Golf Training Aids to Improve Your Swing

Behind every win at several golf tournaments is a successful swing. But a successful swing is hard to achieve. Your body mechanics may be to blame why you are still struggling to strike the ball right or strike it far. But as with other things, it takes practice to get the perfect swing.

But practice alone may take a while. Fortunately, there are several golf training aids that will not only help in improving your swing, but they can also expedite the training. These training aids cover almost every aspect of the swing: positioning, speed, tempo, strength, putting, and a lot more.

If you are looking to improve your swing in a faster and more efficient way, it is ideal that you should take some lessons first, then purchase a golf training aid or two that your instructor recommends. Nowadays, you can find hundreds of training aids to choose from to improve every aspect of a golf swing that is mentioned above.

Where to Buy
SKLZ Gold Flex Golf Training Aid
SuperSpeed Golf Training System
Grip Secret Golf Training Aid
Swingyde Golf Training Aid
Matzie Men's Assist Swing 
Golf Impact Ball Swing Plane Trainer Aid
Powerchute Swing for Life Golf Swing Trainer

1. SKLZ Gold Flex Golf Training Aid

One of the most popular and highly recommended golf training aids is the SKLZ Gold Flex Golf Training Aid. It helps in improving your overall mechanics. The considerable weight of the stick will help in building core golf muscles and also help in improving your swing tempo and flexibility.

2. SuperSpeed Golf Training System

This set of training aids is taken from the idea of overspeed training, that is seen in other sports such as baseball and tennis.

This set features three weighted clubs: light (in green), medium (in blue), and heavy (in red). Using these clubs, you undergo several different swing exercises, which include both the left and right hand. It is designed to improve your speed so that you can get additional yardage with your driver. It also helps to boost your striking and tempo.

3. Grip Secret Golf Training Aid

The Grip Secret Golf Training Aid is designed to help you grip your club more appropriately, and help you not to grip the club too tightly. It also improves almost all aspects of your game, including driving distance, putting, and short game.

4. Swingyde Golf Training Aid

This aid emphasizes improving your accuracy and distance through developing your club alignment, tempo, swing plane, and follow through. It is clipped to the shaft of the golf club on one end near where you’re gripping it. Then the built-in rest fits against your forearm. That way, this will help to wrist your cock properly and helps you to stay in the proper position all along while doing your swing. This will help in producing more consistent strokes.

5. Matzie Men’s Assist Swing 

This deliberately bent club is designed to develop all eight major elements of the swing. They include clubhead speed, extension, grip, muscle memory, strength, tempo, timing, weight transfer and wrist action through impact. It is simple and easy to use, can fit in almost all golf bags, and can be used anywhere

6. Golf Impact Ball Swing Plane Trainer Aid

This aid was created with the idea of improving your body mechanics – your arms, shoulder and torso in building together a flowing motion for a smoother, more steady, and consistent swing. It helps to keep your arms in proper position while holding the club. If used consistently, it will lead to much more improved accuracy and distance.

7. Powerchute Swing for Life Golf Swing Trainer

This golf aid focuses on improving your balance, driving distance, and clubhead speed by generating clubhead and shaft resistance. It consists of a training club with a cloth attached to it (the cloth is made of durable nylon with steel wire tethers and stitching).

As the name implies, the Powerchute Swing for Life Golf Swing Trainer acts like a parachute. When you swing it, it opens enough to generate additional air resistance. In this way, your core strength improves, something which you need to improve your shot distance.