Cleaning Supplies for Your Boats

If you are a fan of fishing out in open waters, you must have a boat. Boats are a fun way to go out of the city and enjoy a day in the water without getting wet. Whether it is a simple fishing boat or a fancy cabin cruiser, it is an investment that you don’t want to miss.

Buying a boat is easy, but maintaining it can be a hassle. You can’t just forget about it after buying it – it needs to be cleaned and maintained from time to time. Boats are just like any other vehicle that requires tuning and professional cleaning. But you don’t have to lose an arm and leg to get the professionals at work. All you need to know is the basics and the right products, and you can clean your boats yourself.

We have spared you the long hours of searching for the right products and how to clean your boat. Follow this guide to add to your knowledge. And order genuine and high-quality marine teak cleaning products here. 

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How to Clean the Exterior of a Bat

Several parts of a boat exterior need a thorough cleaning. We will look at them one by one and what products to use on them. And you can also visit the link to avail yourself of high-quality marine detailing products.

The Hull and Hull Bottom

The Hull and Hull BottomUsually, hulls are gel-coated surfaces that require cleaning every month if you use your boat frequently. Debris and grime from the water are sure to stick to the hull, which will make your boat lose its shine.

Start by washing the boat with a generous amount of water – a hose nozzle works best for this. It will ensure that all the loose dirt is removed from the hull. Next, leather the outside of the boat with a soapy solution. We suggest that you get a boat wash like Star Brite that will clean your boat hull and ensure that the wax stays on it. The hull bottom is cleaned similar to the rest of the hull with the addition of antifouling paint.

Once the cleaning is finished, it is time for the step that will make your boat as good as new. You guessed it right, wax time! It is just like waxing your car – you should do it one small patch at a time. Meguiar’s Flagship Premium Boat Wax is the best choice for all kinds of vinyl and gel-coated surfaces.

Boat Canvas and Isinglass (Clear Windows)

Boat Canvas and Isinglass (Clear Windows)Choose the right detergent, depending on the type of fabric your boat canvas is made of. Use a soft-bristle brush and a mild soap like Star Brite Sail & Canvas Cleaner. Dilute it in a bucket of water to tone down the concentration.

For clear sheet vinyl, use a soapy wash that contains no harmful chemicals; otherwise, it may ruin the sheet. We recommend using Star Brite Ultimate Vinyl Clean for the best results.

Boat Teak

Boat TeakCommonly known as decks, boat teak is usually made with laminated wooden tiles. Regular scrubbing will clean it for sure, but eventually, the wood will lose its luster and turn black. You will have no choice but to use an acid-based teak cleaner. Star Brite Premium comes with a set of teak cleaners that includes teak oil, brightener, and cleaner. 

You won’t have to buy everything separately; this is your go-to package for all types of teak cleaning.

How to Clean the Interior of a Boat

A boat cabin’s interior may differ with the size of the boat. Some fancy boats have different material walls and flooring quality, while others use regular material. Either way, cleaning a boat’s interior is different than the exterior. We have enlisted you the parts that could need proper cleaning and how you should do it:

Marine Carpet

Most cabins are lined with carpet on top of the fiberglass flooring. The material is usually stiff fibers that do not get ruined with water or dirt. 

Cleaning these carpets requires a vacuum to remove loose dirt. A portable vacuum like Black+Decker Handheld Vacuum can be a lifesaver. Its powerful suction and a significantly large dirtbag are perfect for cleaning your marine carpet. In the case of a wet carpet, you need to allow it to dry with high AC and a fast fan before using a vacuum.


Many things in a boat interior are made of vinyl. Typically, vinyl is easy to clean as it comes with a layer of anti-microbial for extra protection. Common stains can easily be removed with soapy water and a soft washcloth. Be careful not to use any soaps with harsh chemicals because they will destroy the anti-microbial layer. For tougher stains, we suggest that you buy 303 Marine UV Protectant Spray for Vinyl. This product is tough on stains but ensures that the vinyl remains safe. It even enhances the luster of vinyl.

Cushions and Seat Covers

The humid environment in the water can dampen the cushions in your seats or, worse, grow mildew on them. To avoid this, you should wash your seat covers at least once a month. Most non-vinyl fabrics can be washed in a washing machine, but be careful never to use scalding hot water. 

For foam, you need to use vinegar and water mist. Spray the mist on the foam and leave it for a few hours. Shake the foam off and repeat this process. Once you have done that, place the cushions in an open space to let the smell of vinegar out. Thoroughly wash the foams with plenty of water and gently squeeze. It takes several attempts to eliminate all the dirt from the foam.

The Head or Bathroom of the Boat

The boat’s head is cleaned just like you would clean your home’s bathroom. But since it is a boat bathroom, it will gather more scales and salt deposits between the tiles. Use Goo Gone Grout & Tile Cleaner for toughest stains caused by mold and mildew.

The Final Step

The Final StepOnce you have thoroughly cleaned your boat from the inside out, it is time to do a final inspection of everything. Ensure that the hull is waxed from all places and no patch is left. Things that are made from vinyl, rubber, or plastics should get a protective coat like 303 Marine UV Protectant Spray

Similarly, all the fabric must be protected with fabric guards like Scotchgard Fabric Water Shield, an ideal product for cushions and sofas. They make sure that your cushions remain damp-free and no molds grow on them.

Maintenance of a Boat Is Crucial

You might call yourself a hydrophile who would rather stay in the water than on the land, but you can’t really be a true lover of water unless you take care of your ride. Taking care of boats is just as imperative as taking care of your car. Sure, boats are strong, but they can wear with time and need your attention. A clean boat is a happy boat, and a happy boat certainly means a happy you. No one wants to go fishing on a boat that smells like fish and is sad to look at. So, make sure to clean your boat and enjoy fishing.