Best Over the Glasses Goggles for Snowboarding

Having poor eyesight is one of the dilemmas of some people when it comes to doing sports activities that require wearing eye gear like snowboarding. It’s because it’s challenging to wear eyeglasses under the goggles, and it’s dangerous to not wear them at all because you need a clear vision when snowboarding to stay safe on the slopes. If you are one of the people who wear prescription glasses and are looking for a way to enjoy snowboarding, some of the solutionsare to use prescription goggles, prescription inserts, and OTG goggles.

  • Prescription Goggles

Prescription goggles still look line snowboarding goggles, but they are customized by opticians depending on the prescription you need. Prescription goggles can be expensive, and not all kinds of snowboard goggles can be customized. It depends on the frame’s curvature. But they can be worn comfortably like any ordinary snowboarding goggles. 

  • Prescription Lens Inserts

Another option you have is by using prescription lens inserts, which can be accommodated by some snowboarding goggles. These are specialized lenses that can fit well in a goggle’s frame. Most of them are lightweight and can be customized according to your prescription, just like an ordinary pair of glasses. 

  • Over the Glasses Goggles

If you’re on a budget, you can also opt for OTG or over-the-glasses snowboarding goggles. These goggles will make you feel comfortable in wearing your eyeglasses under them. It is also challenging to find the best OTG snowboarding goggles that fit perfectly. Some might say that it’s better to just wear contact lenses. However, contacts can be irritating, especially when they get dry during the winter season.

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The Best OTG Goggles for Snowboarding

If you are going on a snowboarding trip soon and is looking for the best goggles you can wear over your glasses, then here are some of the best ones we can recommend.

1. Outdoor Master OTG Snowboard Goggles

If you are looking for a simply snowboard goggles that you can wear over your glasses, then you can opt for this one by Outdoor Master. These goggles are perfect if you only charge the mountain once or twice a year. They may not have a lot of advanced features, but these goggles can still help you have a great time on the slopes.

These snowboard goggles feature dual layer lenses, flexible frame, anti-fog coating, and enough space for your glasses. These features make these goggles worth it to bring on your upcoming adventure.

2. Gonex OTG Snow Goggles

These OTG snow goggles are outfitted with a triple-layer of foam and a double-layer lens. They also feature bug-eyed goggles that have a lot of room for larger framed glasses. Both lens styles offer 21% VLT that is suitable for sunny days and as well as cloudy afternoons. Just like prescription goggles, the lens of these snow goggles is not interchangeable. But since they have spherical lenses, visual distortion is minimal.

These snowboard goggles also come in a hard carrying case so you can easily bring it with you when you travel to different winter destinations. These goggles offer good value at a very affordable price.

3. Smith Optics Showcase OTG Women’s Snow Goggles

These OTG snowboard goggles are designed especially for women or for those who have small to medium-sized faces. You can wear these goggles over your glasses comfortably without too much bulk. It features spherical carbonic-x lenses that preserve visual accuracy. It also has the TLT lens technology combined with an anti-fog inner lens that will prevent the goggles from fogging.

Aside from the carbonic-x lenses, these OTG goggles are also available in ChromaPop lenses. It also has a Quick-Fit strap adjustment system with clip buckle for a secure fit. It has a floating foam membrane that reduces the eyeglass temple pressure. It is also helmet compatible to give you a comfortable and enjoyable snowboarding experience.

4. Oakley Flight Deck Snowboard Goggles

These OTG goggles by Oakley will give you a wide field of view. It has small notches in the frame’s temples that make wearing glasses under these snowboard glasses comfortably. These goggles have a rimless design and maximum clarity. Aside from that, they also have maximum clarity and impact resistance from icy snowballs and tree branches.

You can also choose a lens with Oakley’s PRIZM™ technology so they can filter out targeted wavelengths, which will allow maximum color contrast. These OTG snowboarding goggles will surely give you 100% protection against UVA, UVB, UVC, and other harmful blue light.

5. Smith Optics I/OX Snow Goggles

These OTG snow goggles are a nice piece of equipment when it comes to snowboarding. They have lots of high-quality features, such as a 5X anti-fog lens, the TLT lens technology, and as well as a triple layer of comfortable foam. Aside from those, these goggles also have a slick frameless design that will allow powdery snow to roll off its edges.

The lens of these goggles is interchangeable. They utilize a quick-release lens change system so you can swap back and forth between the two lenses included with the goggles. These snowboard goggles offer a great field of view and lots of peripheral vision. They can also fit comfortably to almost all pairs of eyeglasses. If you are looking for stylish OTG snowboard goggles, then these are the best for you.

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6. Karsaer OTG Snowboard Goggles

These OTG snowboard goggles are suitable for both men and women. It features an adjustable stretch band that is comfortable even when you wear them with a helmet. These also have a bendable frame that will fit closely to your face to protect your eyes from strong winds, bright sunshine, and thick snowfall.

These goggles are specially designed for people who wear glasses and want to have fun in the snow. They feature extra-thick foam to reduce the pressure on the eyes under the goggles. They are also equipped with an optical grade PC outer lens and a premium CA material coat inner lens to reduce fogging. These goggles will enable you to see the terrain without distortion in any light condition while protecting your eyes from the harmful UV rays.

7. Scoteep OTG Snowboard Goggles

These snowboard goggles are designed to fit over the glasses so you can see clearly while having fun snowboarding. They also have an extra-long elastic strap for any helmet compatibility. These goggles are suitable for both men and women. They also have a dual-lens technology, and the lenses are coated with an anti-fog and anti-scratch coating.

These OTG goggles have a frame that is made from a super durable thermoplastic urethane polymer material that has a premium soft-touch anti-slip coating. For maximum comfort on your face, they also have a triple layer foam. The lenses are also shatterproof and are made of ultra-strong poly-carbonate material. It means that these goggles can hold up under the most extreme outdoor conditions.

8. Soared OTG Snowboard Goggles with Spherical Lenses

These snowboard goggles feature a super spherical wide vision frameless lens that will provide you with an unobstructed and clear view of the slopes. It has a double layer lens with REVO coating that ensures high definition vision in day and night. It also has an anti-fog coating and air channels to wick out heat and moisture.

These OTG goggles have an adjustable custom fit. It has a high-quality frame that keeps the maximum comfort fit. It is also impact resistant and flexible for arbitrary bending without deformation. It also has three layers of sponge inside to absorb shock when you fall or hit something.

9. Athletrek Ski & Snowboard Goggles

These snowboard goggles have three detachable lenses that can be easily changed out depending on your needs. One is for very sunny days, one is for overcast or cloudy days, and one is for low light conditions. The super-strong magnets allow you to change the lenses quickly and know that the lenses will stay in place.

These are anti-fog dual lenses and have anti-slip straps. They are also certified 100% UV400 Production that is optimized to prevent eye exposure to both harmful UVA and UVB radiation.

10. Rhino Valley Frameless OTG Snowboard Goggles

These OTG snowboard goggles will help protect your eyes from bright sunshine and strong winds and snow while enjoying the slopes. It features a glasses slot in the frame so you can easily put your prescription glasses in the goggles. It also has an adjustable and extra-long elastic strap that is compatible with different helmet sizes.

Both the lens and strap of these goggles are detachable, making it convenient for you to change to different colors of the lens according to different situations. These goggles can help you get clear visibility even when it’s cloudy. It also has an anti-fog function and a 6-hole design for better ventilation.

These are some of the best over-the-glasses goggles for snowboarding we can recommend. The next time you will be snowboarding, you no longer have to worry about wearing your prescription glasses to see a clearer view by usingthese OTG goggles.