perfect curves but requires a little experienced hand for better grip and control. 

Next on the list is a compound miter saw that’s somewhat a step up from the conventional circular saws. They continue with the same crosscut, rip, and combination blades as circular saws. However, they’re fixed in an arm that makes them exceptionally versatile than their lookalike circular saws. 

The next contestant on the saw list that’s also a lookalike of a circular saw is the table saw. If you are a beginner wood carver or a home hobbyist, we recommend not investing in table saws as they might prove to be a little early for the wood game. 

Overwhelmed after getting to know all the dozen types of saws available in the market? Here’s what you need to choose the perfect saw type for your project: 

Main Types of Woodworking Saw

Blade Design

Best For: 

Circular Saw

Circular blade covered with sharp teeth. Blades come in three designs: 

  • Ripping Circular Saw

  • Crosscut Circular Saw 

  • Combination Circular Saw

  • Ripping and crosscutting.

  • Rough carpentry.

  • Cut straight, clean lines if controlled by experienced hands.


Reciprocating, saber-like blade

  • Making straight, curved, or serpentine intricate cuts.

  • Sawing veneers.

  • Rough and fast work.

  • Making interior cuts, like an inner circle or rectangle.

Compound Miter Saw 

Rip, crosscut, and combination blades

  • Making accurate cuts for miters, bevels, compounds, or any series of angles.

Table Saw 

Circular blade covered with sharp teeth

  • All-purpose work 

  • Lumber-ripping

  • Panel-cutting

  • Quick and easy cutting on site where time and space are a premium.

Band Saw

Continuously Looping, saber-like blade covered with sharp teeth

  • Ripping rough stock

  • Making intricate curved cuts.

Hand Saw

Rectangular Toothed Steel blades with braced backs

  • Cutting with and across the wood grain

  • Making basic rips and crosscuts

  • Curved cuts and fine dovetail joint work

Planing, Sanding, and Filling Supplies 

Once raw wood is turned into a rough shape, it needs more cutting and carving to present a sleek look. No matter how robust your saw is and how neat the finish its blade provides, your wood piece will still require some planning, sanding, and filling supplies. 

Planes are wood-cutting devices and not sanding or abrasive tools. Though there are multiple planes available, all of them are easy-to-use planes and employ a fixed blade to shave off wood fibers, helping them take proper shape and become progressively smoother. 

On the other hand, a sander is used to smooth surfaces by abrasion with sandpaper. Sanders in the form of fast-action machines are recommended over regular ones as they prevent hand strains and do sanding a lot quicker. Next comes a filler which is an absolute must carpenter’s tool to shape, and the smooth wood 

Necessary Assembling Tools 

Chopping and shaping wood is only the beginning of your overall woodworking task. Hence once all your wood pieces take shape, it’s about time for some assembling.  

Successful assembling in woodwork depends on two things: of course, the precision joints and the right tools to fasten them securely. These are the essential assembly tools that need to be in your woodworking kit: 


Hammers come in different shapes and sizes suited for different kinds of fastening and assembling tasks. However, a carpenter’s claw hammer is somewhat close to being a universal hammer that can help you do almost every type of striking task. Hence, giving it some space in your woodworking tools kit will prove beneficial. 


Mallet is another pounding tool; however, it’s way too different compared to a hammer. Hammers are mostly steel-faced, very rarely made of brass or plastic. Whereas the lookalikes Mallets have broad heads mostly made of leather or wood. 

Moreover, hammers are more intense in rendering powerful shocks, while mallets are much softer and absorb shock rather than deliver it. If you are a woodworker more involved in striking materials like chisels, you are bound to go with mallets only. 

Power Drill 

Power drills aren’t a blessing for only wood specialists but give the best company to beginners; hence we include them as a must-have constituent in woodworking tool kits. Electric-powered drills are not only for drilling holes. You can buy all sorts of attachments to turn your electric drill into other tools, too.

If you are buying your first power drill, seriously consider getting a corded model as they tend to give more power efficiency than the battery-powered ones. However, you need to make more space in your kit to fit the power tool and the coupled cable.

If you still decide to go with a cordless model of power drills, be mindful of their voltage rating. 18-volt cordless drills are a wise choice for woodworkers. They’re not very expensive and pack considerable strength.

