7 Items Under $5 That Are Essential For Bugging Out and Survival

You need to be prepared if you want to survive during an emergency. However, you don’t have to spend a ton on supplies for bugging out or simply making your life easier for the days in which you’re bugging out.

Below we’ve listed 7 survival and bug out items that will be essential to your survival and all of them are at or under $5.

1. Fire Starters

There are many ways to create an effective fire starter but my favorite is stuffing dryer lint inside of wax paper. Twist the ends of the wax paper and voila, you have a light-weight, easy to pack fire starter.

2. Tea Tree Oil

This is a must-have for your bug out bag as tea tree oil can soothe sore muscles, clean wounds and even effectively repel insects. You can easily find a bottle of tea tree oil for under $5 at most department stores.

Hand warmer packs3. Hand Warmer Packets

These little gems can be purchased at the dollar store and will not only keep your hands and feet warm but can double as a heating pad to soothe those aching muscles.

4. Portable Gun Cleaning Kit

In order to keep your gun working properly, you need to clean it. You can easily purchase the cleaning solvent and some cotton packs. Even though many kits run more than $10, we found several sales online with the basics for gun cleaning for $5.

5. Flashlights

It is always smart to bring more than one flashlight as they are easy to lose or break. You won’t get the highest quality flashlight but your local Dollar Store (if you live in the U.S.) will have decent lights to get you home.

6. Pool Floats

A cheap, inflatable inner-tube will come in handy when you need to cross a body of water to get to safety. Again, the Dollar Store or similar place can sell these from $1 to $5 for the basic round donut floats. This is really all you need to get across most small rivers or large creeks.

7. Small Sewing Kit

These kits can also be purchased at a Dollar Store and will come in handy for repairing holes in socks, hats, shirts, etc. They can also be used to stitch wounds if there was an accident requiring stitches.

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Here are some of the essential products for bugging out and survival we can recommend. All of the following items are under $5.

Fire Starters

1. Waterproof Fire Starter

This is a sports wristband fire starter gear kit that is used for outdoor survival. It is compact and very easy to carry and to use as well. You just need to scrape the protective paint of the magnesium bar to create fire.

2. Survival Magnesium Flint Stone Fire Starter

This fire starter produces a high-heat spark easily which you can use to ignite paper, dry grass, or bark. It is lightweight and safe to use anytime, anywhere, and in any condition including moist weather. It is also very durable, in fact, you can use it for more than a thousand times.

3. Survival Fire Starter Keychain

This is a mini fire starter that is waterproof, lightweight, and easy to carry. In fact, you can also use it as a keychain. It comes in different colors as well such as blue, red, yellow, and black. It can also be a great gift for outdoor enthusiasts.

Tea Tree Oil

4. Lagunamoon Tea Tree Essential Oil

This tea tree essential oil can help in giving you healthy digestion and it can also support muscles and joints and can repel insects as well. This product does not contain any additives, fillers, or bases. It is a 100 percent pure therapeutic grade essential oil. It can be used as a vaporizer, aromatherapy, diffusion, oil burner, and even as a perfume.

5. Difeel Mega Tea Tree Oil

This tea tree oil can be used on different skin types and can effectively repel insects as well. Aside from that, it can also be used on hair to eliminate itching and dandruff and to prevent hair loss as well.

Hand Warmers

6. Grabber Hand Warmers

These are non-toxic, odorless heat sources that use all natural ingredients. They are air-activated for an instant heat source. They are also very easy to use. You just have to simply open the outer package and expose it to the air. It is also pre-mixed, meaning, there’s no need to shake it.

7. Hot Hands Hand Warmer

This hand warmer can provide up to 18 hours of warmth. It is air-activated and is environmentally safe and a must-have for any outdoor trip. It provides two portable heat sacks which are compact and easy to use as well.

Portable Gun Cleaning Kit

8. Ameesi Pocket Size Pistol Cleaning Kit

This gun cleaning kit includes a plastic tube, a rotating rod, a rolled cloth, a wool brush, a bristle brush, and a brass brush. It will help you remove rush and clean corroded surfaces. It is also great for cleaning smaller surfaces without messy abrasive blasting.


9. Lepro LED Tactical Flashlight

This is a 300 lumens mini LED flashlight that is waterproof and durable. It is skid-proof, abrasion resistant, and super bright. It is a helpful tool in case of power outages. It is equipped with five lighting modes: flash modes, SOS, low, medium, and high. It is great for general household use as well as during outdoor activities, emergencies, power cut off, and search and rescue operations.  

10. Dorcy LED Glow Flashlight

This flashlight contains super bright 5-millimeter LED bulbs that can give out an intense beam of light. It also glows in the dark for added visibility and comes with a nylon wrist lanyard for easy transporting.

11. Magic Tactical LED Flashlight

This is an ultra-bright and waterproof flashlight that is compact but durable. In fact, it is small enough to fit in your pocket. It also has a comfortable hand rope so you can easily carry it anywhere. It is great for outdoor activities and for emergencies as well.

Pool Floats

12. Extra Long Deluxe Pool Noodle Floats

These pool noodle floats are great for both children and adults and they will surely keep you safe in the pool while having fun. They are also great for emergencies if ever you will need to cross a body of water. All of these noodle floats are non-toxic, lightweight, and portable.

Small Sewing Kits

13. Singer Small Travel Sewing Kit

This is a small and portable sewing kit that is perfect to bring when you travel or even to use at home for quick and simple repairs. It includes 26 different colored threads, a thimble, 3 hand needles, and a foam pin cushion. It is a compact and lightweight sewing kit that is very easy to store.

14. Portable Household Sewing Kit

This portable sewing kit will definitely help you for those quick on the go repairs such as missing buttons, ripped seams, or for a quick hem. It is the perfect sewing kit for beginners and as well as for those who love to travel.

These are some of the essential items for bugging out and survival which you can get for less than five dollars. We hope the products we shared will help you in becoming prepared for emergencies and disasters.