Guide to Picking a Camera for Backpacking

Traveler man with camera travel in Thailand

Whether you’re planning to backpack across the United States, Switzerland, New Zealand, Thailand, Sri Lanka, or other fascinating destinations around the world, you’ll definitely want to snap photos of all the beautiful sceneries, culture, cityscapes, and precious moments of your adventure. As such, it’s a must that you carry a suitable camera … Read more

What About Backpacking Axes?

There’s nothing like the fun and excitement of being in the great outdoors, relishing the fresh air, enjoying the beautiful sceneries, watching the fascinating wildlife, and sometimes going through some extremes that make the trip more thrilling. While you already have a long list of essential items to have in your backpack, … Read more

Essential Items Needed for Backpacking and Camping 

A backpacking and camping adventure can be a fascinating and enjoyable experience – as long as you’re equipped with the right stuff. If not, expect that venturing into the great outdoors will instead turn into a difficult and frustrating one. Remember, the things you decide to bring will either become a delight … Read more

Guide To Picking the Best Watch for Backpacking

Watches are one of the things that fewer people wear these days. It’s little wonder as, for most of us, the clock on our smartphone has replaced watches as our primary means of knowing the time. If you’re a backpacker, however, there is still a great reason why you shouldn’t be ditching … Read more

Guide to Dressing for Backpacking in Southeast Asia

Introduction Backpackers who have to travel for days in the wild need appropriate clothing. Although light and comfortable clothes work well for most places, there are some special considerations for Southeast Asia where weather is consistently warm in most parts of the region. The type of clothing you need to pick depends … Read more

What are the Benefits of a GPS Multi-Sport Watch?

GPS is becoming more and more common in smartwatches and fitness trackers today. In the same way, manufacturers and retailers advertise the same products. How does GPS work on a smartwatch, though? Please find out how the GPS on your smartwatch works and the best way to use it. Let’s go into … Read more

Guide to Picking Tent for Backpacking

Your tent is one of the most essential and exciting pieces in your backpacking setup. It serves as your second home as you explore and relish all the beauty of the great outdoors. With that, picking a tent requires hefty amounts of time, thought, and research to ensure that you’d get the … Read more

Tips for Picking Ultralight Backpacking Gear

Going ultralight is a venerated skill – one that is honed by time, patience, experience, and lots of trial and error. With that, it’s no surprise why many people consider ultralight backpacking as a holy grail. After all, identifying and shedding considerable weight from your pack can be overwhelming, especially if you’re … Read more

Guide to Water Treatment Options for Backpacking

Staying hydrated while backpacking is an utmost necessity. While you can bring ample water for a short trip, packing water can be tricky if you’re embarking on a longer adventure. The good news is there are several water treatment options you can use when exploring the great outdoors. Water filtration and purification … Read more

Guide To Picking a Sleeping Bag for Backpacking

Backpackers who have spent a cold night in the great outdoors know it is important to have a quality sleeping bag on a trip. Not only is it crucial in keeping you warm and helping you sleep peacefully and comfortably but it can also save your life during emergency situations.  Yet, with … Read more

Guide To Picking a Backpack For Hiking

You need a reliable backpack for your hiking adventures. Whether it’s a short hike or a multi-day one on the trail of your dreams, having the right pack on your back containing all the essentials will make your trip safer, more convenient, and more enjoyable. Having said that, a hastily-bought hiking backpack … Read more

Guide To Picking a Stove For Backpacking

If you’re backpacking on the off-the-beaten path and intend to eat food other than merely protein energy bars, nuts, seeds, or dried fruits, a reliable stove system is a must in your gear. A stove can help you boil your water, make a cup of coffee, or prepare a warm, nutritious meal … Read more

Meal and Snack Ideas for Backpackers

Preparing the right meals and snacks is an integral part of a successful backpacking trip. As you’ll be burning lots of calories, you must carry ample food to fuel yourself as you explore the great outdoors. Generally, your food should be lightweight, nutritious, and calorie-dense. Also, it should be easy to prep … Read more

Guide To Picking a Water Bottle for Backpacking

Water is one of the most essential things for backpackers. It’s vital to stay hydrated before, during, and after your trip. Even a short outdoor pursuit can make you thirsty, and on a longer adventure, the more you even need to pack a sufficient amount of drink. After all, water is life … Read more

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