Screw Gun 

Fastening wood without screws is nearly impossible, and these must-haves should also be coupled with a powerful screw gun. Screwdrivers are good too, but investing in a powered screw gun makes driving screws less complicated. These power tools are handy when you have to deal with more than a few screws.

Screw guns look very similar to power drills but are employed for an entirely different purpose. The most major variance between a screw gun and a true power drill is the inner body of the chuck. This is because screw guns are supposed to hold hexagonal bit shanks. Nowadays, screw guns mostly come in cordless designs, which makes them convenient. 

Measuring and Marking Essentials

Measuring is carpenting is more crucial than any other wood process. To promote successful measuring, it is advised to purchase the best quality measuring tool that’s accurate and easy to read. The table below lists down every primary measuring and angle checking equipment you need in your woodworking tools kit:

Measuring and Marking Essentials


Used For:


  • Framing Squares

  • Miter Squares

  • Try Squares 

  • Speed Squares

  • Combination Squares

  • Bevel Squares

  • Marking patterns

  • Setting angled miter cuts

  • Verifying squareness

  • Precise checking of angles and distances

  • Recreating an existing angle and transfer patterns

Tape Measures 

  • Yardsticks and Straight Edges

  • Folding Rules

  • Retractable Steel Tapes

  • Flexible Reel Tapes

  • Easy measuring of short and great lengths



  • Accurate transfer of dimensions from a measuring scale

Depth Gauges 

  • Digital gauge 

  • Analog gauge 

  • Marking a parallel line for cutting

Important Things to Consider before Buying Woodworking Tools

Your basic woodworking tool kit is sorted; however, you need a little bit more work than just that. Listing down all the essentials won’t prove helpful until you prioritize a few aspects that you want to see in your woodworking tools kit. Here are all those factors that make up your woodworking tools the best of all: 

Suitable Storage 

By now, we hope that you have probably made up your mind on what essential tools to take along your woodworking journey. It is also important to choose a suitable carrier to fit them all. Regardless of your carpenting level, having enough space to store your tools is essential. 

You might need a portable storage container if you are involved in bigger-scale woodwork projects, such as building or home renovations. However, if you are only working as a hobbyist on smaller tasks, you can either buy a roomy toolbox or design your own DIY space at home. 

The toolbox you will choose depends entirely on the number of tools you want in your woodworking kit. Toolboxes come in many sizes of storage that you might want to consider. 

More portable, tackle-box-style options are great for packing basic items like mallets, nails, and measuring essentials. Huger standing tool cabinets can keep all must-have woodworking tools; however, they will not prove ideal for taking it around to different work sites.


Like buying other daily life products, opting for only quality products is extremely necessary for the woodworking realm. Woodworking tools are those significant players that can make or break your game; therefore, selecting only the best amongst all is probably the most intelligent you can ever be. 

A good quality tool will not only produce perfectly carved, filed, drilled, or assembled wood pieces but also ensure work efficiency. With an excellent tool, you might also not have to worry about the complexity of the task as such devices are specialized enough to turn complicated chores into simpler ones. 

Right Type For Requirements

Though we have listed all the essential tools you should count on when buying a woodworking tools kit or making up your own, your planning and decision matter the most. Meaning that the perfect tool kit can only be achieved when your objectives are clear. 

A top-tier, best quality, a super-efficient bunch of carpenting tools can do nothing unless they fit perfectly to your needs. Hence before assembling a woodworking tool kit or loading up a storage box with your preferred devices, make sure to narrow down all your project requirements properly. 

Best Woodworking Tools 

Where to Buy
Best Power Tool Combo: DEWALT 20V MAX Combo 4-tool Kit
Best Woodworking Tools Kit For Beginners: Advanced Wood Chisel Set
Best Storage Option: BLACK+DECKER Tool Box Bundle
Best Sander: DEWALT Palm Sander
Best Combo For Striking Tasks: STEELHEAD 5-Piece Fiberglass Handle Hammer & Mallet Set

1. Best Power Tool Combo: DEWALT 20V MAX Combo 4-tool Kit

Combo kits are a great way of expanding your tool collection, and you will not find a better option than the DEWALT 20V MAX Combo 4-tool Kit. It is a straightforward combo kit with only four tools. However, these tools are perfect essentials for any professional or DIYer. 

