Guide to Picking a Fun Robot Gift

Robotics is a unique and fun gift that allows you to introduce children and adults to the complex programming world in a fun and interactive way. Many benefits can be gained from owning a robot and learning about it. If you gift it to a child, you will be able to introduce them to a new world they may take a liking to and want to explore further. For adults, it may be a practical gift or one that brings them enjoyment and pleasure. 

There are many kinds of robots, and choosing the perfect one can be tricky. One of the most significant factors that you should consider is the recipient. If you plan on gifting a robot to a child, it will be pretty different from the one you would give an adult. To pick the perfect robot as a gift, you must know all the intricacies.

What Are the 5 Major Fields of Robotics?

As the field of robotics grows increasingly sophisticated, they have been divided into five major fields. These include operator interface, mobility or locomotion, manipulators and effectors, programming and sensing, and perception. When searching for robotic gifts, you must know about all 5 major fields so that you can get an appropriate gift.

Operator Interface

Operator interface robots are the medium allowing humans to interact with the robot. More specifically, it is a medium that will enable you to give pre-programmed commands to the robot so that it can execute them. One example is a gaming controller. It is a Human-Robot Interface that allows you to issue a set of commands to the robot, which it will then execute in the game you are playing. 

Operator interfaces are extremely easy to use and allow you to communicate effectively with the robot. This allows the robot to execute all the tasks accurately and efficiently. 

Mobility or Locomotion

To complete a task, it is imperative for robots to be able to move; this movement is called locomotion. This mobility is achieved in robots in various ways. Some robots mimic human movement and work in assembly lines, some clean windows, while others can fly and work as drones. Robots capable of mobility or locomotion are widely used around the world. They are also used in outer space as the rovers deployed on Mars have wheels that allow them to move across the planet’s surface.

Manipulators & Effectors

Another vital function of robots is their ability to interact with the environment. Robots capable of manipulating can pick up items or use human-like appendages and digits. These work like human hands and allow them to complete any given task. These robots are mainly used in industrial settings and can move heavy pieces. 


Programming is the language that you use to communicate with robots. They are commands that you provide the robot with to perform a series of tasks in a particular sequence. Robots are designed to carry out thousands of tasks in various programming languages. So, to command a robot, you would need to be proficient in that language. 

Sensing & Perception

Robots that gather information have sensors that allow them to calculate various measurements around them. With advancements in technology, you can even program them to collect data around them and then react in a certain way. For the robot to accurately perceive the readings, the right sensors must be selected to ensure that the robot makes the correct decisions. 

Why Is a Robot a Fun Gift

If you are looking for an educational gift, robots are an excellent idea because many benefits can be gained. Not only are robots fun, but they are also highly beneficial in many different ways. If you give robots as a present to a child, here are all the benefits. 

An Introduction to Programming

Since children tend to be curious, getting something challenging and new can be an entertaining way to pique their interest in robotics. They might be intrigued by it and want to learn more. Robotics includes a lot of programming. So getting something that gives kids a foundational understanding of programming can be highly beneficial for the future when they learn more complicated functions. Some examples include Sphero Mini (Blue) App-Enabled Programmable Robot Ball – STEM Educational Toy and the Makeblock mBot Ultimate 10-in-1 Coding Robot Building Kit. These sets allow you to introduce the gifter to programming in a way that is easily digestible. They are easy to use and also fun, which can be a good introduction to the field. 

It is an Excellent Skill for Future Career Development

Programming, and IT skills have become an integral part of every organization. With companies switching to IT-based systems, workers are needed to understand the complex work of programming, robotics, and computers. By introducing your child to robotics and hence to programming, you can give them an excellent chance to explore a field and find their footing in it. 

It Teaches Problem-Solving Skills

Operating robots and even playing with them requires patience and courage, as those unfamiliar with them can make many mistakes in the beginning. By continuing to pursue it, they will be presented with an ideal environment where they can learn how to handle making mistakes and work through them.

For kids, robotic sets are pretty basic. However, it still teaches them to follow basic instructions and even try something new when the opportunity arises. They will learn how to fail and how to fix the errors they have made. 

It Encourages Creativity and Curiosity.

Other than developing problem-solving skills, through robots, a person can also stimulate their minds and be creative. A robot kit can be a fun learning experience for adults and children alike. Since it requires you to use your creative muscles, you are more likely to show curiosity and explore different avenues within robotics. 

Two Kinds of Robots To Gift 

When purchasing a robot as a gift, it is extremely important that you decide whether you want the robot to be a learning experience for them or a fun item to play with. In addition, you should also consider the recipient of the gift. You can find different kinds of robots depending on their hobbies, age, field, and interests. There are two different kinds of robots that you can gift them. Either you can get a fun robot or an educational one. 

