Benefits of Owning a Stack-On Waterproof Safe

There are dozens of different safes that are available for purchase today, although only a few are considered by many to be efficient and reliable when it comes to protecting firearms and other important items. One of the few brands that make the best safes in the market is Stack-On, which is a company that started more than 40 years ago and is focused on building the sturdiest and most durable safes, security cases, and gun cabinets.

Stack-On’s best-selling line is their personal fireproof and waterproof safes, which provide optimum protection for firearms, money, and other important items. If you are considering buying a Stack-On safe, here is a list of its benefits to see if owning one is truly worth it.

Affordable but High-Quality

One of the most popular reasons why a lot of people buy Stack-On safes is that they are quite affordable compared to the others available in stores. However, despite being cheaper than competitors, Stack-On safes are made with high-quality materials and construction, so you will be sure that the safes will last you a long time because of their rigidity and durability.

You can find many Stack-On safes in retail stores and online shops, although they may sometimes sell out because of how affordable they are. Because of their cheap price tag, you also have the option to buy multiple safes instead of one expensive safe so that you will have plenty of storage for firearms and other important items at home.

Made from Solid Steel


The rigidity of Stack-On waterproof safes is mainly attributed to its solid steel construction, which is quite strong and durable compared to most types of materials. In addition to being rigid, solid steel is also affordable, which is why Stack-On safes are cheaper compared to competitors in the market.

Even though solid steel is low cost, it is actually much more durable compared to more expensive materials like aluminum or carbon fiber. So, there is really no need to change the material of the Stack-On safes’ exterior just for the sake of increasing the retail price of the safes.

Has a Deluxe Interior

Besides the rugged exterior, the Stack-On waterproof safe also features a deluxe interior, which features movable dividers so that you can separate different items from each other, and it also has two adjustable shelves so that you can fully customize the height of one shelf to another.

The deluxe interior is beneficial for those that want a customized fit and look for their safe, as they would often store different kinds of items every now and then. So, if there is a firearm or an object that is too long for the shelves, an adjustable shelf would be advantageous since you can just easily move the shelf in order for the longer item to fit. 

In addition to the customizable dividers and shelves, the Stack-On waterproof safe also has a slide-out storage tray with molded compartments so that you can separate or divide smaller items into different areas of the tray. If you want a place to properly store your jewelry, the safe comes with a luxurious jewelry drawer that has multiple storage slots for dividing different types of accessories.

Resistant to Fire and Water


The main feature of the Stack-On waterproof safes is that they are resistant to fire and water. Whenever there is a house fire going on, the Stack-On can withstand up to 1400 degrees Fahrenheit of heat within 30 minutes, which is quite impressive when you compare it to other safes that are made from other materials besides solid steel.

If your neighborhood is prone to flooding, then the Stack-On waterproof safe is suitable for your home, as the safe is resistant to up to 9 inches of water. However, it can only stay underwater for 72 hours before water leaks inside the safe. But, 72 hours is still quite a long time for you to retrieve the safe and place it in a dry place or on high ground.

LED Lights

Safes can sometimes be too dark for you to see where you place specific items inside. So, in order to remedy this common problem, Stack-On added two built-in LED lights so that the interior of the waterproof safes is properly illuminated. The LED lights are also helpful if you don’t want to accidentally break something if they fall out of their shelves or dividers. Moreover, the LED lights are also motion-sensitive, so they will automatically turn on when the safe’s door is opened.

When the LED lights are already low in power or energy, the Stack-On waterproof safe has a low battery indicator that would tell you immediately when the batteries need replacements. So, regularly change the batteries of the LED lights to keep the safe illuminated whenever you open it.

Electronic Lock with Backup Key

One of the best features of the Stack-On waterproof safe is its electronic lock, where you can set a combination of three to eight digits to properly lock the safe. The electronic lock is also installed firmly on the safe’s door, so it won’t be easy to pry out in case a thief tries to steal the contents of the safe.

In case of an emergency that you need a friend or a family member to open the safe, you can hand them the backup key that will allow a person to open the safe faster instead of inputting the combination on the electronic lock. However, the key should only serve as a last resort, so you should create a combination for the lock if you plan on buying the Stack-On waterproof safe to ensure that it won’t easily be opened by anyone besides you.

So, there are just some of the main benefits of owning the Stack-On waterproof safe. The waterproof safes that Stack-On produces and sells come in different sizes, so you may want to look at the dimensions of each size to know which one will fit in your bedroom or in other places in the house.