20 Great Ideas for Family Game Nights

20 Great Ideas for Family Game Nights

Having a regular game night with the family is a great way to build bonds and create lifelong memories. There’s nothing like unplugged, face-to-face time with the kids to help you forget about the stresses of daily life. Home is the ideal place to make time together special. You won’t be sorry … Read more

Badminton Essentials You Must Have to Start Playing at Home

People who don’t know much about this sport often get tennis and badminton mixed up because both are played with a stringed racket. But these sports are very different from each other. In tennis, a big oval-shaped racket is used to hit a bouncing ball. In badminton, a small racket with an … Read more

What Are the Popular Soaring and Hang Gliding Simulation Video Games?

There’s nothing like gliding through the skies and sensing the wind in your hair to make you feel alive (virtual or otherwise). Over the years, there were countless video game renditions of flying, ranging from vintage 80s arcade games to the most difficult and everything in between. Which one should you choose? … Read more

Make a move- try chess as a hobby!

Chess is one of the most challenging and intellectually stimulating hobbies out there. Life is nothing more than a great chess game, and each person we meet is a piece on the board. It is a sport and a hobby that teaches that no one is irreplaceable, that sometimes to achieve something … Read more

Popular 90’s Board Games

Board games, along with some of the most influential forms of media and modern culture, saw a surge in popularity in the 1990s. Most millennials of the 2000s spent their free time playing video games on consoles like the Nintendo 64 or the newest PlayStation at a friend’s home, while board games … Read more

Guide to Pictionary

When the terms “Picture” and “Dictionary” were combined, the name “Pictionary” was born. Inspiring Rob Angel to create this game was the Merriam-collegiate Webster’s he kept by his bed. He used this dictionary for help with the game. Picture + Dictionary = Pictionary, he informed his buddies, and the name stuck. People … Read more

Guide to Trivial Pursuit

One of the first things about Trivial Pursuit that might surprise you is that it was sold in the early 1980s. Many people think the game is much older than it really is. Chris Haney and Scott Abbott made Trivial Pursuit in Canada. The two men were going to play Scrabble. But … Read more

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