Guide to The Resistance: Avalon

The Resistance: Avalon, or simply Avalon, is a variant of the card-based party game – The Resistance, where it is categorized as a deductive reasoning game. For starters, the original game is about a war between the government and the resistance, similar to its variant – Avalon. 

Avalon was released in 2012 – and was designed by Don Eskridge. This game is a 5-10 player game, and one game could be played for an average of 30 minutes.

Unlike the original game, Avalon is set in the medieval ages – which you will enjoy if you’re a fan of knights and wizards. It will make you explore the world of magic – and you would either fight alongside Arthur against the evil forces of Mordred or be a minion of Mordred and help him rule Camelot.

However, this variant introduces new features and characters – that are absent in the original game, and one of them is Merlin. Merlin is a new character that is an ally of Arthur. This new role that was added gives the evil forces a chance to change the tides of the battle – and avoiding defeat by redeeming themselves. 

Overall, this is an excellent game that requires logical deduction, strategy, team play, social skills, and role-play.


When the game starts, each player will be given one character card – it should be randomly dealt from the deck. After knowing your character, one player will read a script that allows the evil forces to identify their allies – and gives them a heads up for who to work with secretly.

Once all the preparations are done, it is now when the fun begins. 

The game will go on for several rounds. For every round, there would be a team-building phase and a quest phase.

Team Building Phase – this is the first phase that goes with each round.  In this phase, a player will be assigned as the leader. As the leader, it would be his responsibility to make proposals based on his knowledge and judgment. During this phase, the leader should make a proposal to a team to go on a Quest – which has a definite number of players to be sent. The other players now have the ability to approve or reject the proposal of the leader. If all players approved the proposal, then they will move on to the Quest phase. If rejected, then the leadership will be transferred to the next player – and repeating the process until they move on to the next step.

Quest Phase – after a proposal was approved, the selected players will be sent to the Quest phase. In this phase, the players on the quest will choose a quest card from the leader. After selecting a card, it is then faced down in front of them. The card will be revealed, and if all cards happen to be a success card – the quest is successful. However, if the cards show at least a single failed card – then the quest is failed. 

Once the Quest phase is over, the tableau should be updated to track the progress of the game. For a successful quest, the players should place a blue score marker with Arthur’s sigil – while a red score marker should be placed with Mordred’s sigil if failed.

After a successful round, place the round marker to the next quest space on the tableau. The leadership will be passed to the next player in a clockwise direction – then begins the next round by going through the Team Building phase.

This process will continue until one side has successfully completed or failed three quests. If three quests are successful, Arthur’s team wins the game. If the three quests are failed, Mordred’s team wins. 

As mentioned earlier, this variation of the Resistance game comes with a new character called Merlin. Here goes the twist, in the case that Arthur’s team wins the game – by completing three quests – the evil forces would have the chance to change the tides of battle by guessing the identity of Merlin amongst Arthur’s team. The player with the Assassin card will be the one to name who Merlin is. If guessed correctly, the evil forces win the game – if not, then Arthur’s team prevails.

Popular Editions and Variants

Where to Buy
The Resistance: The Dystopian Universe
The Resistance: Avalon Social Deduction Game
The Resistance: Hidden Agenda
The Resistance: The Plot Thickens
The Resistance: Hostile Intent

1. The Resistance: The Dystopian Universe

This is the original version of the game. Similar to the Avalon variant, this classic version has the same mechanics of the game – although, on this version, players will enjoy the futuristic theme. Also, Merlin and the assassin won’t be available in this version. 

2. The Resistance: Avalon Social Deduction Game

This edition of the game offers a new feature to enjoy.  The game is played between 5-10 players in about 30 minutes duration. The Resistance: Avalon Social Deduction Game is a retheme of the original version of the game; however, it has new roles that make this more exciting than the classic The Resistance game. 

3. The Resistance: Hidden Agenda

Hidden Agenda is an expansion pack for the game The Resistance. This expansion introduces three additional rule modules to the game. 

  • Assassin Module – Similar to the Avalon variant, this module uses the same ruleset. For example, Merlin would be available and will be called the Commander. 
  • Defector Module – One Spy and one Resistance operative would be called defectors. They randomly interchange their team within the game.
  • Trapper Module – The leader can select an additional operative to be sent on a mission. Doing such increases the probability that a spy is selected – but the leader must select and discard one player’s mission card.

4. The Resistance: The Plot Thickens

The Plot Thickens is another expansion pack for the game – and offers new rules. The Plot Cards from the second edition are making a comeback in this expansion pack.

  • The Plot Thickens Module – The Plot Cards will be available for single use by the leader – which will grant the leader special abilities to use at critical times.
  • Sergeant Module – This module allows the leader to assign a Sergeant during a mission. The Sergeant has the ability to secretly view or alter the mission cards of another player. 
  • Rogue Module – One spy and one resistance operative would be added in the game – They would be considered Rogues, and have different win conditions from their teams. 

5. The Resistance: Hostile Intent

Hostile Intent is an expansion pack of The Resistance. It features more modules to heighten the game experience further.

  • Inquisitor Module: The inquisitor’s role is added in the game; he may look at another player’s loyalty after a mission.
  • Reverser Module: The reverser role is added in the game, which can reverse the results of any mission they’re on.
  • Hunter Module: Both teams have one Chief and one Hunter. The Hunter should identify the enemy’s Chief in order to win.