Guide to Prescription Goggles

If you are one of the people who wears prescription glasses or contact lenses, you probably know the importance of taking care of your eyes. It means that you need to wear your glasses or contact lenses anywhere you go, even when you go swimming. If you are wondering how, it is by using prescription swimming goggles.

Using goggles when swimming is important, so that you can correctly judge walls and other swimmers. Aside from that, goggles also help keep harmful chemicals such as chlorine and chloramines from causing itchiness and red eyes.

If you wear prescription glasses, you won’t get the same selection of goggles as those who do not have prescription vision. But no worries because there are still lots of options out there. Whether you are into indoor or open water swimming, or searching for prescription swimming goggles for your kids, there are plenty of options. If you need help in finding the best one, no worries. Today, we are giving you a guide to prescription goggles.

Things to Look for When Choosing Prescription Goggles

If you are looking into buying prescription goggles for swimming, here are some of the important things you need to consider:

Anti-Fog Lenses

Goggle lenses can easy fog up, especially in different water temperatures. With this, it is essential to choose prescription goggles that have anti-fog lenses, as they can help you see clearly underwater. Aside from that, anti-fog lenses can also help you avoid possible swimming accidents and frustrations.


It is also great to choose tinted prescription swimming goggles because they work well for various bodies of water. If you are swimming in the pool, a light-colored lens tint can help in filtering out the bright blue light. If you are swimming in oceans or lakes, you need darker tinted lenses that will help decrease the glare off of the water.

100% UV Protection

It is not possible to swim while wearing sunglasses. Therefore, you also need to find prescription goggles that can block out ultra-violet or UV rays, since being in the water, especially outdoors, for a long period makes you susceptible to sun exposure. It’s because aside from being exposed directly from the sun, the reflection of light from the water also affects your skin and eyes. With this, you need to choose a pair of prescription goggles with UVA and UVB protection.


Of course, since this is all this article is about, you need to find a pair of goggles that will allow you to add a prescription. There are also prescription swimming goggles that have optical lenses that are usually almost close to your exact prescription. Unless you have a very basic prescription, most of them will not provide the exact same level of vision as your glasses or contact lenses. But they can give more than adequate vision in and around the swimming pool.

Adjustable Strap

It is also essential to choose prescription swimming goggles that have adjustable straps. This way, they can fit to your face tightly and won’t slip off underwater.

Adjustable Bridge

The bridge of the prescription goggles should fit comfortable over the nose. Its lenses should be spaced evenly around the eyes.

Plastic Lens Seal

To avoid water from getting into the lenses as you swim, it’s better to choose goggles that have a plastic seal that will suction to your face.

How to Choose the Right Power for Prescription Goggles


When choosing lenses, there are important things you need to know to choose the right one. A spectacle prescription is typically written like:

sphere / cylinder x axis

R -3.00 / -0.50 x 180

L -2.50 / -1.00 x 180

To be able to get the goggle lens power for you, you need to take into account two aspects of your prescription, which are the sphere and the cylinder. The sphere is the main part of the prescription. Negative is for shortsightedness and positive is for long-sightedness. The cylinder, on the other hand, is the secondary part of the prescription, which refers to the amount of astigmatism you have.

Here are some examples to give you an idea:

  • -3.00 / +1.00 x 90

the best power for this is -2.50 (-3.00 plus half of +1.00 = -3.00 plus +0.50)

  • +4.00 / +1.00 x 90

the best power for this is +4.50 (+4.00 plus half of +1.00 = +4.00 plus +0.50)

If you do not have any idea about your exact prescription, it is better to consult to an eye doctor St George Utah to know the best prescription goggles for you. It is also important to remember that prescription goggles can take a bit of getting used to, especially if it’s your first time to use one. They may not give the same level of vision as your glasses or contact lenses, but they can give enough vision underwater.

Where to Buy
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AIKOTOO Nearsighted Swim Goggles, Shortsighted Swimming Goggles
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The Best Prescription Goggles You Can Buy Today

To help you choose, here are some of the best prescription goggles that we can recommend:

1. Sports World Vision Optical Swimming Goggles

This swimming goggles have two sizes available, which are for adults and kids. The adult size goggles are for 15 years old and older, while the kids’ size is for ages 6 and up. Each goggle also come with a hard plastic case. These goggles also have anti-fog coating and a slight grey tint to reduce glare and for UV protection. They also offer the same power for both eyes.Minus-Powers Available (Myopia): -2.00, -2.50, -3.00, -3.50, -4.00, -4.50, -5.00, -5.50, -6.00, -7.00, -8.00. Plus-Powers Available (Presbyopia): +2.00, +3.00, +4.00, +5.00, +6.00, +7.00, + 8.00.

2. Warmiehomy Prescription Swimming Goggles for Kids and Adults

These are premium quality swimming goggles that are coated with anti-fog material. It is also equipped with adjustable straps and 3 different size nose bridges. It has a circular sealed gasket around the goggles to prevent leaks. These goggles are available in -1.50 to -7.0.

3. Speedo Unisex Swim Goggles Optical Vanquisher 2.0

These are very durable swimming goggles with silicone straps. It comes with 4 different nose pieces to ensure perfect fit on any face shape. The goggles are also shatter-proof and polycarbonate. These also have anti-fog lenses and offers UV protection, making them ideal for swimming outdoors. But based on reviews, these prescription goggles are made for nearsighted people.

4. AIKOTOO Nearsighted Swim Goggles

These goggles are made from environmentally friendly silicon. It has a flexible frame that let the skin around the eyes feel comfortable when worn. It is also coated with anti-fog protection and has shatterproof lenses. It is also mirror-coated to maintain a clear vision under water. It is available in -1.5, -2.00, -2.50, -3.00, -3.50, -4.00, -4.50, -5.00, and -5.50.

5. Zionor G7 Swimming Goggles

These swimming goggles are designed for adults’ face shape. It has a unique nose gasket for better sealing, and it can fit both round and narrow faces. It has UV protection and anti-fogging treatments on the lenses to give a clear view underwater. These goggles are also made of hypoallergenic materials. They are available in different levels of lenses from -2.0 to -7.0. The lenses are also tinted, making them ideal for outdoor swimming.

6. DEFUNX Nearsighted Swimming Goggles

These goggles have special polarized lens with UV protection. You can choose lens power from 0 to -6.00. Due to the refraction underwater, it is better to choose 0.5-1 lower than your prescription. If your prescriptionhas a little difference between your 2 eyes, like -4.0 and -4.5, you can choose a pair of -4.0 or -3.5. If your left and right eyes’ prescriptionshave a big difference, like -2.0 and -6.0, you can buy 2 pairs of these goggles and assemble them.

These are some of the best prescription goggles that we can recommend. Prescription goggles can be a bit expensive compared to regular ones, but they are important. Also, if you are having trouble on deciding which goggles to buy, it is better to consult with your optometrist for suggestions. We hope the information we shared in this article helped you in learning more about prescription goggles.