What Type Of Batteries Are Used In Electric Cars?


In today’s time, we are all living in a highly industrialized world with state-of-the-art technologies that benefit mankind. One of these manmade wonders is the creation of an Electric Vehicle or EV. An EV is a vehicle powered, not by fuel in an internal combustion engine, but primarily by self-contained energy storage … Read more

Finding Unusual Sized Batteries

Almost all of us are familiar with popular cylindrical batteries like the “AA,” “AAA,” “C,” and “D,” to name a few. But other electronic products have different power capacity requirements; thus, their batteries may be more different or unusual than the ones we commonly use. But no matter the size, shape, and … Read more

Batteries That Resist Leaking and Corrosion

Have you ever encountered opening up a long unused device to put in new batteries to use it again, only to find out that the battery compartment is full of corrosion and leakage? Distressing, isn’t it? And how many of you have experienced that? Cleaning up a messy device is possible, but … Read more

Homemade Battery Packs

A battery pack refers to a set number of batteries in a pack that is used to deliver a particular output. The arrangement of the batteries can be parallel, in series, or both. Battery packs range from a small pack of two or three for a flashlight or similar small device to … Read more

How to Use Batteries to Charge a Cellphone

A cell phone, then a novelty, is now one of the everyday things we see and use. Nearly everyone in the United States and many people worldwide own a cell phone. Where the earlier cell phones provided calls and text messaging, the advent of smartphones allowed many people to do other things, … Read more

What Are Dual Battery Chargers?

Rechargeable batteries have become more popular than regular batteries, as they offer a cheaper way power for your devices. While they aren’t precisely cheaper than regular batteries, you don’t otherwise need to buy another expensive set of batteries since you can charge them if they are still working. Because of this feature, … Read more

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