Guide to Selecting a Sewing Machine

From the humble mechanical sewing machines of the past to the high-tech sewing machines of the present, one of the most common home appliances has come a long way. There’s no denying that technology has paved the way for sewing machines’ significant and continuing improvements. Now, customers have an array of types … Read more

What Are the Major Sewing Machine Brands?

Many shoppers usually rely on a solid brand, especially when shopping for a gadget or home appliance. Sewing machines are no exception. When a reputable manufacturer creates a sewing machine, you won’t hesitate to invest in it, even if it may cost you a lot. The following tried and trusted sewing machine … Read more

Guide to Sewing Machine Kits

Congratulations on having bought a new sewing machine! Now that you are done purchasing it, the next step is to have the sewing tools required to make your workflow fluent and seamless (pardon the pun).  Needless to say, you need a sewing kit to make your work possible as it contains the … Read more

Sewing Storage Systems

Learning to sew is no doubt a fun and exciting experience. However, storing and organizing your sewing tools isn’t much fun – it can become messy and complicated.  As you’re learning some more new sewing tricks and ideas and at the same time dealing with lots of sewing accessories, be careful about … Read more

What Are Sewing Notions?

What Are Sewing Notions? In sewing, the term “notion” refers to the small and basic sewing accessories. Sewing notions encapsulate a wide variety of items like needles, pins, thimbles, shears, etc. These sewing notions make your job easier and allow you to provide a professional finish to your craft. There are various … Read more

What Are the Most Popular Sewing Stitches?

One of the greatest inventions that humans have invented is the sewing machine. It takes away much of the workload and makes sewing faster, easier, and more convenient. It can even be more fun. The efficiency of the sewing machine leads to more productive sewing, and you can make as many sewing … Read more

History of Sewing Machines Made in the US

Sewing – the art of attaching or hooking objects with the help of stitches with thread and needle – is one of the oldest of the textile arts. It has existed since the Paleolithic era. Let’s explore the history of sewing and the sewing machine, focusing on the early developments of the … Read more

Guide to Using Patches in Sewing

Patching sewing may seem like covering holes in your clothes, but there is actually more than that!  There are many reasons for patching. One of the reasons, especially for the young ones, is that it looks cool and adds a fashionable edge to their clothing. Other times, sewing patches are needed if … Read more

Guide to Fabric Cutting Tools

Before, sewists only relied on scissors to create designer clothes, dresses, curtains, quilts, or other sewing and embroidery projects. Whether you prefer sewing for domestic purposes or want to do larger-scale projects, the availability of fabric cutting tools and machines makes perfect sense especially for those who take sewing, crafting, and quilting … Read more

Sewing Marking Material Guide

As you look at your sewing pattern instructions, you will see that you need to transfer some of the markings from the pattern on your fabric. But when it comes to pattern tracing and transferring markings to your fabric, there are simply too many choices. It looks like you might want to … Read more

Easy Sewing Ideas for Kids

Have you taught your children some life skills like cooking and sewing? Sewing is a handy skill that your kids can use throughout their life. Sure, you can buy them some new off-the-rack clothing, but teaching your children to sew will help them develop positive traits, such as: Patience  Endurance Perseverance Resourcefulness … Read more

What Is Haberdashery in Sewing?

Anyone who regularly sews either as a hobby or a source of income knows the importance of haberdashery. It isn’t an exaggeration to say that no sewing project is complete without a proper haberdashery kit for sewing. This article discusses about sewing haberdashery, the various haberdashery essentials, and some valuable insights to … Read more

Guide to Cordless Sewing Machines

Are you looking for a sewing machine that is portable and convenient to use but doesn’t sacrifice quality? There are times when your favorite shirt or pants get caught in a wire and ripped. But since it is your beloved piece of clothing, you would still want to wear it. That shirt … Read more

What Are Commercial and Industrial Embroidery Machines?

Suppose you have medium-to-large-scale commercial sewing projects in the pipeline or want to start your embroidery or sewing shop. The essential equipment you should invest in is, of course, a highly efficient computerized sewing or an industrial embroidery sewing machine.  A thoughtfully designed industrial machine is meant to serve several purposes and … Read more

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