5 Best Farriers Formula Reviews

Farriers Formula

Horse riding and having different horses in a stable has been one of the oldest humans attributes and this continues till today. There are so many things to consider while you are having horses and out of so many the splitting hooves is the biggest problem and probably the most painful too. In order to get rid of this issue there are many products out there made up of different ingredients to strengthen the connecting tissues of the horse and in a result to get better hooves.

The amount of the feed varies horse to horse because it actually depends on the body weight. There is one thing which you must know that you won’t get the results within weeks but you should be really patient for almost 6 or 7 months to get the desired results. Here right now you are going to read some of the best farriers formulae for your horse so keep reading.

5 of the Best Farriers Formula

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Farriers Formula Double Strength
Farriers Formula Double Strength - 11 Pound
Farrier's Formula-11 lb Bucket for Horses


1. Farriers Formula Double Strength


The Farriers Formula Double strength is one of the products highly recommended by the veterinary doctors and used by most of the professionals as well. This product has been made to give your horse relief from splitting the hooves. The price of this formula is not that much high and given the benefits, you get it is justified. It contains 11lbs in one bag and the reviews by the customers are just amazing. There is one thing you must know that measuring cup is not provided in this so you will have to ask your veterinary to do this job for you.

This product is really good for the horses suffering from the problem of shoes with them. Of course, it takes time and according to the reviews given by the customers, 6 or 7 months are required to completely address the problem. You will just have to add this product to the daily feed of the horse and the result will be clear within a few days.



This one is the Farriers Formula Refill Bag which contains 11lbs in a bag. This farriers formula makes sure that your horse gets enough nutritional ingredients in order to build its connecting tissues. Another great area of improvement is seen by using this product is hooves, because this formula gives the real strength to the cross-links in horse hooves. The amount of zinc is added in this formula to make sure that your horse does not get any sort of defective keratin and gives the tough skin.

You will have to add 1 scoop (around 6oz) in the feed, this amount may vary according to the horse and should be used as recommended by your veterinary. With one bag you should be able to get a complete feed of 30 days for one horse. The reviews of the customers on this product are great as they have seen the real impact on their horse within short interval of time.

3. Farriers Formula Double Strength – 11 Pound


This is another efficient Farriers Formula Double Strength which gives your horse the required strength in certain areas and provides the best results within short span of time. The price of this product is not that much high and one bag contains around 11lbs. the ingredients included in this formula are dehydrated alfalfa meal, soy protein concentrate, lecithin, yeast culture dehydrated and not to forget ascorbic acid and the zinc oxide in it.

The great advantage of this formula is that it contains the greater amount of ingredients as compared to other farriers formula. There is one rough measurement of how much amount of this product you need to give to your horse; this goes something like on each 450 Kg of body weight there goes 85g of this formula. The results will be seen after months of use and then the feed can be decreased to one half.

4. Farrier’s Formula-11 lb Bucket for Horses


Out of so many farriers formula, this one is truly one of the best out there to provide your horse the required strength. The Farriers formula 11lbs bucket for horses is available at a reasonable price and the results take some time but it is quite visible. The great thing about this formula is that it has been made after striving too much as it has taken almost 30 years to come up with this formula.

In order to solve the hoof issues in horse, study has shown that single ingredient is not sufficient enough to address this problem so there should be more than one ingredient in the formula. Based on this fact the list of the ingredients contained by this formula is quite long; ingredients like copper, zinc, biotin with Dl-methionine all together make sure that your horse gets strong hooves. You should use 170g for 1000lbs of body weight and this amount will give you the required results within months.



The farrier’s formula Refill Bag which contains 11lbs and this is the product of Life data labs. The price of this farriers formula is somewhat higher but it offers something extra in return. This farriers formula contains the necessary ingredients required to maintain the hooves of the horse and provide strength to the connecting tissues. You will just need to mix this farriers formula in the regular feed of the horse and the amount should be decided on the basis of body weight (better if recommended by the veterinary doctor).

You will have to wait for months to see the results and then your horse will get rid of the splitting up of hooves and other skin issues. The great thing about this farriers formula is that it does not contain anything which could be harmful to your horse so you don’t need to worry about this. Given the efficiency, this is highly recommended for your horse.


The use of this product is really simple and you just need to have a measuring cup to mix it with the regular feed. Price is not that much high and the results are quite healthy.