Easy to Carry Liquids While Hiking

When you go hiking, aside from bringing foods and snacks, it’s also essential to bring some liquids such as water, other drinks, and condiments like oil and sauces for cooking, especially if you plan to camp out after your hike. However, compared to foods, liquids are more challenging to bring and carry while hiking because they have a tendency to spill and make a mess in your backpack. Therefore, you need to place each one of them in leak-proof containers and bottles. But some of these containers and bottles can be heavy which is not essential for hiking.

If you’re worried about how you’d carry liquids easily when you go hiking, then worry no more because we are going to share with you some tips and products that can help you carry liquids easily while hiking.

Water and Other Drinks

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Hydration Bladder
Nalgene Sustain Tritan BPA-Free Water Bottle
Platypus Platy 2
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Aquafina Water


Water is the most essential necessity on a hike and you should consume plenty of it during the activity to stay hydrated. However, staying hydrated on the trail comes with some issues. One is carrying even just a litter of water can be heavy but you need to at least have two when you go hiking. These can also take much space in your backpack and they are kind of difficult to access therefore, you’re likely to not drink as much as you need. So, if you’re feeling overwhelmed, don’t worry because here are some options for you to carry water easily on your upcoming hike.

Use a Hydration Bladder

A hydration bladder is a water container that stays inside your backpack near your back and it allows you to drink through a connecting tube that comes out to your shoulder strap, making it very easy to carry and to access as well. You don’t have to stop just to drink because you can drink from its tube while you walk. Most hydration bladders have a large carrying capacity. They are also very flexible and will only take up very little space when they become empty. Since it can be accessed easily, you will be able to drink enough water while hiking. The only downside using a hydration bladder is that you can’t tell how much more water you have left without pulling it out from our bag.

Carry Your Water in Bottles

Most hiking backpacks have mesh side pockets where you can place water bottles and other drinks. They are also easy to reach back and have a drink without the need to take your backpack off. There are different kinds of bottles you can use:

1. Hard Plastic Bottles:

Hard plastic bottles, like Nalgene, is sturdy and will last for years, making it an ideal water or drink bottle to bring on a hike. It can also hold hot liquids. However, some of them can be relatively heavy and take up space when empty.

2. Soft BladderLike Bottles:

Bladder-like bottles, such as the Platypus brand, are reusable and can be packed down small when they are empty. They stand up like normal bottles when they are full. However, they are not very durable and they cannot hold hot liquids.

3. Disposable Plastic Bottles:

The last option is to go for disposable plastic bottles from commercial drinks like Gatorade or Aquafina. Most of these bottles are lightweight and you will not worry about taking care of them as well. These are also a good choice if you plan to mix flavored drinks so that you don’t leave a taste in your hard plastic bottle or tumbler.

Water bottles are easy to carry, easy to drink from, and easy to refill as well if there are any present water sources in your trail. It is also easy to tell how much water you have left because they are stored in the outside pockets of your backpack. The downside of carrying water bottles though is that the weight of your bag can be imbalanced if you are carrying a full bottle on one side and an empty one on the other side.

Oils, Sauces, and Other Liquid Condiments

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MiO Liquid Water Enhancer
Squooshi Reusable Food Pouch
TableTop King 6 mL Preservative Free Soy Sauce Packets
COCOFINA 10 ml Organic Coconut Oil Sachet
Flavor Fresh Ketchup Packets


Have you ever carried oils and sauces when you went hiking and went home with an oily mess in your backpack? Well, if you do not want to experience that again, or don’t want to experience it at all, then you need some leak-proof and ultralight containers for you to easily carry oils, sauces, and other liquid condiments while hiking. It doesn’t have to be messy. You just need to figure out which containers work for them.

1. Nalgene Travel Bottle

If you will just be taking a small amount of oil or sauce, you can try the Nalgene Medium Travel Kit. This is a collection of leak-proof plastic bottles that have different capacities to cater to your needs. These bottles are also compact, lightweight, and durable, making them perfect to bring on a hike or a short camping trip. Aside from oils and sauces, you can also use them to hold alcohol stove fuel, soaps, and shampoo efficiently.

2. MiO Bottle

If you’re not looking for an entire bottle kit, then an empty MiO bottle can work for you. MiO is a water flavoring in liquid form that comes in a lightweight but durable plastic container. You can use a clean and empty bottle of it to put hot sauce, olive oil, and other liquid condiments that you wish to bring on your hike.

3. Reusable Food Pouch

You can also place liquid condiments in reusable food pouches. These are designed for baby food. A reusable food pouch is filled up from its bottom via a resealable zipper. It does not leak, making it a safe and easy to carry container for liquids while hiking.

4. Go for Liquids in Individual Pouches

If you do not have any container to place liquids when you go hiking, you can opt for liquid condiments that are in individual pouches. You can get condiments that are in small packets just like those free ones you can find in restaurants. You can easily carry soy sauce, oil, ketchup, and other liquid condiments while hiking if they are in small packets. Just be mindful of the plastic waste after using them and make sure that you pack them out and dispose of them properly.

Carrying liquids while hiking is easy as long as you have reliable and sturdy bottles and containers to place them into. We hope the tips and products we shared will help you on your next hiking adventure.