Learn the History and Uses of Airboats

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An airboat, also referred to as a planeboat, swamp boat, bayou boat, or fanboat, is a unique watercraft with a flat-bottomed design. This type of vessel is propelled by an aircraft-type propeller and powered by either an aircraft or an automotive engine. The airboat’s design allows it to easily navigate through shallow … Read more

How to Get Started with Rowing as a Hobby

Rowing is a popular pastime that provides an exciting way to explore the water and offers a comprehensive full-body workout. This activity is an excellent way to stay fit and healthy while enjoying the great outdoors. Rowing is a fantastic sport to consider, whether you want to compete or relish the picturesque … Read more

Tips For Grilling on Your Boat

Enjoying the open water on a boat with family or friends is an exciting experience. You all get to appreciate the horizon and swim on a blue sea. But after the fun activities on the water, you get hungry and want to eat savory food. Food like grilled vegetables, beef, pork, chicken, … Read more

Interesting Facts about Powerboat Racing

Heads up to watersports lover! Powerboat racing is the fastest, most dangerous, and most fascinating water-based motorsport. Sea lovers are drawn to powerboat racing not only because it is an exciting and daring activity, but also because of its colorful history. Powerboat racing has changed and modernized since the middle of the … Read more

History of Kayaks

Kayaks were around at least 4,000 years ago, long before it has been part of the Olympics. History says that the creators of kayaks were the Inuit and Aleut tribes, who occupied the areas in Alaska, Greenland, Northeast Russia, and the upper parts of Canada. They built kayaks from fallen tree trunks, … Read more

History of Rowing Sports

Rowers of all skill levels frequently describe rowing as the ideal workout because it uses the muscles in the legs, shoulders, arms, and abdomen. It works out the entire body at once. A rower propels a boat by utilizing a fixed oar as a lever. Rowers compete individually or in crews of … Read more

Paddle Away and Try Canoeing as a Hobby

Canoeing can be a fun and healthy way to pass the time. It’s one of many people’s favorite hobbies for getting them outside and active! Canoeing and kayaking provide an almost limitless number of leisure opportunities. While the technology surrounding canoes and kayaks is continually evolving, the sport of canoeing and kayaking … Read more

What Are Nautical Miles and How Are They Measured?

A nautical mile is a unit of measurement that sailors or navigators use in aviation and shipping on water. A nautical mile is the average length of one minute of one degree along a great circle of the Earth. One nautical mile equals one minute of latitude, which means that degrees of … Read more

How to Keep Your Boat Organized?

Owning a boat can be exciting, entertaining, and satisfying and can allow you to go on a relaxing ocean vacation anywhere, anytime you want. But fun and fantasy aside, owning a boat is not a cakewalk and can turn out to be a nightmare for you if you are not responsible and … Read more

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