Ultimate Guide to Survival Knives

A survival knife’s blade finish is frequently disregarded when purchasing one. However, it frequently has an impact on the blade’s toughness and corrosion resistance. It also affects how the knife looks and affects the knife’s overall cost. How do you decide which blade finish is best then? The satin finish, which strikes … Read more

Guide to Belt Knives

The best-concealed weapon to purchase for self-defense is a belt knife. You can use the little knife whenever you need to defend yourself from an attacker because it is attached to your belt. These knives are growing more and more well-liked every day, which is understandable given how useful they are. However, … Read more

What is a Neck Knife?

The neck knife is frequently an underappreciated and very practical tool to have on hand. Neck knives can come in handy in a pinch or when you don’t have access to other carry knives because of their low-profile, lightweight, and compact design. If you enjoy on-the-go utility/protection, you should pay attention to … Read more

What are Tanto Knives?

Tanto knives are what you need if you’re looking for a cutting tool that will let you pierce through tough objects. Knives made in Japan are renowned for being extremely useful in daily life. The Tanto knife also has Japanese roots. The Tanto knife has a shorter-than-normal-length sword appearance in general. A … Read more

Choosing the Best Knives for Living off the Grid

Having the ideal survival knife will make it easier for you to navigate challenging situations. It can assist you if other ammo is ineffective. However, you can only do so if you have the best knife, one that will protect you from any dangers, including dangerous animals. Such a weapon will be … Read more

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