Buying Guide for Camping Tents

Summer times are the best times to gear up and set on a camping trip to practice adequate TEOTWAWKI (The End of the World as We Know It) survival situation. It not only makes for a thrilling and tantalizing outdoor experience for the season but also choosing the proper place to build on a survival shelter keeping in mind wildlife danger, crude weather, bugs, and insects is the perfect mock doomsday practice for preppers. Natural disasters – floods, earthquakes, blizzards, and plummeted temperatures can disrupt the smooth and steady cycle of an urban life anytime; it’s better to be prepared for the worst-case scenarios.

Buying Guide for Camping Tents

When you set out to buy a camping tent – whether it’s for hiking, rock climbing, riverside stargazing night out, scouting training or survivalism practice, here are a few things to always bear in mind:


Emergency shelters or camping tents come in all sizes and capacities. For emergency survival kits or bug out bags, a one-person tube tent would suffice. For a family outdoor stack-outs look for spacious options. A tent is always a snug-fit; so, a two-person tent would only be enough for two with no extra room for a third person to sneak in.


Pick out the material for your camping tent depending on the season you’d use it in. Some tents are good for all year round, while some work only for a specific season. If you’re buying an emergency shelter for a survival kit, pick a tent that’s made to withstand extreme winds and blizzards.


Most probably, you’ll be carrying your camping tent stashed in your backpack or survival kit; make sure it weighs less so carrying it around isn’t an issue for you.

Best Camping Tents

Where to Buy
SharpSurvival Emergency Survival Shelter Tent
Coleman Sundome 2 Person Tent
Alvantor Camping Tent Outdoor Warrior Pro Backpacking Light Weight Waterproof Family Tent
Teton Sports Mountain Ultra Tent

Here’s a comprehensive list of best-camping tents for outdoor adventures and doomsday prepper’s survival kit:

1. SharpSurvival Emergency Survival Shelter Tent

SharpSurvival Emergency Survival Shelter Tent is an all-weather tube tent that is good enough for two persons. It’s lightweight thus easier to fold and tuck in your survival kit. It’s made of reflective material, which conserves heat so perfect for mountaineers and hikers going to glaciers or expeditions with bone freezing climates.

What makes it stand out?

For common laymen, or people who aren’t still familiar with survivalism philosophy and TEOTWAWKI (The End Of The World As We Know It) situation appears to them as a farfetched idea needs to familiarize themselves with real-life situations that resemble doomsday. A few months ago, somewhere in mid-December, the temperature in the UK plummeted; schools were closed; traffic system was disrupted. Heavy snow caused an outrageous power breakout and many towns and suburbs had to live many nights without power – in cold winter nights. It’s situations like these when having an emergency kit including a survival shelter tent would come handy even if you are fortunate enough to stay indoors.

This is the perfect survival camping tent for preppers who like being ready to face unexpected calamities. Owing to its lightweight, it’s also perfect to carry around in your backpack if you’re an adventure lover who goes out in the wilderness quite so often.  

2.  Coleman Sundome 2 Person Tent

Coleman Sundome is a 7 ft. x 5 ft. dome-shaped tent with a 4 ft. center height; it’s spacious enough for two persons and conveniently fit one queen size airbed. The tent sets up quickly in less than ten minutes, making it user-friendly for almost everyone.

What makes it stand out?

For people who are a fan of camping outdoors in the heavy downpour or who just find themselves trapped in a situation when they’re outdoors under the stormy sky, this is the perfect outdoor shelter. Despite its economical price tag, Coleman Sundome camping tent features a WeatherTec System; it’s a tub-like infrastructure with welded floors and inverted seams corner to keep the water from entering your tent. This means, even if you’re in the middle of a thundery downpour, this would keep you shielded. Furthermore, there are built-in large windows that ensure ventilation making it ideal to be used during humid climates. Additionally, there are mesh pockets along the wall to keep your belongings safe from weather.

For someone who’s planning to go mountain climbing during the summer season, this is the perfect camping tent choice, since hailstorms and unexpected heavy rainfalls are a regular occurrence during the summer season. Also, for preppers who want to stay alert in case there’s a disruption in the city due to a blizzard, this would make a good survival kit choice.   

3. Alvantor Camping Tent Outdoor Warrior Pro Backpacking Light Weight Waterproof Family Tent

Alvantor Outdoor Warrior Pro Backpacking Lightweight Family Tent is an instant pop up shelter that only weighs 4 lbs. it’s a three-season camping tent; perfect for spring, summer, and fall. It is waterproof so would survive rain and hailstorms.

What makes it stand out?

Alvantor Camping family tent is world’s most lightweight waterproof portable tent that folds in a compact size to fit in any carrying bag by tourists, hikers or preppers. It’s easier to put together that even noobs can get it done. The best thing about it is its ability to survive rains and flooding situations. It features polyester walls and polyethylene bathtub style flooring; both of them are easier to clean and rigid enough to survive flooding disaster or heavy downpour.  The walls are supported by sturdy fiberglass poles that ensure the tent wouldn’t collapse due to heavy winds or storm conditions. The tent also features vents and windows for breezy air ventilation during the summer season and there are U-doors to keep bugs and insects outside that usually crawl in during water flooding or rainfall.

Alvantor Camping tent is perfect for families who are planning a recreational summer adventure in the woods or riverside. Preppers who like being thorough with their survival gears would appreciate adding this in their emergency survival kit in case there is a flood.

4. Teton Sports Mountain Ultra Tent

Teton Sports Mountain Ultra Tent is one-person-setup dome-shaped camping tent that’s good for 1 to 4 persons. It includes a clip-on rainfly, a built-in ventilation system and footprint to sustain in extremely windy situations.

What makes it stand out?

Teton Sports Mountain Ultra Tent is one of the most durable camping tents available in the market with the most convenient setting-up system.  The tent is built with micro-mesh walls that provide ultimate maximized ventilation. Furthermore, micro-mesh walls are water-resistant and cut down condensation build up, making it easier for you to survive outdoors during hailstorms or rains. Teton Sports Mountain Tent includes Oxford footprint which makes it durable for rugged use; you can sleep on any surface and your tent would be in top class condition. Instead of carbon-fiber, light aluminum poles are included to make sure the tent doesn’t collapse under strong winds.

It’s perfect for families looking to get something spacious for an outdoor stargazing experience and survivalists who are on the look for something sustainable to survive against harsh rocky situations.

5. MYLATECH SURVIVAL XL Emergency Tube Tent

MYLATECH Survival XL Emergency Tube Tent is designed to keep in mind emergency survival shelter situations with NASA-designed mylar thermal material that reflects 90% body heat and makes survival in extremely cold situations possible. It’s waterproof. Windproof and made to withstand outdoors all year round.

What makes it stand out?

This is an XL sized emergency tube tent that can stash two adults when the need be. It’s made to last in extreme emergency situations; portable enough to carry anywhere including hiking, hunting, boating or camping. It’s extremely versatile – this tube tent can be doubled as an emergency signaling device, as a sleeping bag liner in extremely cold weather, as a sleeping bag cover during rain and as an emergency bivy or even as a water collector.

This is a must-have item for all doomsday preppers who are looking for compact yet versatile emergency survival gears. Stash one of these in your car, bug out bags or your survival kits.

Final Verdict

So, where does it all take us? Life is unpredictable – one disruption in the surroundings can strip urbanites off of any amenities they depend on for surviving. Therefore, it’s the dire need of the hour to stay prepared anytime and anywhere for an apocalyptic situation. Camping, for one, is the best way to learn how to build a shelter and survive with bare necessities.