Batteries for Cordless Tools

It cannot be denied that electricity which comes from your socket definitely drives your corded tools to full power, enabling them to perform their functions more efficiently. But corded tools can also bring some inconveniences and accidents. If you don’t wish to get stumbled by a tangled cord, or experience electrical hazards … Read more

Top Uses of Rope at Home

A rope is a handy thing to have with you at all times and around the house. It is a collection of yarns, strands, and fibers braided or twisted together into a larger and more solid form. There are many types of ropes that you can buy, including thick or thin, long … Read more

Safety Tips for Using Ropes

A rope is a common tool found in almost every household. It is a collection of strings and strands that have been braided together to produce a stronger and better product that is more firm. Ropes have different tensile strengths that you can use for different things, such as attaching things together … Read more

Is LED or Incandescent Better for Night Work?

If you want some peace and quiet when working on your hobbies or projects at home, one of the best options is to work at night. When all the people in your home are asleep, you will be able to focus more on the project or task that you are working on, … Read more

What are Portable Garage Lights?

The garage is one of the best places to turn into a workshop at home. It is a good spot where you can peacefully work on various projects. There are times when it is better to work at night when everyone’s asleep, as there are fewer distractions during those hours. However, the … Read more

Best Workbenches and Worktables

Work benches and work tables are very important for any DIYer, newbie or professional craftsman to work safely and efficiently. Whether you are running a business of assembling and maintaining parts, woodworking, metal cutting etc., or are a hardcore hobbyist, a good workbench is a worthy investment.  There are various types of … Read more

Work Gloves Buying Guide and Our Top Picks

Introduction Your hands need the right kind of protection if you work a lot with them. Work gloves significantly decrease the chances of injuring your hands during work. However, they come in all shapes and sizes so it’s important to choose the right ones according to the type of work and work … Read more

Tips for Storing Your Power Tools

Any DIY home builder, hobbyist, craftsman, or professional contractor will have several tools in their arsenal. These include small handheld machinery and parts of different types, shapes, and sizes. One of the most annoying things about owning these tools is finding a space to store them. Power tools might require even more … Read more

A Comprehensive Guide to Wet/Dry Vacuums for Workshops

Introduction Your workshop projects might be satisfying and fulfilling, but most of them do result in an annoying mess. While it’s a productive use of your time, these projects cause both wet and dry spills—oil and sawdust, for example. It can get tiring to keep sweeping or mopping those workshop floors after … Read more

Ultimate Guide to Pickup Truck Bed Tool Boxes 

The bed of a pickup truck is used to transport all kinds of stuff, from fishing gear to tools and supplies for a DIY project. But after a while, all the stuff starts piling up and if you don’t have an organized storage space, you’ll end up with a cluttered mess. This … Read more

Ultimate Guide to Tool Boxes

Whether you do periodic maintenance tasks around the house or work at a mechanical garage, you’re no stranger to a toolbox; they come in different sizes, shapes, designs, and materials. This variety of features can be overwhelming sometimes, making it difficult for people to choose the right toolbox. However, it doesn’t have … Read more

Magnetic Wristbands are A Very Useful Tool Accessory

It is notoriously hard to keep track of screws, nails, and other miniature tools of the DIY trade. Carrying them in a toolbox is one of the many possible ways to go. But how many times have you accidentally injured your fingers while rummaging around a toolbox for the right screw or … Read more

What is a Metal Clear Coat?

All types of metal are susceptible to some form of environmental damage. Rain, moisture, sunlight, oxidization, scratches, and chipping paint are just some of the examples our metallic belongings go through every day. Whether it is your car’s exterior or your favorite bronze sculpture, it is never a pretty sight to see … Read more

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