Golfers Say These Are the Best Beers for Golf

If you ask many sports fans what they think is the most relaxing and fun sport to play today, a lot of them would answer that it is golf. In a regular game of golf, you can truly have fun playing with friends and talking to them during the game. Of course, the sport would be even more enjoyable when you and your friends are drinking a good glass or bottle of beer.

Beer has been a part of golfing for many years, and although drinking alcohol is not advised for tournaments since it can affect a player’s focus, beer is commonly seen in regular or casual games of golf. The popularity of beer in golf is undeniable, and there have been beer brands that have become sponsors for the PGA Tour and other golf tournaments in recent years. There are dozens of different brands or variants of beer that you can buy on golf courses, but only a few are considered the best for many golfers and fans of the sports. Here are what golfers say are the best beers for golf.

Modelo Especial

One of the most popular beers in golf courses is the Modelo Especial, which was created in 1925 by Model, a large brewery in Mexico that is also responsible for carrying the Pacifico and Corona beer brands. Modelo Especial is a 4.4% ABV (alcohol by volume) pilsner-style lager that is slightly sweeter in flavor compared to other beers because of the notes of honey and maize (corn). Modelo sells about 22.9 million bottles of Modelo Especial in the US every year, thus making it the number two imported beer in the country.

Natural Light

If you want a cheap beer that still tastes great, then you should get the Natural Light, otherwise known by some as Natty Light. The Natural Light beer is a reduced-calorie light lager that has been brewed by Anheuser-Busch since 1977. According to its list of ingredients, Natural Light is made from barley malt, yeast, hops, cereal grains, and water. This beer has a 4.2% ABV and has a grainy and sweet flavor that has little to no aftertaste.

Corona Extra

Another popular beer for golf is Corona Extra, the most popular beer variant offered by Modelo under the Corona brand. The Corona Extra is a pale lager that contains corn, barley malt, hops, yeast, and propylene glycol alginate (thickener and emulsifier). Corona Extra has a slightly more bitter taste compared to Natural Light, but it still has a hint of sweetness because of the corn added to it. Since 1998, Corona Extra has been the top-selling imported drink in the United States. The alcohol percentage of Corona Extra is 4.6% ABV.



Budweiser is an American classic that has been around since 1876, so it wouldn’t be surprising that many golfers in the US prefer this beer over the others mainly because of its history and popularity. Budweiser is a pale lager that was first produced by Carl Conrad & Co., a brewery in St. Louis, Missouri, in 1876. Today, it is made by Anheuser-Busch. Budweiser is described to have a cleaner and crisper taste with notes of citrus. The ABV or alcohol by volume of Budweiser depends on where it is exported, but in the United States, the alcohol level is 5%.

Michelob Ultra

If you are looking for a diet beer, Michelob Ultra may be the tastiest one you can get on the golf course. Michelob Ultra is a diet beer that was introduced in 2002 by Anheuser-Busch and contained only 95 calories, which is incredibly light compared to other beers on this list. Although Michelob Ultra is relatively lighter in flavor, it is a great option for those that are conscious or wary of how many calories they consume per day. Michelob Ultra has a 4.2% ABV or alcohol by volume.


Coors Light

For those that don’t like the taste of Michelob Ultra, an alternative they can try is Coors Light, a light beer that is brewed in various breweries around the United States. Coors Light was introduced in 1978 by the Coors Brewing Company as the diet version of the original Coors beer. There is a Canadian version of Coors Light that is brewed by Molson Coors Canada Inc. The American version of Coors Light has 4.2% ABV, while the Canadian version has 4.0% ABV. Coors Light is described to have a slightly malty flavor with a little bit of sweetness and bitterness.

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

If you are craving craft beer, then you should definitely try the Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, which is brewed by the Sierra Nevada Brewing Company. This beer is a classic pale ale style beverage that has a deep amber color, which is a characteristic of most craft beers, and has complex and full-bodied flavor compared to some popular beers that are quite diluted in taste. The Sierra Nevada Pale Ale has a slight bitterness that has notes of spiciness in every sip. In terms of alcohol by volume, the Sierra Nevada Pale Ale has 5.6% ABV.

Allagash White

The last beer on this list is Allagash White, which is brewed by the Allagash Brewing Company, a brewery founded in Portland, Maine, in 1995. Allagash White is a Belgian-style witbier, a top-fermented beer that is brewed with more wheat content instead of malted barley. Witbier would usually have a blend of spices to add a little bit of flavor to the beverage, and the most common spices added to the beer are bitter orange (also known as marmalade orange), orange, and coriander. The alcohol percentage of Allagash White is 5.2%. Allagash White is incredibly popular on golf courses because of its flavorful taste that you wouldn’t usually find in regular beers.

Those are eight of the best and most popular beers on the golf course, according to many golfers. You should try out all of the beers we mentioned above so that you can pick which one would be your choice for the best beer for golf.