Does Drone Weight Affect Its Battery Life?

Drones are just another way to pass your fun time. Many people enjoy drone flying as a major hobby and even take it to the top competitions. Engaging in such competitions requires an extraordinary focus on the specifications of the drone. Without properly evaluating the technical aspects, one may end up in an underpowered drone that would lose a competition. We are sure you don’t want to do that.

For this reason, consult the following buying guide to evaluate the impact of drone weight over the battery and performance of the drone. We have also provided a few options of some of the best drones that you can get from

What are drones?

For those who want to know the basics about a drone, it is a small flying plane which is usually operated via a remote-control device. The drones are a major hobby and rising interest for Americans especially during COVID-19 when lockdowns were imposed. Drones can be flown indoors and outdoors with the sophisticated control management system that they are integrated with. They can be of multiple types such as racing drones, photography drones, or casual entertainment drones; all three of which are quite popular ones.

Most recently, photography drones have been gaining user attention probably because they are a wonderful tool to make cinematic videos, capture cool moments, and even cover large events in a unique and rather creative manner as well.

There are drone kits and then complete drones in their pin-pack condition. The difference between both is that a drone kit is when you purchase the parts of drones such as engine, frame, and remote separately and make it yourself while the other one is a fully functional drone which is ready to fly.


What Affects a Drone’s Performance?

There are several different elements which impact the performance of a drone. If you are able to manage these and create the perfect weight ratio for your drone, you will be able to fly in the most efficient manner by utilizing the least amount of battery and having the maximum in-flight time. It will also ensure that your drone lasts for a long period of time unlike the ones that are not handled with proper care by their users.


One of the key factors impacting the performance of a drone is the weight of the drone itself. A drone which has a higher weight is more likely to utilize more power to lift off as well as maintain the vertical distance from the ground to air as well as the speed at which the drone will be accelerating. With an added weight, there is going to be more power required by the propellers and the engines to help the drone in generating an additional lift essential for maintaining the altitude.

The drones weight affects a drone’s battery life in a negative manner. This means that if the weight is high, more battery will be drained to generate the lift while if the weight is low, there is going to be a low battery requirement. The drones are capable of carrying a certain amount of extra weight but on the cost of additional battery drainage. This is one reason why the photography drones have bigger batteries. The cameras have a high weight and also run from the same battery as the drone does.

In a nutshell, try to focus on minimizing the weight of your drone to have the maximum performance guaranteed for your copter.

Battery Type

You might not know this fact before that the battery type also affects the performance of the drone. Most commonly, the lithium batteries are used in the drones. However, even the lithium batteries have the different types each of which have different characteristics such as discharging cycles, charging time, and capacity.

The Lithium Ion Batteries which are commonly used in the cell phones as well are the most popular choice. The discharging unit assists in an efficient use of stored energy while the charging can be at a fast pace with the fast chargers. Another benefit of these batteries is that they are maintenance free and last for a long period of time, just like the case of a smartphone. These batteries have the maximum weight.

The Lithium Polymer Batteries have become recently common although the initial design ranges back from the 1970s. Liquid gel electrolytes have been added in the solid polymer electrolytes. One main advantage of these batteries is that they provide an ample power once fully charged and require a low charging time as well. However, there are about 100 charge cycles to this battery compared to a Li-ion battery which has a higher one.

Lastly, the latest technology in the batteries is the Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries. Research is already underway on this battery for further future improvement. These batteries have a conductivity “10 million times” more than a regular battery which provides safety, efficiency, and rapid charging element as well. Li-phosphate has an excellent energy density and is also safe to use with a long life. However, you might not get them easily. They are also discharging in a swift manner.



A racing drone is quite simplistic in its design with no extras and maximum focus on getting a reduced weight so that the drone is getting the maximum lift and thrust essential for the drone to fly in a speed and outcome the other ones. This is why a racing drone has a higher overall performance as compared to the aerial photography drones. An aerial photography drone has an exclusive design with a premium feel and look to ensure that the users are able to get the maximum out of their drone.

With a bigger battery required for an aerial photography drone due to the presence of a camera and additional functions, there is extra weight on it. The extra weight causes the battery to drain quickly as well as leads to an underperformance.

Drones with Longest Flight Times

Below we have mentioned a few drones which have been known to last for a considerably longer period of time.

DJI Mavic Air 2 Fly More Combo

Our top recommendation and an Amazon’s choice product from many years is the DJI MAVIC Air 2 which has been certified as the best drone for photography by numerous customers. If you want to step up your game and cover the large-scale events, this one would be ideal as it has the 48-megapixel camera capable of recording a 4K video or an 8K Hyper lapse.

The total flight time for this drone is 34 minutes. Given the high-end specifications that are a part of this, this is a reasonably good time. For added convenience of beginners, the drone comes with sensors which helps in quick maneuvering to avoid any obstacles that arise. Over 2800 people have already bought it and it got an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Dragon Touch Foldable GPS Drones for Adults

For those who are a little tight on their budget but want a drone that has a good battery life, we present you the Dragon Touch Drone. One single charge on this drone results in 18 minutes of uninterrupted flying. There are multiple functions such as auto-return home, follow-me mode, tap-fly, and others as well which make it an intelligent choice for the users.

You can easily fold this compact drone and carry it around anywhere you go because it can be folded in a smaller size as well. An interesting feature in this drone which is not found in others is that it allows for a video recording along with the background music right from the application that it comes with.

Tello Quadcopter Drone with HD Camera and VR

Say Hello to the future by buying a drone that is compatible with all kinds of smartphones and allows for easy controls and video controlling right from your smartphone. The next generation imaging processor has been used in the case of this drone which allows for faster photo capturing and video recording technology as well

There are two antennas which allow for better connectivity between the remote and drone allowing for better video surveillance if you plan to do so. For safety of the drone, there are propeller guards that protect the propellers from damaging even if the drone crashes anywhere. The entire unit is quite easy to use which is why it is a great recommendation for beginners.

It comes with 2 lithium polymer batteries which mean you are going to get an impressive flight time.


We hope you are able to get the best drones for photography or best drones for racing based on the above information we provided. Make sure that you are not putting on excessively high weight on the drone because it will not perform as per your expectations and the batteries won’t perform well either. Try to get one from the options we recommended as these will give you a great flying experience.

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