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Be it Pablo Picasso’s avant-garde politically doused masterpieces or Van Gogh’s self-portraits, commentaries on mental health, art has been a centerpiece of society. Art is a sector that is somewhat of an equalizer, bringing varied people together, all to be in awe of the same thing

This is why you’ll find a museum in every nook and corner of the world, each celebrating a preferred artist or documenting a particular movement. Now, even a plethora of art galleries is scattered around the world to celebrate art and further increase its accessibility to people.

With a shift of things towards digitalization, art galleries are tapping into the online marketplace to reach more art aficionados. One such gallery making the smart shift is the 1st Art Gallery, renowned for its divine reproductions and art fervor.

About 1st Art Gallery

1st Art Gallery is the largest online supplier of made-to-order oil paintings worldwide. This online art gallery fulfills the art needs of over 30,000+ enthusiasts sitting around a wide base of around 120 countries.

1st Art Gallery further boasts of an esteemed clientele including the Royal Family, enormous hotel chains, luxury cruise liners, interior design firms, and even Hollywood production houses. Moreover, it guarantees 100% satisfaction and a lifetime guarantee to its customers.

What makes their works stand out is the precision of the artistic, expert hands that stain the canvas and a standardized quality check system to ensure premium masterpieces. Further, a prompt delivery service delivers happiness as early as possible and exceptional customer service that caters to any modifications if required and all queries.

What Does the 1st Art Gallery Have To Offer?

1st Art Gallery is not just your run-of-the-mill artwork supplier but is also happy to transcend your digital memories into art. A handmade portrait service running since 2002 has turned a thousand digital photographs into made-to-order oil portraits to commemorate special occasions of your life.

Moreover, to add a playful spin to gifts 1st art gallery has come up with a fun idea to paint you up as royalty. The online gallery will turn any hilarious photo of you, your pet, or your friends into handmade royal portraits with vintage details and quirky elements.

Lastly, the database of this online gallery includes all famed artists from Da Vinci, Rembrandt to Vincent Van Gogh and Claude Monet. All these exceptional artworks can be reproduced into on-canvas oil paintings by the stellar team of experienced artists who will make sure to capture all nuances. Let’s learn more about how to choose from the wide variety of artworks offered.

How To Choose An Artwork for Reproduction?

How To Choose An Artwork for Reproduction?

1st art gallery understands that all their customers may not be art historians and experts but also novices with a burning interest. So, keeping that in mind, the art pieces have been bifurcated according to varied categories. From here, you can nitpick your preferred artist, art movement, era, or even from museum collections.

Suppose you want to emblazon your room with pop culture-influenced paintings so you can just go to categories and select pop art. If you are a music buff, this Beatles artwork will be your go-to as it captures an iconic moment of all band members walking around in panache. The clever shadow work and the classic color palette further elevates the beauty and charm of it.

The gallery has a separate section if your mind bents towards a specific art movement, say Impressionism. From this category, you can go for paintings like Irises in Monet’s Garden by the extraordinaire Claude Oscar Monet. Not only does this artwork exhibit the trademark Impressionist thin yet visible brushstrokes but also exerts a soothing color palette, perfect for room decor.

Similarly, you can scrounge from the esteemed Impressionist works of Renoir, Manet, Sargent, Degas, Pisaro, and more. You can even glance individually at their separate works by clicking on the respective artist’s section and so on.

A Glance at Previously-made Samples

A Glance at Previously-made Samples

Since we are now in an age of smart consumers, this online art gallery proudly displays all their previous work in the section called ‘Samples.’ This category will present to you a list of custom orders of former clients including personal and pet portraits and how it was brought to life. Similarly, artist samples are also displayed, bifurcated by the names with a comparison drawn between the reproduction and the original to open it up for any scrutiny or analysis.

Read through client testimonials

1st art gallery enables a channel of trust and transparency with client testimonials on the portal. A plethora of written and video testimonials of former customers will pop up from where you can extract the level of professionalism and love with which the paintings are crafted.

The Bottom Line

1st Art Gallery, being the world’s largest art-supplier holds the responsibility to extend stupendous reproductions https://www.1st-art-gallery.com/ that captures both the emotions and techniques of the birth artist. Its purpose is to let you have a piece of history, culture, and life of a celebrated artist, gracing your walls and homes.