A Guide to Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-800

Southwest Airlines is one of the biggest American airline companies based out of Dallas, Texas. It is also known as the most budget-friendly airline with the best and lowest flying rates. The airline was initially established by Herb Kelleher and Rollin King with the name “Air South West Co.” The name was later changed and is now known for its current name, “Southwest Airlines Co.,” adopted in 1971. 

Southwest Airlines have been one of Boeing jetliners’ biggest users and is now the largest owner of Boeing 737-800 jets and other jetliners. They’ve been operating with Boeing jets since the early ’70s, flying only within Texas, where it was founded. 

Southwest Airlines is one of the most family-friendly ones that offer many benefits that other airlines don’t. They offer services like two-three checked bags per person, making it comfortable for them to sit with their children without paying extra fees when having a first-class status, a particular credit card, or a booking in advance.

History of Boeing 737-800

The Boeing 737-800 was first introduced on September 5, 1994. It has 162 passenger seats in a two-class layout and 189 passengers in a one-class format. It is an extended version of the previous model, 737-700.  

Sales of Boeing 737-800 

Ever since its debut in 1994, its sales have gone up rapidly. The total recorded orders have been 4,991, out of which 4,989 were successfully delivered with two unfilled orders. 


1. A318 – B738 Switzerland in 2009

An Airbus A318, operated by AirFrance, was coming to Paris from Belgium when it came into contact with a Boeing B737-800 of Ryan Air. The RyanAir plane craft was on its way to the UK from Italy. The matter was resolved with proper preventive measures without any injuries to anyone. 

2. B738 – Jamaica in 2009

A Boeing airplane B738 used by American Airlines got into an accident due to heavy rain and wind. The landing process took longer than expected and overran the end of the runway with great speed. The plane was totaled, and 14 of the passengers attained severe injuries, but no fatalities occurred. The whole mess was blamed on the negligence of the crew with severe damage to the aircraft.  

3. A320 – B738 UAE in 2012

An Airbus A320 and a Boeing B738 came into close contact while following the same frequency and instructions in 2012. The issue was blamed on the negligence of the STCA department. They were in charge of providing an alert to prevent airplanes from getting too close and avoiding collisions. Thankfully a collision was avoided, and nobody got hurt. 

Specifications of Boeing 737-800

  • Cost

The average cost of Boeing 737-800 is estimated at around 106.1 million dollars (source). 

  • Passenger Seats

The Boeing 737-800 has 162 seats and a maximum of 189 for passengers with two classes. The plane’s seats are well cushioned and traditional without having any monitors in economy class. They have specially designed headrests which are very comfortable. 

  • Range Nautical Mile

It can travel to about a range of 3,115 nautical miles, which is about 5,765 km per trip (source).

  • Length

The length of this model is 39.5 meters or 129 feet 6 inches.

  • Wingspan

The length of its wings is 35.8 m or 117 feet 5 inches from one wingtip to another.

  • Height

The height of Boeing 737-800 is 12.5 meters or 41 feet 3 inches.

  • Engine

The Boeing 737-800 contains dual turbofan CFM56 engines manufactured by CFM. 

  • Maximum Weight Capacity

Its maximum take-off weight is about 155,500 lbs. (source). 

  • Fuel Capacity

The Boeing 737-800 can store 26,020 liters of fuel, about 6,875 US gallons (source). 

Major News Regarding Boeing 737-800

Fly Dubai Allocates Six New Planes

Fly Dubai revealed that they allocated six new Boeing 737-800s in April of 2020 for relief work owing to the coronavirus pandemic. They were used to aid the Middle East and surrounding countries to distribute food, medicine, and other necessities. 

A Boeing Airplane Crash in Ukraine

On January 8, 2020, A Boeing airplane crashed in Ukraine coming from Iran. There were 176 people on board, all of whom were killed. Investigation revealed that it was hit by Ukraine’s ballistic missile, which was fired without official approval.

Things to Know Before Traveling on Southwest Airlines

1. Boarding Process

Southwest Airlines starts with the boarding process 30 minutes before a scheduled flight for departure. The similarities end there because Southwest Airlines’ boarding process is different from the rest of the airlines. 

They include an “open boarding” policy for the economy class, meaning that you can sit anywhere you want; front, back, or in the middle. The airline doesn’t have any assigned seats, not even at the front of the plane. You can get seats on the airline on a first-come, first-serve basis.

2. Safety Precautions

Nowadays, it is essential to stay away from other passengers. If you are a group of three or multiple of three, you should take the entire row as all Southwest seat arrangements are three by three in a row. That ensures that no one is sitting next to you. 

3. Getting Your Hands on the Best Seats

If you are new to Southwest Airlines, you may wonder how to get the airline’s best seat. Here are some tactics that you can follow to get the best seats:

  • Make sure to check-in early.
  • Have a first-class ticket.
  • Buy early bird check-in, upgraded boarding, or a business class ticket.
  • Book the first flight of the day.

Hence the best way to get a seat of your choice is to board as fast as possible without having a Group A boarding pass. And if you are someone who doesn’t fall in the number’s category, you should pick a window seat. 

This seat will give you enough privacy and ensure that no one is climbing over you to get in or out of your seat. You will also not have any cabin crew or other passengers bothering you by walking up and down.

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Boeing 737-800 – A Widely Used Boeing Airplane

Boeing 737-800 is one of Boeing’s most commercially successful planes after 737-700. It is a little larger than its predecessor and has been bought by airlines worldwide for its maximum weight storage and the ability to transport many people. Southwest Airlines have made full use of the Boeing 737-800 and put it in use in their daily operations, just like they’ve had in the past with previous models of the Boeing jetliners.