Guide to Bodyboards

Bodyboarder in action on the ocean waves on a sunny day.

The ocean always had a magnetic pull but going to the beach is not that fun without engaging in some water sports. One of the most popular watersports that needs minimum skills but maximum family participation is bodyboarding. Bodyboarding is also popularly known as boogie boarding. It requires less coordination and balance … Read more

Tips for picking the best beach bodyboard for adults

The ocean has a different pull for all sea lovers. Some people are satisfied soaking up the sun, while others would prefer something more adventurous like surfing or skimboarding. However, if you are new to water sports, test the waters with a bodyboard first! This will surely bring fun activities to enjoy … Read more

Tips for picking the best beach bodyboard for kids

Bodyboards or boogie boards are a wonderful addition to your kids’ arsenal of beach toys. It is lightweight and colorful and helps keep your child afloat in the water. This is a great option to leave the sand and learn to ride the waves! You can also use this in the river … Read more

Bodyboarding Accessories to Keep with You

Surfing and skimboarding are not the only water sports out there. In fact, a safer alternative is gaining popularity and coverage these days. It is called bodyboarding or boogieboard.  The essential equipment you will need for bodyboarding aside from the board is a leash, swim fins, and wax for the board’s surface. … Read more

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