The pack includes a mighty drill/driver, a reciprocating saw, a circular saw, and a work light. All the tools are decently efficient and are what you would expect from DeWalt. And as an extra perk, the kit also houses two lithium-ion batteries. 


  • Budget-friendly
  • Houses four essential power tools
  • Additional lithium batteries included
  • Lightweight tools and batteries
  • Includes a Carrying case


2. Best Woodworking Tools Kit For Beginners: Advanced Wood Chisel Set

Built using top-quality materials, all the KingTool's 87 pieces have passed strict quality-control tests to provide fresh carpenters the best first experience. Though not accompanied by more important power tools like saws, drill machines, or mechanical sanders, this heavy-duty and practical kit has all the bare pounding and assembly tools for small tasks.

We understand it could not be used as a full-fledged solution for woodworking; professional carpenters can still carry the set to their worksites and employ a variety of tools pretty conveniently. You can also purchase it to extend your existing tool collection! 


  • Convenient Hard Carry Case
  • Variety of high-standard tools including pigeon saws, tape measures, rulers, gloves, angle devices, screws, sandpaper, and more.
  • Beat for Wood Chisel


  • Not suitable for heavy-duty tasks

3. Best Storage Option: BLACK+DECKER Tool Box Bundle

If you are making your own woodworking tool and have already decided on what tools to take along the carpenting journey, it's time you also pick a good storage box. The best option in the market so far is the BLACK+DECKER Tool Box Bundle. No matter how big of a list of tools you have assorted, the BLACK+DECKER boxes will easily fit them all.

Both the containers are specially designed to hold tools vertically, keeping them organized and easy to access. However, the biggest pro of this box so far is that with its lid on, BLACK+DECKER Tool Box becomes a seat that puts you at a convenient working height for almost all tasks.


  • Convenient lid storage for smaller parts 
  • Padlock eye to keep all content safe 
  • Removable upper tray and bottom vertical shafts account for practical storage
  • Durable plastic construction


  • Handle is weak

4. Best Sander: DEWALT Palm Sander

In search of a powerful sanding machine that's also friendly to your hands? Look no further than the DEWALT Palm Sander. It's comfortable, powerful, and effortless to control. Thanks to its super-efficient 3.2 amp meter, this palm orbital sander reach up to 14,000 orbits per minute, helping you tackle a wide range of tasks.

Users will also admire the clever design. Though DEWALT Palm Sander manages to be tough enough for surviving even the heaviest task, it is also ergonomic for the hands. Last but not least, DEWALT has also bundled a heavy-duty paper clamp with a package that will help keep sanding essentials secure while you work.


  • 14,000 OPM allows Heavy tasking
  • Rugged but comfortable design
  • Heavy-duty paper clamp


  • Dust port leaks

5. Best Combo For Striking Tasks: STEELHEAD 5-Piece Fiberglass Handle Hammer & Mallet Set

Confused about what hammer and mallet to pick out of the plethora of types available in the market? Choose this 5-piece set instead. STEELHEAD has kept every kind of hammer and a kind of robust mallet on offer. 

With the high standard construction, the manufacturer guarantees you durability against even the heaviest bang. With this pack, users can get four different hammers, including a 32oz Ball-Pein Hammer, 3lb Cross-Pein Hammer, 3lb Sledge Hammer, and a 32oz Rubber Mallet. 

Also, each of these pieces is coupled with ergonomic dura tip handles to ensure convenience to the user's hand. They are best to reduce fatigue and increase leverage.


  • Four potent hammer types
  • Rugged, corrosion-resistant steelheads 
  • Comfortable handles
  • Great for woodworking, demolition, and metalworking.


  • Paint on the handle chips off easily

Final Word

It’s tough to recommend the perfect set because everyone’s requirements vary depending on their particular tasks, but the above tools will definitely grab your attention. 

We can advise you to pick a convenient storage box like the BLACK+DECKER ToolBox and place inside all the best carpeting tools like the DEWALT Palm Sander and Advanced Wood Chisel Set to assemble the best wood kit. We hope that the guide has helped you find the right tools to start your woodworking journey!