What Types of Telescopes Are Best For Travel and Backpacking? 

traveler observing the stars with her telescope

Telescopes are a great way to enjoy the night skies from the comfort of home. But if you’re an outdoor enthusiast who loves to explore, a portable telescope might be the perfect tool to take your hobby along with you. A travel telescope is lightweight and portable, yet still capable of giving … Read more

The Guide to Carson Telescopes

Purchasing a telescope is the key first step toward an appreciation for the galaxy (and the wonders present within it). Ideally, you want to buy this optical instrument from a renowned brand—one that helps its customers star-hop into their intended deep-sky target. There are plenty of popular telescope brands in existence. Thanks … Read more

The Guide to Celestron Telescopes

If you have ever considered stepping into the wide world of astronomy, you’ll want to know where to start. The market for telescopes is wide and deep, with many great companies providing state-of-the-art commercial equipment to get you going.  Amongst those companies, you may have heard of one named Celestron. About Celestron … Read more

Guide to Meade Telescopes

The name Meade means a great deal in the world of telescopes. To beginners, they are a knowledgeable repository for all you could need to get started. For practiced astronomers, they’re a reliable source of great tools and accessories. But who is Meade? And what do they bring us when it comes … Read more

The Guide to Barska Telescopes

There are many great ways to spend our free time, but few are as fascinating as astronomy. Astronomy has been a vital part of human curiosity since our earliest days, showing no sign of ever stopping. Star gazing can be a relaxing and beautiful way to spend time or an awe-inspiring learning … Read more

The Guide to Gskyer Telescopes

Once upon a time, astronomy was a science only accessible to the rich. The rest of us could only gaze wistfully upwards. Since the turn of the 20th century, telescopes and other astronomy gear have become much more affordable to the average person. Anyone can start casual stargazing for as little as … Read more

Guide to Orion Telescopes

Stargazing is a wonderful hobby for those who understand the cosmos’ power. However, there is an ocean of choices to help us view the sea of stars. With so many different brands and types of telescopes from companies, who know what’s best for seeing the depths of infinity up close? Amongst telescope … Read more

A Guide To Telescope Eyepieces

When you’re looking at the stars through a telescope, the eyepiece is what brings the view to life. It’s the last stop for the light from the stars before it reaches your eye, so choosing the right one is important for having the best possible experience. There are so many eyepieces out … Read more

Did You Know These Facts about Neptune?

Neptune is one of the most fascinating and mysterious planets in our solar system. It’s often called the “dark planet” because it’s difficult to see with telescopes. Even though we’ve known about Neptune for centuries, we still know very little about this distant planet. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of … Read more

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