Guide to Photo Booth Props

Photo booths are a perfect addition to any event. They allow the guests to have fun and take some memorable pictures that they can keep to remember the event. One of the best things about photo booths is that they include photo booth props that you can use to add fun and flair to the pictures taken.

Props help contribute to the experience and bring out a fun-loving side in even the most camera-shy person. Additionally, with props, it becomes a lot easier to pose and take group photos that are fun and refreshing. There are a variety of different photo booth props that you can add to a photo booth to alleviate the experience. 

What to look for in a photo booth

A group of people posing with props. 

Before investing in photo booth props, it is essential that you have a photo booth. If your photo booth is not up to the mark, no matter how good your props are, you won’t have a good experience. Here are a few factors you should look for in a photo booth. 

Quality of the camera and lighting

The photo booth should have a high-resolution DSLR camera and professional lighting to ensure that the photos are clear and well-lit.

Props and backgrounds

The booth should have a variety of props and backgrounds to add some fun and creativity to the photos.

Insurance and Permits

It’s important to check if the company of photo booth has their insurance and permits for operating the booth in your event location.


Compare the price and package options of different photo booth providers to find one that fits within your budget.

Print options

The booth should offer various print options, such as different sizes and styles of photo strips or postcards.

Different Types of Props

Various stick props against a white background.

Props can make or break your photo booth experience. There are many different types of props available on the market, but if they are lackluster, they won’t be as fun to use. To avoid disappointed users, you must have a large variety of high-quality props. Here are a few different kinds commonly found in photo booths and generally loved by the public.

Stick Props

Stick props are by far the most fun and easiest to make props. They are essentially printed cardboard cutouts that are stuck onto sticks. You can hold them up to add a little flair to your photo. They are the most common and affordable type of selfie prop. 

Due to their simplicity, you can even make them yourself and customize them. For special events like birthdays, weddings, and graduation, you can find sets available online and in stores. Some of the most popular designs include speech bubbles, emojis, hats, lips, mustaches, and glasses. 


In most photo booths, you will also find plastic frames in a variety of different colors, styles, and sizes. These are excellent props to liven up your pictures, and you can easily find cheap glasses that are shaped like different items to add as props. Some of the most popular glasses include oversized ones, which make your face seem comically small.

You can also find round frames if you want your picture to have a serious or mysterious aura. Glasses help elevate your image and can be used in photo booths designed for casual parties or themed events. Since you do not need to hold them in your hand, they allow you to strike a pose and act silly without feeling self-conscious. 


Hats are a great accessory to add some fun to your picture. There is a lot of funky headwear available online and in stores that you can use as photo booth props. Some common ones include pirate hats, rainbow-colored afros, wigs, and animal ears.

Hats are usually divided into two categories, neutral and themed. If you want neutral headpieces, you should go for bunny or cat ears. Unicorn hats with a single horn are also quite popular. If the photo booth is planned in a themed event, then you can purchase themed hats such as a cowboy hat, a witch’s hat, and more. 

Sometimes people are shy and do not want to wear anything too crazy, which is why having wigs is an excellent option. They are also perfect for retro or themed events. 


Frames are usually made using cardboard or wood pieces that are decorated. The decoration for frames can be done in various ways. If the photo booth props are themed, they can have specific lettering or quotes. Otherwise, it can also be a simple instagram themed frame. They are incredibly easy to pose with, which is why they are popular in photo booths. They also help bring your guests closer and create an excellent group photo. 

One benefit of frames is that they can be customized in infinite ways. If you create a neutral frame, you can even use it in multiple events.


Masks or other facial props are incredibly fun and help make the picture much more fun. Some of the most common masks include masquerade ball masks that hide the top part of your face. Some masks are designed to cover your entire face, encouraging those taking a picture to pose more freely. They allow you to feel much more confident in front of a camera and to strike a pose you otherwise would not have. Some standard masks you may find at almost every photobooth are Spiderman, hulk, Iron Man, etc. Masks can even help you roleplay and create exciting and unique shots. 


Inflatable props are a perfect addition to your photo booth if you are having a summer or poolside event. They give off a playful aura and can be used to lighten up a picture and add something colorful and large. One downside to inflatable props is that they are usually quite large and take the attention away from the people in the picture. To solve this issue, you can find smaller inflatables that can easily add color and fun to the picture while keeping you and other people at the center. 


If you want to take themed pictures, then having costume options can be a game changer. Most photo booths have props you can hold up. Still, with costumes, you can completely change your look and take pictures while roleplaying different characters. 

Costumes never fail to create buzz and excitement. Having a whole rack of clothes to change into can be extremely fun, and you can even mix and match to create a new character. Purchasing costumes can be expensive, but you can always rent them if you plan to have a photo booth at an event. 

Custom Props

Despite the large variety of props available for you to choose from, there are certain events where you need specialized props. For example, a less popular festival. In such cases, you may have to create custom props. Most props are extremely simple to make, and all you need is cardboard, paints, and some stationary items.

Using these, you can create signs, basic hats, and even masks if you are crafty enough. It can also be an activity that you can use to engage the guests at your party. They can create their own props and then take pictures using them. 

Foam board props are most commonly used for customizing props because they are highly affordable. You can easily print your designs onto the foam board, which is a thick and dense styrofoam material. Since these foam boards are cut using a machine, you can make your props to be complex shapes and still get smooth and nice edges. This is usually not possible with hand-cut props. 

You can make foam board props of various sizes. If you intend on making hand-held props, you can size them to be the size of an A4 sheet of paper. This size is comfortable and nice to hold, and you can even pose with them without any issues.

Vintage Props 

Suppose you want to make your props extremely unique. In that case, you can opt for vintage props that make your pictures look elegant and like they were taken back in the Victorian era. You can easily find these props at vintage shops. Vintage phones make perfect props because they look cool and help create hilarious shots among friends and couples. 

You can also use old books alongside glasses and a cane to transform yourself into a scholar from the olden times. Picture frames also make good props, as you can pose within them to make it seem like someone painted a portrait of you. The options are limitless. 

Pros and Cons of Photo Booths

Photo booths are an enjoyable addition to any party, but there are some pros and cons that you should keep in mind. 



They are extremely fun and can be a means to bring everyone together.

They can be a bit expensive if you decide to create custom props.

You can capture pictures to remember the event by.

The props may hide or overshadow the people in the picture. 

There are a lot of props to help customize your pictures and make them more fun and lively.


There are a lot of props to help customize your pictures and make them more fun and lively.



What size should photo booth props be?

Ideally, all props should be around 7 to 10 inches, as this size allows you to hold them easily without hiding your face entirely. If the props are meant for children, you should make them 6 to 8 inches or even smaller.

Do you need props for photo booths?

Props are not necessary for photo booths, but it helps add some personality to the pictures and make taking pictures much more fun. They can also help you pose creatively and create interesting pictures. 

What materials are commonly used for props?

Polyurethane plastic is often used to make photo booth props because it comes in rigid and semi-rigid options. They are also lightweight, which makes them perfect to be used in making props. 


Photo booth props are an excellent way to add personality to photobooth pictures. They allow you to be creative and invent cool pictures that can be used as keepsakes to remember a particular event. There are many different kinds of props available within photo booths that you can use. Depending on the occasion, they can be themed or neutral. Some standard photo booth props include costumes, frames, glasses, stick props, and inflatables.