5 Best Victorinox Rescue Tools

Victorinox Rescue Tools

As the name suggests, the Victorinox Rescue Tool is a perfect rescue tool. This rescue tool took five years to be developed, and it was designed with the help of the emergency medical and rescue services. This pocket tool consists of all the tools that will help a person in an emergency. All the tools placed in this rescue tool have been tested and tends to open within a second. All the tools are perfect to be used by both hands. The look of this rescue tool is quite attractive, and it has been blended with a special grip for the users. The sizes of these tools are enough to fit in your pocket.
Now let us have a look at the different models of the rescue tools.

Top 5 Victorinox Rescue Tools

Where to Buy
Victorinox Swiss Army Knife RescueTool Yellow Rescue Tool
Victorinox One-Hand Trekker German Army
Swiss Army Rescue Tool Yellow
Victorinox Rescue Tool Swiss Army Knife
Victorinox Rescue Tool with Pouch

1. Victorinox Swiss Army Knife RescueTool Yellow Rescue Tool

Manufactured under the supervision of the emergency medical and rescue services, this knife is a perfect rescue tool. It contains all the necessary tool required that can be used in an emergency case or to free a person while rescuing him/her. The design of this knife is quite compact. Although it contains some tools, the size of this knife is small enough to fit in your pocket. The tools included in this knife are properly tested and tried. Special attention has been given to the rescue tools like the window breaker and the disc saw.

The tools that are included in this Victorinox Pocket Knife rescue tools are:

  • A reamer.
  • A pair of a screwdriver.
  • A toothpick.
  • Round seatbelt cutter.
  • A window breaker tool.
  • A disc saw for cutting glass.

2. Victorinox One-Hand Trekker German Army

Another product from the well-known company the Victorinox German Army knife is a perfect addition to the list of rescue tools. This knife is compact in design. It is versatile I nature and is a perfect tool for camping and hiking outside. It can easily be used in one hand. All these knives are made in Switzerland and are of best quality. The size of this knife is a bit long when compared to the size of the pocket knives. The tools that are included in the knife are a pair of a screwdriver, blades with locking system, a glass breaker, a seat belt cutter, and many more tools are included. The most important feature of this knife is that it comes with a grip that shines. This helps you to find your knife easily when it falls in the dust or water. All these features are enough to make it a perfect tool to have in your armory.

3. Swiss Army Rescue Tool Yellow

The customers need to have been changing, and there has been a decent change in technology also. To meet all these changes the Victorinox Company has made changes to the Swiss Army knives. Although there have been changes made in the knife, the tools that are useful are still present in this knife.  There has been an addition in the number of tools, and some more essential tools have been added to the tools list. To make it useful during emergency situations tools like the window breaker, the disc saw for cutting glasses, and the seatbelt cutter has been added to the list. Rest of the tool list is same as of the old one. These tools are screwdrivers, blades, a wire stripper, a toothpick, a key ring, a handle that glows and some other tools. This knife comes with a belt case to fit in your belt and make it easy to carry.

4. Victorinox Rescue Tool Swiss Army Knife

This tool won the precious prize of the best knife for the year 2007. This is another tool that has been developed with the help of rescue and safety services. This tool is designed in such a way that it opens quickly and can be used instantly. This tool includes some tools that can be used in emergency situations like rescuing someone from an accident or other rescuing operations. It has a round seat belt cutter that can easily cut your seat belt. The other tools that are included are a glass breaker, a pair of blades with a locking system, handles that can glow, a pair of a screwdriver which has a crate opener and a can opener attached, a toothpick, and many more. A nylon belt case is provided with this knife, and a key ring is also there so that you can carry it along with you.

5. Victorinox Rescue Tool with Pouch

This is a perfect rescue tool that has been developed with the help of rescue services. It is a multi-tool which contains some tools for daily and emergency use. This tool is a perfect tool when you think of camping or hiking outside. This knife is also manufactured in Switzerland. The tools included in this knife have been tested for strength and durability. The design is quite compact, and it is a reliable knife. The tools included in this knife are;

  • Round seat belt cutter.
  • A window breaker.
  • A saw of disc shape to cut through glasses.
  • Blades with locking system.
  • Screwdrivers that are long and made strong.
  • A wire stripper with a crimping tool.
  • A crate opener.
  • Tweezers
  • A toothpick.
  • A key ring is also included.
  • The most important of all, it comes with a lifetime warranty.

Special Features that make it a rescue tool:

Let us have a look at some of the features that prove that this is a rescue tool;

  • The quality of this knife is excellent.
  • Some of the parts included can be replaced.
  • It has a handle that glows.
  • It comes with a belt case that is bright in color.
  • It can be easily opened by using one hand.
  • It contains a blade that has a locking system.
  • A seatbelt cutter is included.
  • It has a saw of disc shape which can be used to get through glasses that are shatterproof.
  • Other tools like the screwdrivers, wire strippers, blades, etc. which can be used in an emergency.


How to Buy the Best Rescue Tools?

Victorinox-Rescue-ToolsThe manufacturer of this rescue tool the Victorinox Company is a well-known company. This company is known for the quality products they manufacture. The Victorinox Rescue Tool is another such product of high-quality and great use. Every tool that is included in this knife is of high-quality and even the parts you will get as a replacement is also high-quality. The Victorinox knives have one thing in common between them is the logo of the company that is present on the upper body of the knife. To get the best rescue tools, prefer buying it from a well-known seller, or you can buy it directly from the manufacturer. Some online shopping sites like the Amazon or eBay also sell this product. So, you can buy it from them.

How Can Rescue Tools Be Useful?

As the name suggests, this knife from the Victorinox is a perfect rescue tool. This knife is a perfectly manufactured tool which can be used during emergency situations. This knife is designed in such a way that it can easily fit your belt and can be carried along with you. This tool can be of great benefit while camping or hiking as it contains some useful tools. In the case of an accident, these tools are designed to remove the person inside the vehicle from their seats. For this purpose, this tool has a seatbelt cutter. This tool contains a window breaker tool also. This rescue tool has some tools that can be used in emergency situations. All these tools combined make it a useful tool to have.

Bottom Line

Victorinox Rescue Tool is a great knife which contains a lot of special features. The most important feature of this knife is its versatile nature. This knife can be used a pocket knife and as well as a knife for rescue purpose. It comes with a special pouch that makes it easier to carry and easily fits in your belt. This knife contains some blades for a different purpose. The opening of this knife is quite simple as it is based on the thumb hole opening system. The seatbelt cutter provided is excellent in use and can cut easily. This knife is so simple in design that you will be able to open it by using one hand. Overall, it is a perfect knife and a rescue tool.