Guide to Rock Climbing with Prescription Glasses

For those who are near-sighted, far-sighted or has an eye condition, the ability to see during climbing is very important. People with a clear vision don’t think of this, but people with poor vision cling to their eyeglasses for dear life. Losing or breaking prescription glasses on a climbing trip would cause extreme inconvenience, so it needs extra care. Here are some tips to help you climb with prescription glasses:

1. Tighten your eyeglass frame

Some climbers who wear glasses don’t experience any problems as long as they’re being extra careful of them. Once in a while, they might scrape a frame on the rock, but it rarely happens, depending on the terrain and the condition of the rock you’re going to climb. If you’re not a seasoned climber and you only plan to climb once in a while, you may wear your usual eyeglasses – just make sure you tighten it. Before your trip, get the ends bent a little extra so it would stay in your face even when you look down.

2. Buy a neck cord

Sometimes, tightening eyeglasses won’t be enough. Glasses can fall off your face when you look down, so invest in holding straps like a neck cord just to be sure. They are extremely cheap, and most opticians and outdoor stores sell them. They provide different levels of attachment and comfort, and you can easily pick something that will work for you.

Here’s one you can buy from Amazon:  Attmu Sports Sunglass Holder Strap

This is a pack of 5 sunglass/eyeglass neck cord made of durable, polyester braided cord. Its rubber grips are extra secure and even suitable for thin frames.

3. Consider wearing contacts

For many mountain professionals, wearing contact lenses is a better choice. It gives you good vision regardless of what other eye accessories you need to wear, like sunglasses, goggles or glacier glasses, and also allows you to seamlessly transition between different eyewear configurations. Contact lenses are available in disposable, daily-wear variants that come in individual blister packages. Daily contacts are better to use in the field as compared to your longer-term contacts because you don’t need to cleanse it before wearing (you know how a clean water source is not always available).

If you’re worried about getting dust and debris in your eyes, just bring some contact lens solution and case with you, so you can easily take them out, clean them off and put them back in.

Here’s a good contact lens case you can try: QYER Elegant Contact Lens Case

This contact lens case can clean and disinfect your lenses effectively by just turning the lid. It is suitable for traveling outdoors where it’s hard to cleanse your lenses with your hands.

If you choose to wear contact lenses for your winter rock climbing,

here’s a sunglass to protect your eyes: Julbo Sherpa Glacier Sunglasses

This one’s a lightweight, plastic-framed glacier with leather side covers for peripheral protection.

4. Opt for over-the-glasses options

We know contact lenses are not for everyone. They suck at camping because you can’t sleep in with them without having to remove them. Then, you just need to put them back in in the morning but you need to have super clean fingers for that or you’ll get an eye infection.

If you need goggles or sunglasses for eye protection, and you need to have a clear vision too, opt for over-the-glasses options. It may not be the most comfortable choice ever, but they will protect your eyes from sunlight and debris in snowy and high-altitude environments (while protecting your prescription glasses as well). Over-the-glasses goggles have frames designed with extra room so your glasses can fit.

Here are some great choices you can find on Amazon: 

1. OutdoorMaster OTG Ski Goggles

OutdoorMaster’s over-the-glass goggles are not only great for skiing, but also for climbing and trekking in snowy terrains. These outdoor goggles have dual-layer lens technology, with anti-fog coated lenses for a fog-free adventure.  It also has an elastic strap that ensures compatibility with all helmets.  

2. CarBoss Outdoor Safety Goggles

CarBoss Outdoor Safety Goggles is highly recommended for wearers of prescription glasses who like to take on outdoor adventures. This is a perfect over-the-glass goggle for any outdoor sports, with anti-fog, scratch resistant, anti-UV features. Its lens curvature suits the curvature of the human eye for better optics.

3. Ideal Eyewear Polarized Floating Fit Over Sunglasses

It’s a sunglass from Ideal Eyewear that is meant for wearing over small to medium-sized prescription goggles. It has polarized lenses that eliminate glare and blocks all ultraviolet rays. This eyewear has a floating-frame design that allows them to float on the water when accidentally dropped in, in case you’d also be dealing with terrains with water bodies.

4. JULI Eyewear Over Glasses Ski Goggles

This ski goggles – which is also perfect for snowboarding, climbing, gliding, skating, ATV driving – provides smooth air flow system over the inside of the lens while reducing fogging.