Equipment You Need to Play Basketball

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the entire world. When it comes to the big matches, celebrities and even the richest personalities from around the world fly to attend the games personally. The game is also big, especially in the United States, because it has drawn and still draws thousands of young individuals towards it. With schools providing the proper training and grooming to help them enter professional sports, everything from the equipment to the techniques count. 

During the start of a new basketball season, the coach, players, and players themselves have to prepare for the list of basketball equipment they need to have a competitive and comfortable game.

Compared to other sports, like football, hockey, or bobsled, the equipment for a basketball game is not that expensive. However, these items remain necessary and crucial to the players and the overall sports achievement of the team.

While there is no need to haul a large bag for the equipment, you need to check every item and consider only what is needed based on the skills of your child or the player.

For starters, they require a few items. Those who are part of a traveling collegiate or school league team need more gear.

For the coach, you also have to be ready with the essential list that you can relay to the players and their parents for guidance and compliance. If you a part of a big or professional team, there is also a necessity to build training equipment. In the end, what is important is the player can show up in a game physically and mentally prepared, plus well-equipped with the correct gears.

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The basic equipment you need to play basketball 

There are dozens of equipment and gear that can aid you for basketball training and game day. Below is a list of primary equipment you will need before planning to join or play the game.

1. Gym Shorts and T-Shirts

The first thing you need to consider and get right is the clothing. Basketball is played in shorts and t-shirts. It is the most important part of the basketball equipment. You can only expect to play wearing something other than jeans or a full-sleeved t-shirt. The reason is that the shorts and t-shirts are made to provide maximum athletic activity. However, in some cases, you will find people playing in vests or not wearing anything at all. It depends on what one prefers to wear. 

Pick a T-Shirt that is perfect for showing your presence at the court. By wearing the correct shirt, everyone will know that you mean business. The best thing about a basketball shirt is that you can use it both on and off-court. Choose the one that is designed to be extra comfortable and light, and you will hardly feel you are wearing it while playing.

Key features of this shirt include extra comfortable, unisex, and cotton and polyester blend.

For the gym shorts, pick a mesh pocket short made from 100% polyester. This means that even if you play for hours during the day, you do not have to be smelling or feel sweaty. It should be made with breathable fabric, ideal for an athletic fit. Lastly, it comes with a covered elastic waistband for an adjustable fit. 

2. Basketball Shoes

While packing a basketball bag, you must also pack the correct type of basketball shoes. Basketball shoes are specially made to drip the hardwood floor professional basketball is playing on. But since, not every basketball court includes a polished hardwood floor but a cemented one, picking the right shoe pair is still very important. Furthermore, professional basketball courts tend to be expensive. If you wear inappropriate shoes, you might end up damaging the floor. Therefore, you must be careful while picking your shoes, considering that they should not damage the floor. 

One of the top options for basketball shoes is the one that features a rubber damping sole with a net shape to provide the player a substantial ground holding in accordance with the position and weight. It should be made from a breathable, lightweight textile upper and a molded heel shield to strengthen the structure. Furthermore, it locks your foot and protects it from an ankle injury. In addition, it is water-resistant and includes anti-slip material making it the ideal foot choice for the court. Note for the key features: breathable material, anti-slip, and water-resistant.

3. Practice Hoop

Practice hoops are essential if the basketball courts in your neighborhood are far away. This will allow you to train at home whenever you want. However, a key factor you should consider when purchasing a practice hoop is its installation. You would want to install it at the perfect height, depending on your experience. If you are a beginner, keep it a bit low as compared to installing it in a high position if you are relatively experienced. Furthermore, it should be installed against a sturdy object such as a wall, not a window. By having a hoop in your house, you can invite some friends over and avoid waiting in lines when the public courts are occupied throughout the weekends. 

4. Mouthpiece

Many argue that basketball is not a contact sport because the chances of players coming in contact with one another are improbable. However, that is not true. Players sometimes get injured while dunking the ball or being pushed into the crowd. This is why you need a mouthpiece. Basketball players tend to be comparatively bigger in height and weight. Therefore, when all the pushing and pulling happens, a player can accidentally become hit with an elbow or the ball. In such cases, mouthpieces protect your teeth from getting damaged while playing a game. The last thing you would want is to leave the court without teeth or two.

While the market has a wide array of choices for a mouthguard, pick one with a gel-fit liner technology that is easy to fit and offers comfort throughout the playing session. Additionally, it should feature integrated breathing channels that make breathing easy for the player. The protection comes from the heavy-duty exoskeletal shock frame that provides complete mouth protection against the hardest impacts. Critical features for this mouthguard include an exoskeletal frame, gel-fit liner technology, and easy fit.

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Some other essential basketball equipment 

Warmup jackets and pants

Warmup gear can keep your body warm inside or outside the gym. Interestingly, jackets and pants also help you during the warm up routine so that the audience and your opponents cannot see your numbers as you do your warmup routine.

Athletic socks

A good pair of socks create an additional layer of support and stability. More, it prevents blisters.

Water bottles

Water bottles are a must! Fill them with energy drinks like Powerade or Gatorade. You can use water, too. The bottom line is the water bottles keep you hydrated.


With your wristband, you can quickly wipe sweat from your forehead and other body parts.

Athletic tape

The tape keeps the correct position of your muscles and bones to minimize pain as you move with extra energy and strength around your wrists and ankles. Also, it helps you a lot in recovering from an injury.

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Sports bras

Women basketball players need additional support under their jerseys. Sports bras help players to play with ease and comfort.

Zippered duffel bag

This sports bag is essential to carry your basketball equipment and gear anywhere you go.

Cooling towels

A quick wipe to remove your body’s sweat during the game will give you comfort and relaxation. Draping your cooling towels around your neck while on the bench provides relief during a hot day.


Headbands help keep sweat from going to your eyes. Sweats, as we all know, bring a stinging and burning sensation during the games. With your headband, you will not worry a lot about those dripping sweats on your face.


Even though many people do not consider basketball a contact sport, you do not want to take your chances, especially if you are just starting. The basketball equipment mentioned above will protect you and make you look professional each time you step onto the court. Therefore, make sure you have everything ready while packing a basketball bag.