Best Pool Cues

There are so many things in life that require research and deep thinking before buying. Pool cues are one of those fine things. Especially when you are a beginner in this art, every name sounds overwhelming and all products seem similar. 

Just like Roger Federer prefers a certain type of tennis racket to perform his best, pool cues are also the ultimate weapon of savvy players. Don’t get intimidated by the long search process, because you will find something great in the end. 

Here are some pointers to note when looking for pool cues to gift a loved one or get yourself started:


Many people buy pool cues according to their budget. It makes sense for starters, because you need to practice before you get to level pro. Therefore, your skill level will determine a budget for the cues. In any case, worn-out cues should never be preferred over sleek maple cues. 


A pool cue that is nicely balanced can make you feel like a professional each time you set foot inside a pool room. The cue’s balance point is typically present at its center and a few inches far from the wrap’s end. Most of the modern cues will have an ideal balance point, but don’t be shy of investing in two different cues to discover how balance points differ.  


What do you want the cue to do? Every player has their own want, so it is hard to round it off. For beginners, any straight maple cue will do. By the time you become experienced, you won’t be needing anyone’s advice on what cue to buy. 

Straight Design

A lot of people tend to hold this notion that the edges of pool cues are round. While some variants indeed come with round edges, the best pool cues are straight. Their straight design stops the cue form rolling when it’s placed in a flat position on the table. If you aren’t sure of the cue’s straightness, try holding it in your hand and make sure one of its end is towards your face. Now stare down at the shaft’s length directly and see what happens. 


This is very important for those who want to make a name in this sport. Budget and skill level play a part again in deciding this. Try to find a good cue that already comes in your preferred customization. If you can’t, you can save up and get a cue design that matches your personality. 


Don’t get a very heavy cue stick, because it affects game quality. Back-weight or forward-weighted are two preferences depending upon the height of the player. 

Now, let’s see some good deals on cue sticks in the market. 

Where to Buy
Maple Cues
Dragon Design Cues
Harley Davidson Cue
AB Earth Cues
Viking Valhalla Pool Cue


1. Maple Cues

If you are looking for Maple cues made from North American Hard Rock Maple, this set should be your choice. These cues are crafted with perfection, and polished to give a luxurious look. The built of these maple cues supports steady play. 

These are the best one-piece maple cues in this price. Be it a commercial setting or playing in the house, you can maneuver them in any way. The cues are straight and play like an arrow. The tip is polished and will last for years if cared in the right way. The weights are 18, 19, 20 and 21 and all cues are 58 inches long. 

2. Dragon Design Cues

For those who love exquisite design, the dragon design pool cues should be a great pick. These cues are intricately designed with the most beautiful Chinese New Year Dragon pattern. What’s more, the set comes in a carry case! The case is lined with felt and has metal latches. 

The cues are 58 inches long and weigh around 20 ounces. The two-piece set has brass joints for more precision. It makes a perfect gift for a lover of the game. Shipping weight may reach 8-9 pounds. 

3. Harley Davidson Cue

This pool cue is made of silver-graphite and has a metallic feel to it. It feels heavy to hold, but allows more precision during playing. The cue is 58 inches long and weight around 21 ounces. 

The black cues are printed with high definition Harley Davidson graphics. There is a non-slip wrap that allows for a sturdy grip during play. Shipping weight may reach up to 1.7 pounds. 

4. AB Earth Cues

This is a 6-piece cue set with 13 mm screw-on tips. The screw allows easy changing, but no extra tips are provided. The old school method of gluing tips is exchanged with this brilliant tip; you can change with a screwdriver or dry hands. 

All cues are straight and 57 inches in length. Weight varies from 19 to 20 pounds. Cue wood comes from fine Canadian maple that is naturally drying for 2 years. The Maple finish feels very nice when playing and you can gift some of them to a friend as well. 

5. Viking Valhalla Pool Cue

These cues are made of Canadian Maple and strike like a dream. There is a slight but crisp taper in the sticks. The tip is polished and ready to play when shipped. The tip is 13 mm and made of leather. The cue joint has a metal thread in shaft for long lasting lock. 

Valhalla gives you the opportunity to pick your custom design or choose from a variety of designs. The cues come with a lifetime warranty, even against warping or other damages. 


Getting a pool cue is just like a warrior picking up his battle sword. Enjoy the process of picking a cue stick, even if it is as a gift for someone. The products mentioned above are some of the best and ideally priced in the market. You should follow the considerations mentioned above to make a final decision.