Budgeting to Buy a Cannon CA23

If you are currently planning to buy a gun or if you already have several in your house, then getting a gun safe is a good investment. A gun safe will allow your firearms to be protected against intruders who may try to steal them away from you or from the harsh elements found in the area that may cause several parts of the gun to corrode or rust.

There are hundreds of different gun safes that you can buy in physical stores and online shops, but there are only several that are considered the best when it comes to providing great protection for your firearms. One of the best gun safes available today is the Cannon CA23, a large gun safe where you can store up to 24 guns. Because of the quality and the size of the Cannon CA23, it is relatively more expensive than other gun safes on the market. But, with proper budgeting, you will be able to purchase the said gun safe in no time. Here are some basic tips for budgeting to buy a Cannon CA23.

What is the Cannon CA23?


Before we get into the budgeting tips, we must first talk about the features of the Cannon CA23 so that you will see why it is worth it to purchase. The Cannon CA23 is made by Cannon Safe, an American company that has been around since 1965, and the reason why that company has been running for that long is that they are dedicated to making high-quality gun safes for families and companies around the world.

The Cannon CA23 is part of the Commander Series, an already discontinued series of gun safes that is actually still available in numerous stores. This gun safe has a 24-gun capacity, which is quite a lot compared to most safes that you can buy today. Moreover, the Cannon CA23 has a commercial-grade Type 1 UL-rated electronic lock that is very secure and difficult to pry open.

In addition, the Cannon CA23 also has an internal power supply where you can charge different gadgets through two 110V outlets and one USB port. The gun safe has an RJ45 Ethernet connection as well if you want to connect a security camera or a gadget that requires an internet connection inside the safe.

If you don’t want to buy organizers, the Cannon CA23 already comes with a deluxe door organizer that is factory installed. The exterior of the gun safe is made from heavy gauge steel for strength and durability. If you want to keep the gun safe in place in any part of your home, the Cannon CA23 features a pre-drilled bottom so that you can easily bolt it onto the floor.

How to Budget for the Cannon CA23


The retail price of the Cannon CA23 for sale as of 2022 is $1,699, which is quite expensive compared to most gun safes. However, as evident in the features of the CA23, it is truly worth it for the money, especially if you own multiple firearms. However, because it is very pricey, not all of us can buy the CA23. So, we may need to do a little bit of budgeting before you can afford to purchase the gun safe. Here are some tips for budgeting to get the Cannon CA23.

Figure Out If the Gun Safe is a Want or a Need

One of the most crucial steps in budgeting is to know which items are a want or a need. The gun safe can be either of the two, but if you will buy it for safety reasons for your firearms, then it is definitely a necessity. Budgeting experts would often tell people that you should save more of your income for needs instead of wants, as needs are basically essential for living or surviving. If you think that leaving your guns without a gun safe or proper storage is a safety hazard, then you should definitely consider the gun safe as a necessity.

Follow the 50/30/20 Rule

The best budgeting style to follow, according to experts, is the 50/30/20 rule, wherein you will save or spend 50% of your income or salary on needs, 30% of it should be spent on wants, and 20% should be spent on bills and debt payments. If you are going to place the gun safe on the 50%, you would need to arrange your budget for the needs as well, such as your groceries, toiletries, and more. So, you may need to rearrange your budget and cut costs on some necessities in order for you to save money for the gun safe.

However, you also have the option of placing the budget for the gun safe on your wants so that you don’t have to cut costs on basic necessities. But, the downside of putting the safe in your wants is that you won’t have a lot of money on buying things that you want, especially if you have hobbies. But, if you really want to purchase the CA23 as quickly as possible, you may want to set your hobbies and other wants aside for just a few months.

Manage Your Budget Efficiently

Following the 50/30/20 rule sometimes isn’t enough, as you will need to keep a close eye on your personal budget so that you will know when you can buy the CA23 gun safe. It is essential that you have a Google Sheet or a Microsoft Excel file ready for your budget, as these programs will allow you to have an easier time tracking and seeing your daily, weekly, and monthly budget. You can also keep track of the cash you have saved for the CA23 on the said programs.

Those are some simple details that you should know about the Cannon CA23, as well as some tips that you can follow in order to save money for the gun safe. Don’t settle for an inferior gun safe and just try budgeting for the CA23 so that you can provide the best protection for your firearms and other important items.