Can You Take Your Dog With You for a Day on the Golf Course?

The golf course appears to be a great place to take your dog. Then again, a golf course is essentially a large park with balls flying everywhere.

So, can golfers bring their dogs to the course? Continue reading to find out.

Bringing Your Dog to the Golf Course


Dogs are since considered family members, and while it isn’t enough to be considered a trend, far more courses are letting golfers bring their furry friends along.

However, there are several things to be aware of if you intend to bring your miniature American Shepherd.

First and foremost, keep your dog leashed at all times. While you may think your dog is completely friendly and charming, many people are afraid of or dislike dogs. Having a strange dog charge to them while they’re enjoying a round of golf is not at all what they bargained for, so please be considerate of the other golfers and keep your dog on a leash.

Even if you’re going to be out in nature, you’ll still have to clean up after your dog. Nobody wants to walk into a dogpile while searching for the ball they sliced into the woods.

Also, make sure your dog is well-fed and has plenty of water, particularly if it’s a hot day. If your canine is prone to barking, even if it is only at birds or squirrels, it would be best to keep them at home. An ill-timed bark during a golfer’s backswing could irritate a hot-tempered golfer.

However, not all golf courses want the liability of having a dog on the course— imagine if a dog became loose and attacked or bit another golfer. Perhaps the dog escapes and is hit and killed or injured by a car or a golf cart; perhaps the dog escapes and becomes lost. Some golf courses do not want to deal with it.

However, there are a lot of dog-friendly golf courses that welcome them with arms wide open. These golf courses encourage you to bring your dog on a leash. Keep your bag over your shoulder (or in a walking cart) with the leash in hand when walking on the course.

Many people who have stand bags place the leash’s hand loop underneath one of the stand legs so the canine can lay down and possibly be comfortable while working on their shot.

Many golf course superintendents take their dogs to work with them. They may assist them in chasing away animals, or they may act as companions. These golf courses are usually dog-friendly, though the superintendent dogs spend most of the day in a cart.

It’s best to call ahead to a golf club before bringing your dog. Bring your four-footer if they give you the go-ahead.

Dog-Friendly Golf Courses


For generations, dogs have joined humans on the golf course. Hunting hounds would roam from hole to hole to stay fit during the off-season.

Fortunately, some dog-friendly golf courses let canine caddies accompany you on the course. Remember that most of these courses are seasonal, and some are only available to members, so read the terms and conditions below before bringing your pet.

Discovery Bay Golf Course

The scenic Discovery Bay Golf Course in Washington is an 18-hole marvel. The state’s oldest public golf course is located in a lovely coastal town surrounded by the majestic Cascade and Olympic mountain ranges.

The golf staff welcomes leashed dogs on the course. After proving to your dog that you can find missing balls as good as they can, find your way to the Quench Waterfront Kitchen and Bar. Pooches are greeted here with a snack and a water bowl, and you’ll love the Hawaiian-inspired cuisine.

Belgrade Lakes Golf Course

Belgrade Lakes Golf Course is a seasonal 18-hole public course in central Maine nestled among panoramic hills and rustic woodlands. When you arrive, say hi to the owner’s dogs, who are frequently found at the pro shop giving helpful hints.

Unlike most courses, your dog can join you leash-free if under voice command. Your dog may enjoy walks, but have they ever tried cruising in a golf cart?

Your best friend is welcome to join in on the barking while you move from hole to hole. Once you’re on the putting green, he’ll need to sit back and protect your precious nine iron, as the pristine conditions must be maintained.

After a solid day on the course, your pet can relax at Kate-Ah-Den Cabin. This pet-friendly rental has two miles of private trails that wind through 70 acres of woodland.

The Goodwood Estate


The Goodwood Estate is among the most accommodating spots for golfing dogs and their owners, with two world-class, animal-friendly 18-hole courses. The Estate even provides pet membership at The Kennels with special benefits.

After a long day on the greens, treat yourself to a hearty meal at The Goodwood Estate’s Farmer, Butcher, Chef restaurant. Dogs are allowed to join their humans while they eat. Make a weekend of it by staying in one of the historic Goodwood Hotel’s many dog-friendly rooms.

When you’re not on the course, you and your dog can explore the beautiful Sussex coast and the South Downs or stroll around the magnificent Estate.

Murrayshall Country House Hotel and Golf Club

There’s no nicer place for your dog to enjoy the joy of Scotland’s greens than the Murrayshall Country Golf Club and House Hotel near Perth. The 350-acre parkland course is regarded as among the best in Scotland. In this secluded wonderland, your dog is welcome to accompany you as you race to victory.

The Estate is steeped in history, with a statue on the golf course honoring former Murrayshall owner Graham Murray, who owned the property until 1927. Dogs are welcome in some hotel rooms and can even accompany you to Stutts Bar for a post-round bite or beverage.

Agate Beach Golf Course

Agate Beach Golf Course features a lush fairway carved into rolling hills overlooking the ocean. The nine-hole course, built in the 1930s, is open all year and has long been a favorite of both novice and experienced golfers.

Your dog will be relieved to learn that customers have been taking their leashed dogs for decades. Enjoy a well-deserved bite at the on-site Agate Beach Golf Course Cafe after a long round of observing you chop simple putts into the sandy bunkers and fir and pine trees.

Alternatively, you can make your mini-golf course at home for you and your canine to enjoy.