Type of Robot  Purpose
Fun Robots Fun robots are meant to entertain a person, and their primary purpose is to be a source of enjoyment or companionship. These robots often dance, sing, take commands, or even imitate. They are excellent for teens and kids as they can be a fun introduction to the field of robotics, technology, and programming.
Educational Robots Educational robots are perfect for those who want to learn about robotics or are interested in joining the field. These robots can include mechanics, hydraulics, coding, physics, and even statistics. You can gift educational robots to teens, kids, and even adults. 

Features To Look Out for Robotic Gifts

If you are looking for a gift for someone, you may consider getting them a robot since they can be a lot of fun and educational. Before purchasing a robot or a robotic gift, it is extremely important to consider the person you are buying it for. Since it is important that they like it, ensure that you choose one that may interest them. You should also look for other vital factors, such as the ones listed below. 

Enjoyment Factor

A robot gift is only good if it provides the recipient with enjoyment or convenience. Since it is a gift, you must purchase something that aligns with the recipient’s likes and dislikes. Robots like the ELEGOO Tumbler Self-Balancing Robot Car Kit and the UBTECH Alpha 1 Pro Humanoid Robot are extremely fun robotic gifts as they have different features and functions that allow you to assemble and then play with them.


The design of the robot is an essential factor to consider when purchasing a robot gift. This refers to the external look of the robot as well as the internal operations. The robot must have good performance so that it can perform all its tasks efficiently. The signs of a well-designed robot are that it looks good, feels high quality, and is easy to use. It is imperative for your robot to look good on the outside because it suggests that it is made of high-quality material that is held together strongly. 

Additionally, some people have them on display, which is why they must be designed well and look aesthetically pleasing. 


When purchasing a robot as a gift, you must choose an efficient one. Since all robots are designed and created to operate at their maximum capacity and capability, they must function well. If the robot you intend to purchase does not perform well or is slow in the task, it is best to avoid it. Not only will it be a source of frustration, but it may also hinder the user. Inefficient robots also deter new users from the robotics and technology field. 


Robots tend to be expensive, but some may be worth the money if you consider their performance. When purchasing a robot as a gift, you must consider your budget. You should also take into consideration other factors. It may be worth the money if it is made using high-quality material, is versatile, and provides a good learning experience. It is also a good practice to compare the prices of similar robots to ensure that it is not overpriced. 


The material that the robot is made of is the primary determinant of its longevity and overall quality. As a rule of thumb, robots made using metallic alloys are stronger and more durable than those made with acrylic or plastic. These tend to be much more fragile and can break if dropped. If you are giving a robot to a kid, ensure it is made using metal, as most kids tend to drop things. It is best to think of the receiver and give them something that has longevity so that it can be appreciated for longer. 

Ease of Use

Robots are designed to be intuitive and easy to use. If you are getting a robot meant for fun and enjoyment, ensure that it is easy to use and does not have a learning curve, as it can be annoying. If the robot is educational, you can get something more challenging, but you must avoid purchasing something overly complex. Not only do simple robots help in learning, but they are also quite encouraging for those new in the field. 


When purchasing a gift, you should ideally purchase one that can be used repeatedly for different purposes. Reusability is a common feature in model-building kits like robot kits. The accessories are often designed to be used in multiple ways. Reusable kits are highly beneficial as they allow you to use the pieces creatively and make something that you are interested in and which challenges you too. Some robots are also designed to be domestic helpers, so they must be able to multi-task to be a good addition. If you want to purchase robotic kits, Bot Tank Drives are extremely fun and they allow you to be creative and reuse the parts to make different tanks that you can play with. 

Learning Factor

When purchasing a robot as an educational gift, it is essential that it is designed to aid learning. The robot should add something new to the recipient’s knowledge and allow them to gain an understanding of robotics and technology. Such gifts are greatly appreciated, and they are particularly useful for children as it helps develop critical skills which may be helpful in the long run. 


1. What are the main parts of robots?

Robots usually have five main parts. These include the end effector, the robot arm, the actuator, the sensor, and the controller. The end effector is the tool attached to the robot’s arm. The robot’s arm consists of links and joints, allowing it to move and fulfill its intended tasks. The actuator is a device that causes the motion of the end-effectors and the robot’s arms. 

2. Is it a good idea to give a robot to a child?

If you plan to gift a robot to a child, ensure that you choose an educational robot. These mostly come as sets with instructions that allow the children to learn essential problem-solving skills that will significantly aid them later in life. Robots are also great gifts that you can give to kids. To learn more about what robots are perfect as gifts, check out our Robot Gift Ideas for the Holidays.

3. Are robot gifts expensive?

The price of robots depends on the kind you are purchasing. If you purchase a large specialized version, they can be pretty expensive, but regular sets tend to be cheap. 


If you are looking for a gift for a robot enthusiast or a child still learning, robots are an excellent gift. When purchasing a robot, it is vital that you look for one that is efficient, usable, reasonably priced, and a good fit for the person you are purchasing it for. With these factors in mind, you will be able to buy the perfect robot gift. 

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