Guide to Picking Portable Work Lights for Your Projects

Working on different kinds of projects, from building train sets and robot kits to repairing electronics and furniture, can be quite difficult if you are doing it at night or in the dark with little to no source of light. 

Of course, it is ideal for you to do these projects during the day or if there are plenty of lights in your work area, but there would be instances where building or fixing something is an emergency, and you would have to do it with low visibility in the dark. For these situations or emergencies, you would need portable work lights that can be operated anywhere without the need to connect them to an electrical outlet. To know more about these devices and how to buy the best ones, here is a guide to picking portable work lights for your projects.

What are Portable Work Lights?

<span style=font size 16px>Portable work lights are devices that you can take anywhere with you so that you can have a source of light anytime you need it These portable work lights would usually have a built in generator or battery that can be recharged or replaced so you dont have to plug them into an electrical outlet in order for them to work<span>

Some of the most popular portable work lights today feature a U-shaped handle at the top and a stand at the bottom. The handle is designed to make it easier for a person to carry the device, while the stand is sturdy enough to allow the device to be placed firmly on an even surface. Most portable work lights have LED (light-emitting diode) lights that can last long and are energy-efficient, and at the back of the lights is a power cable that is utilized to charge the device’s battery or generator in an electrical outlet.

There are different types of portable work lights for you to choose from, and these types vary in terms of size and portability. Here are the things you should know about each of these portable work light types:

  • Keychain Work Light – this is arguably the smallest portable work light that you can buy today, as it is so small that you can fit it neatly inside the pocket of your pants. The keychain light produces enough lighting for you to see objects near you, and this device usually has a strap or chain that enables you to wear it securely so that you won’t lose it.
  • Work Flashlight – the portable work flashlight is bigger than the usual flashlight, so it produces bigger or wider light that is more suitable for illuminating entire rooms or big areas. Portable work flashlights have a handle at the top for easy carry, and it also has a flat bottom so that you can place them neatly on an even floor or flat surface.
  • Standing Work Light – this type of portable work light has a short metal or plastic stand that enables it to stand firmly on even surfaces. This is arguably the most common and most popular type of portable work light on the market because of its versatility and durability.
  • Double Work Lights – a type of portable work light that has two lights working simultaneously to illuminate more areas. This particular type of work light isn’t exactly portable since it is bigger compared to the others. On the other hand, it typically has an adjustable stand that you can set a few meters high or just a few centimeters low.

Picking a specific type of portable work light would depend on your needs. If you are working on large-scale projects, the standing work light or double work light may be the most suitable type for you. However, for small-scale projects, using a keychain work light or work flashlight is already sufficient.

Things to Consider When Buying Portable Work Lights

Because there are already hundreds of portable work lights that you can buy online and in hardware stores, you would need to be wise in your purchase, as there will be some portable work lights that aren’t as good as the others. In order for you to buy the best portable work lights, you will need to take a closer look at the different features and aspects of the products. Here are the things you need to consider when buying portable work lights.

Price Range

portable work light with stand and handle

Portable work lights have different price ranges, so you can easily find devices that can suit your budget. Fortunately, most portable work lights aren’t really expensive, so you will be able to find the right device for you, no matter how small or big your budget is. Of course, the best portable work lights aren’t necessarily cheap, so you may need to save money if you want to get the most durable and reliable devices. The affordable portable work lights cost about $30 to $40, while the ones that are better in terms of quality can go for $60 or more.

Waterproof and Dustproof Features

If you are going to use portable work lights in dusty areas or during rainy days, you will need ones that have waterproof and dustproof features. By being waterproof and dustproof, portable work lights would be much more versatile since you can use them almost anywhere and in any situation. However, keep in mind that some work lights that are waterproof and dustproof may cost a bit more than those that aren’t, so be prepared to spend more for these versatile work lights.

Reviews or Feedback

work light for projects

To have a much faster time finding the best portable work lights online, you will need to check out reviews or feedback from buyers and expert reviewers about the different models of work lights that they have bought or tested. Through these reviews, you will be able to learn more about the useful features and capabilities of different portable work lights, as well as their pros and cons. Reading or watching reviews would only take you a few minutes, so doing this activity can save you a lot of time when it comes to searching for suitable work lights.

These are the things you need to know about portable work lights so that you will have a much better experience buying them for your projects. Pick the best portable work light so that you will have a bright, reliable, and durable source of light while building or repairing projects in the dark.