Game Review: 5-Second Rule

5 Second Rule is a simple game with a few and easy rules. The game is quite interesting and funny because of the questions you are going to ask to the other player. This game comes with a twisted five-second timer which also adds to the time pressure. The “zoooop!” noise coming from the timer can surprisingly cause players to panic with their answers which can elicit laughter adding more fun and enjoyment to the game.

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PlayMonster 5 Second Rule

This game has the prerequisites of a great party game. It’s simple and very easy to understand. It can also be challenging because the card can either be too hard or is hard to understand. This game can make players shout out pretty clever and ridiculous things out loud because of the time pressure sometimes even joking around with their responses. And if you know very little about a specific topic, you can find an easy way to find answers and win. For example, “Name 3 Disney/Pixar Films”. You can answer Toy Story 1, Toy Story 2 and Toy Story 3.

The board game set includes, 576 Questions on 288 cards, 5-Second twisted marble timer, and the rules on how to play the game. Three or more players can play this game from ages 10 and above. The game begins by picking a card, then reading the topic, and finally starting the timer. The player has to name 3 things that fit the topic. But because of the time pressure, the player sometimes get tongue-tied and occasionally comes up with hilariously inappropriate answers.

The 5-Seconds rule is very enjoyable with all the different and unique questions you can ask to each other. Admittedly, there is also the joy of watching someone fumble with his or her words and blurt out weird answers that can either be funny, stupid, or creative. The simplicity of the rules makes it more fun because it doesn’t take too long to understand. You and your family or group of friends can immediately start playing the game once they have understood the rules which only take less than a minute.

Once you begin to play the 5-Seconds rule, you will have trouble not being addicted to it! You and your friends or family will probably even play this and will last playing it for hours without getting tired because of how much you can expand the mechanics and gameplay and make your own customized play style.