Guide to Playing Pictionary Online and Offline

Pictionary is one of the classic games incredibly fun to play with large groups of individuals. It works for all ages, and best played with 3-16 players divided into two teams. In this game, players take turns in drawing words and phrases provided, while their teams try to decipher what it is. Whichever team gets the correct answer earns a point. The team with the most points after the games wins! Be sure to hone your sketching skills, or be one of those that draw funny images, which makes the game even more fun!

How To Play

Game Requirements

  • 120 Adult Cards
  • 80 Junior Cards
  • 4 Category Cards
  • Card Boxes
  • Pencils
  • Drawing Pad
  • Game Board
  • Die
  • Movers
  • Timer

Take the category cards from the deck of the Adult Cards and put them in a Card Box. Then, place the deck of the Junior Card in another Card Box. Make sure to set the Card Boxes and the Timer, where all participants can quickly access them.

Objectives of the Game

The goal of the game is for your team to reach the Finish Square first. Whichever team guesses the final sketch correctly wins!

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1. Divide the participants into two teams (or a maximum of four teams). However, the gameplay tends to be a lot quicker and more fun with fewer teams but more members.

2. Give each team a pencil, a colored mover, and a category card.

3. Choose one Picturist for each group. He will be assigned to sketch the first word.

4. Each team rolls the dice to determine which team would go first. The team with the highest roll opens the game.

5. Start the game by having the Picturist pick a card from the deck. He must draw a card corresponding to the colored square their team is currently on. Afterwards, he is given 5 seconds to read and think about what to draw.

6. Set the timer to a minute and the Picturist will then start to draw his clues, while his team guesses the word or phrase.

7. If his team gets the word or phrase correctly, they will advance roll the dice and advance the corresponding number of squares.

8. The team will continue to play until they are unable to guess the correct answer. This will then give the opposing team the chance to play and begin the sketching and guessing process.

9. Whichever gets to the Finish Square first wins the game!


What makes Pictionary exciting is that it offers multiple categories of different difficulties. The colored squares found on the game board correspond to a specific category:

  • BLUE : Person / Animal / Place
  • YELLOW : Object (Anything that can be touched or seen)
  • ORANGE : Action words
  • GREEN : Relatively harder words
  • RED : Random (Anything under the sun)

Do’s and Don’ts

Like in any game, there may be some friendly cheaters that would try to outwit the others. Remember, only drawing or sketches are allowed! Numbers, words, sounds, and gestures are extremely prohibited. Here are some Do’s and Don’ts to keep in mind.


  • Break down words into syllables.
  • Draw rhyming words as clues, such as sketching a “dock” for “doc.”


  • Usage of dashes to denote the number of letters on the word.
  • Usage of number and letters.
  • Usage of sign-language
  • Speak to your teammates.

Homemade Pictionary

Not having the board game won’t prevent you from enjoying the fun Pictionary offers. You can still play it with your friend and family using a Homemade Pictionary!

Game Requirements

  • Whiteboard or a piece of paper to draw on
  • Drawing Tools
  • Separate notepad for keeping the scores


Homemade Pictionary has the same process of drawing clues and getting the point for each correct guess. But, in the absence of the board game, have a non-playing individual to act as a Judge.

The Judge’s responsibility is to prepare several words written on colored paper strips or cards. Assign a category for each color. You may opt to follow the same category listing from the original board game. Though it would also be great if you could come up with your own list to make the game more exciting!

Once the words are set, shuffle them and get ready to play!

1. Divide the teams with an equal number of members.

2. Provide sheets of blank paper, or get a chalkboard or whiteboard, where the Picturist can draw his clues.

3. Decide which team should go first and assign a Picturist.

4. Set the timer to a minute and have the Picturist pick a paper or card.

5. The judge signals ‘Go!’ The Picturist tries to sketch the word while his team guesses the answer.

6. The team will earn a point if they get the correct answer within the allotted period.

7. Then, the next group will take their turn.

8. Decide on how many points you need to reach first to win the game, such as a race to 5 or 7 points. Whichever team achieves it first, wins!

How To Play Remotely

Pictionary also works if you want to play a game remotely with your friends and family, following the same mechanic as that of the Homemade Pictionary.

You can set up a weekend game night through different video conferencing platforms. Zoom, however, is an excellent choice as it has a whiteboard sharing feature, suitable for playing Pictionary.

To use it, ask each participant to download and install the Zoom app on your device. Set a schedule amenable to all. Then, host a meeting and share the unique meeting ID so they could hop into the video call.

Once it’s the participant’s turn to be the Picturist, ask them to click the share screen button found on the meeting toolbar. Choose the whiteboard option and click share. Use the mouse to draw your clues. Then, take turns in sharing the screen when assigned as the Picturist. To make things go smoothly, appoint someone who could keep time and lead in prompting who’s the next person to draw.

You can use these Pictionary word generators when playing remotely in the absence of the board game and avoid any hassle of making paper strips. With just one click, you can quickly get a word for each player to sketch.

Where to Buy

Nothing beats the classic board game and the thrill of sketching your way to the Finish Square! You can purchase a Pictionary board game online and experience the hilarious fun it offers!