Does the Brand of Golf Tee Matter?

A tee may be used in many sports such as golf, rugby, and American football. However, this word is mostly associated with golf. In fact, there’s a phrase called “tee off,” which means to start a round or hole of golf.

A tee is a stand where a stationary ball is placed so that a player can strike it. A tee is pegged into the ground before a ball is placed on it. A tee is one of the essential tools of the game of golf. When a tee has the right construction, it helps in improving a golfer’s drives.

For those who are not yet that familiar with golf, one may be surprised to find out that there are many types of golf tees, considering their simple function. A tee helps in balancing the golf ball when it’s stationary. However, a tee should also minimize contact with the ball once the golfer strikes it. With the tee having less contact with the ball, it creates less friction. The result is fewer chances of ball spins, as well as improved accuracy and speed. A good golf tee is a worthy addition to include to your golf bag.

Types of golf tees:
1. Wooden – the most common type of tee
2. Bamboo – it is more expensive but more environmentally friendly

3. Plastic – it is also costly, but they break just as easily
4. Rubber – not a popular type of tee, but they are durable
5. Hybrid – it is made of a combination of at least two materials. For instance, there are hybrid wood and plastic tees for enhanced durability and flexibility. A hybrid tee is typically used together with a hybrid club.

6. Specialty – these are specially designed tees aimed to improve a golfer’s game. There are step down and right-height tees. You can also find the brush, flex, launcher, martini, and zero friction tees that are designed to for better, longer drives and improved accuracy.

Golf tees are also available by length. There are even golf tees whose height can be adjusted for a better strike of the ball.

Many golf tee makers use various materials and come up with different styles of golf tees. So this raises the question: does the brand of golf tee matter?

The answer is: it depends. You may be the type of golfer who has always used one type or brand of a golf tee and won’t even think of changing it. Or, you may be the type of golfer who doesn’t care about what kinds of tees you use, as long as you know how to do some killer drives.

Or, do you have to tendency to whack tees? Have you smashed a handful of them already? Then you should choose unbreakable types. You may consider a reliable brand that makes durable tees, in this case.

Many golfers are concerned with brands. But for some golfers, they look more at the specifications of the tee rather than its brand name. There are emerging golf tee names that can compete with its more established counterparts. You may check out some of the best golf tees in the bunch:

Where to Buy
ProActive Martini Step-Up Golf Tees
Champ Zarma FLYtee
Zero Friction Tour 3-Prong Golf Tees
Pride Golf Tee
Four More Yards Golf Tees

1. ProActive Martini Step-Up Golf Tees

Made of durable polymer plastic, this pack contains five differently-colored martini step-up golf tees.
They are made to be indestructible, which means you can reuse it several times. The design allows for straighter and longer drives, less resistance, and longer roll. They have got to be one of the most durable golf tees around. Measuring 3 and ¼ inches long, these martini tees are ideal for big-headed drivers.

2. Champ Zarma FLYtee

Each pack has 25 golf tees, each of which has a six-prong head to keep the golf ball in place. However, the shallow cup minimizes friction with the ball, allowing players to improve their accuracy and distance. It has reinforced ribs on the shaft for extra durability and resistance. Each tee is made to be five times durable than wood, as its construction consists of biodegradable plastic.

3. Zero Friction Tour 3-Prong Golf Tees

This golf tree brand is quite renowned – it is adjudged as the number one performance tee on the PGA Tour in 2005 and has remained in that place ever since, with more than seventy Tour victories and 370 top finishes. It has three prongs to keep the ball in place, but the design of the tee reduces contact points with the golf ball, which ensures improved speed and accuracy. It is available in many lengths: 1 ½”, 2 3/4”, and 3 ¼”. The Zero Friction will end your search for a reputable golf tee brand.

4. Pride Golf Tee

Each of these tees has a low-resistance six-prong tip, which helps in reducing ball spin for enhanced distance and accuracy. They are made to withstand even over 100 drives!

They are available in three different sizes – 1 ½”, 2 3/4″ and 3 ¼ – manufacturers cleverly designed these tees with the club head in mind. For instance, longer tees are perfect for drivers and fairway woods, while shorter tees are ideal for hybrids and irons.

5. Four More Yards Golf Tees

Like the other golf tees on this list, Four More Yards Golf Tees are made of durable plastic. The color bar is helpful as it indicates length. Each of the tees has an elastomeric crown that flexes during impact, which minimizes contact for longer, better, and more accurate drives.