Best Asian Beers for a Golf Outing

When you are on the golf outing, there are a few items you never want to run out of, but one of the most important things is a cold and refreshing beer. A delightful bottle of ice-cold beer is the most enjoyable and entertaining way to enjoy a round of golf. Whether you believe it or not, beer tastes so much better when you are playing or watching your favorite sport- golf.

You should not be surprised that golfers like following the same routine, particularly when it comes to alcohol. The majority of players will drink the same beer every single time.

Asian beers will always come out on top when it comes to beers. They are noted for their watery consistency, weak taste, and flavorless brews. Even if the alcohol content varies by brand, Asian beers will always have that particular flavor that gets most of its consumers.

But which Asian beers do most people turn to when they want to relax during a golf outing? Here are a few of Asia’s most well-known and classic beers that you should drink when you are out golfing.

Saigon Beer

Saigon Beer, Vietnam’s most successful and bestselling brand, is brewed and processed in Ho Chi Minh City and distributed across many countries worldwide.

They use barley and rice to make the Saigon Beer. This causes the golden yellow color of the beer and its thick, cream-colored froth. This beer is a one-of-a-kind lager with a citrusy flavor that people say is pleasant and refreshing to drink outside the sun or, most certainly, during your golf outing. This beer has a 4.9 percent alcohol content comparable to that of a Dutch pilsner.

Tiger Beer

Tiger, Singapore’s first locally produced beer, was released in 1932 and has since gained a reputation throughout Asia. Tiger Beer is brewed in 11 countries in Asia and enjoyed in over 75 countries throughout the world.

The amber container- the brand’s signature bottle- prevents the beer from maturing too quickly, maintaining the dry-hopped beer intense and full-bodied. Tiger is an excellent match for spicy cuisine because it is light and refreshing to consume, with only a slight aftertaste.

As among the world’s premier beer brands, Tiger Beer contains only the highest quality ingredients and goes through a rigorous brewing process that can last up to 500 hours. If you want a chill drink during your golf game, then Tiger Beer is the one for you.

Bia Huda

Vietnam is a beautiful country that produces excellent beers. One of the crowd favorites was Bia Huda in Hue, found among the midlands of Vietnam. Huda Beer is a lager drink brewed and manufactured by Hue Brewery Ltd in Hue, Vietnam.

Bia Huda is well-known for being an excellent drink. This lager has a crisp taste that matches well with the city’s chili and quite often oily cuisine, or better yet, as a great way to cool down after the whole day of playing golf under the sun.

Singha Beer

Singha is a popular Asian beer with a 6% alcohol content. The Singha beer, produced by the Boon Rawd Brewery, has a hoppy flavor and is regarded as Thailand’s finest beer. It’s a bright yellow lager perfect for consuming after being exhausted during a long day of playing golf.

The mythological lion, well-known in Hindu and Thai culture, shown on the bottle, gives Singha its name. Singha beer- best to consume cold- is a rich and refreshing drink with a 100% barley malt lager with a lively flavor and powerful hop aromas.

Singha is also available in Thailand in draught and light versions, containing 3.5 percent alcohol.

Kingfisher Premium

Kingfisher Premium was initially introduced in 1978, and it is now India’s most well-known beer brand. Ever since, the company has expanded into other fields, hosting tournaments, organizing fashion shows, and even launching its airline. “The King of Good Times,” as the company’s slogan proclaims, is undoubtedly true.

The ABV of the Kingfisher Premium is 4.8 percent. It’s flavorful and hearty, with a good grain presence, a smidgeon of harsh hop bitterness, and a perfect amount of sweetness to balance all the flavors out. The Kingfisher Premium will make an excellent beer to sip while on a golf outing.

San Miguel Pale Pilsen


San Miguel has established a respectable image in both its country of origin, the Philippines, and Hong Kong. Over time, it has also built a name for itself in other Southeast Asian nations.

San Miguel Pale Pilsner contains a 5% alcohol concentration and notes of caramel and malt. It’s slightly bitter than other Asian brews, making it ideal for mixing with oily side dishes. San Miguel Pale Pilsen is a basic, easy-to-consume, refreshing beer.

This beer is available almost everywhere in the Philippines, and it is probably available in your golf course’s clubhouse restaurant.  Red Horse is another San Miguel product, a more powerful beer with a higher ABV.


Beerlao is a favorite beer among Laotians and foreigners who have visited the country’s gorgeous countryside. Time Magazine even labeled this beer the “Best beer from Asia.”

Beerlao has a deeper, more intense, and savory flavor than typical pale ales in the market, despite the dark color from the rice used in making the beer. They create this beer using a special blend of ethically cultivated jasmine rice, premium malt, and hops from different countries.

Beerlao lager and gold contain 5% alcohol, whereas Beerlao Dark has 6.5 percent.

Angkor Beer


This beverage is Cambodia’s national brew. There are many reasons for this.  The first is that Angkor Beer is a mild, refreshing, and flavorful beer. This beer is characterized by its light bitterness, faint hops aroma, and a pleasant aftertaste. Compared to Cambodia’s other popular tap beers, Angkor beer has crisp malty notes.

This beverage is available in different sizes for an affordable price.  Angkor is a lager beer. It’s not particularly flavorful, but it’s pretty intense for a lager.


The packaging is, no doubt, one of the most remarkable things on the Lion beer. The gold beer can with the enormous lion insignia is a one-of-a-kind item.

On the other hand, the flavor isn’t actually that bad either. The beer has a slight sweetness to it and a mild fruity flavor. With an alcohol content of 4.8%, the Lion beer is quite easy to consume, which is ideal for the scorching heat of the golf course.



This German-style beer is China’s second highest-selling pilsner beer. It blends rice and hops to develop an intense and malty brew. In fact, the high-quality hops used to make this beer is exported to Europe and are present in most of the top 10 European beers.

Tsingtao has proven itself to be one of the crowd favorites in beers, both in and out of its local origin. The Tsingtao beer has a pleasing smell and a perfectly-balanced taste- excellent to drink during a golf outing with your family.