Are Tactical Pens Allowed in Airports? Security Guidelines and Regulations

Are Tactical Pens Allowed in Airports? Security Guidelines and Regulations

Tactical pens often serve a dual purpose: as writing instruments and as tools for self-defense. Due to their sturdy build and potential use as a weapon, travelers often question their admissibility through airport security. The rules governing such items are set forth by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), the authority responsible for … Read more

Simple Tips for Picking a Firearm

A firearm is regarded by many to be one of the best items to use for self-defense and for protecting one’s home. But there are also some people that own firearms as part of a collection or for a hobby like shooting at a firing range or hunting.  There are many different … Read more

Best Weapons to Have in a Disaster

Security ought to come first in any grid-down emergency. Due to the absence or limitations of law enforcement, there will be criminal activity, which includes looters ransacking businesses and neighborhoods. Therefore, whether you like them or not, firearms will be unavoidable when the time comes. Weapons can be used for hunting in … Read more

Tactical Pens

Accidents or disagreements may occasionally occur along the road. Mind you, they typically happen in unforeseen circumstances. This is why having a useful item like the tactical pen on you is beneficial and important. But in the event of an accident, what does a tactical pen do? Many survivalists viewed the tactical … Read more

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