Ultimate Guide to Dinner Party Games

You’ve planned your food, finalized your guest list, and even selected your dinner party invites. Now comes the exciting part. OK, so you may think that everything is fun, but this step is absolutely all fun and games – it’s time to choose your dinner party activities!

If you’re throwing an adult party, these dinner party games will get everyone talking. Play an icebreaker game while everyone is nibbling on appetizers, or keep the fun for after dessert, when everyone has eaten and is feeling well.

Consider setting up a video maker or designate someone as the official videographer for the evening. It’s a fantastic way to encapsulate the laughter, great conversations, and memorable moments that unfold during the party.

 Dinner Party Games for Adults

These entertaining party games are excellent conversation starters. Choose one or two to try at your next dinner gathering. Here are some dinner party activities for adults that are sure to get the talk flowing like wine.

1. Never Have I Ever

You don’t need anything special to play this drinking game. All you need is a good memory and your favorite alcoholic drink.

Each player should hold up five fingers. Take it in turns to say, “Never have I ever…” and then something you’ve never done. Some examples might be: I’ve never been skydiving, I’ve never cursed in front of my grandmother, or I’ve never lied about being sick to get out of work.

After each person says “Never have I ever,” any player who has done the activity in question will put down one of their five fingers and take a drink. The first person to place all five fingers down wins.

You don’t have to keep score with your fingers if you don’t want to. You could also play until the first person finishes their drink or until everyone is a little tipsy. You never know what secrets might come out when you play this game, so don’t play it at your next office party.

2. Two Truths and a Lie 

Two Truths and a Lie is another easy adult party game that you can play over your dinner plates. All you need is a drink and a good imagination.

In this drinking game, everyone at the table will take a drink. The first person will say two true things about himself or herself and one lie. The next person will try to figure out which one is the lie. If the second person guesses right, the first person has to drink. If the second player’s guess is wrong, he or she has to drink.

Now the second player goes to the front of the line. He or she tells the next person in line two truths and one lie. You keep going in circles.

3. Would You Rather

Would You Rather is another dinner table game for getting to know you.

“Would you rather…?” the first player asks. They are free to answer the question in whatever way they see fit. Would you prefer a lion’s head and a human body, for example, or a lion’s head and a human body? Would you rather your dish be too salty or underseasoned? Which would you rather face: a crocodile or a shark?

You may go around the table and have everyone respond, or the person who asked the question can choose one person to respond. Have someone else ask the next question, and so on until everyone has asked and been answered at least once.

4. Who Am I?

This game is ideal for big groups. To play, all you need is a stack of Post-it Notes and a pen. Write a renowned person’s name on each Post-It Note and place one on each guest’s back or forehead. (Note: The forehead is easier to read for other guests, but the back is preferable for toilet breaks as visitors may get a peek of their own forehead in the mirror.)

Guests will go around the room and converse with one another as if they were the famous person whose name appears on their sticky note. For instance, if your Post-it note says “Jennifer Aniston,” another visitor would say, “I adored you as Rachel.” You must correctly guess the name printed on your Post-it Note to win this guessing game.

You may provide a reward to the first person who properly guesses what’s on their sticky note, or you can play until everyone has guessed right, or you can do both.

5. Murder Mystery

Murder mystery parties aren’t limited to Halloween. They are excellent adult dinner party games and are really simple to arrange since you can get a whole murder mystery party kit.

Each of your visitors will be assigned a character from the party package. You’ll act out the tale from your murder mystery kit on the night of the party. The killer will remain a mystery — even to you — until the game’s conclusion. Take a pause before the big revelation so that everyone may attempt to figure out murder mystery.

6. Charades

This is a game that all of your visitors will recognize. Divide into two groups, and have one group write down the clues that they want the other team to play out and guess. Put the clues in two separate hats (one for each team) and take turns acting and guessing while team two keeps quiet.

Set a timer for three minutes and give team one three minutes to act out and predict as many objects as they can. Then, pass the floor to team two so they may act and guess.

7. Pictionary

Pictionary, like charades, may be played with two teams; the only difference is that instead of acting, they will be drawing. Each team will attempt to draw and decipher hints provided by the other team. You may simplify things by purchasing the Pictionary board game and utilizing the hints given.

8. Telestrations

Try the Telestrations board game for a contemporary spin on Pictionary. At the dinner table, this is a fun game to play. After you’ve cleaned the table, give each visitor a pen and paper. Allow each person to choose a different hint and draw it out at the same time. Then, to the individual on your left, pass your documents.

Everyone will jot down their interpretations of the artwork they just received. Then you’ll go around the table and share all of the drawings and guesses. This is the most amusing method to play Pictionary, and it’s guaranteed to make you laugh out loud. 

9. Taboo

You will choose a card with a sentence printed on it in this card game. Your objective is to get the other players guess what’s printed on your card before time runs out.

You are not only not permitted to mention any of the words in the sentence, but you are also not permitted to say numerous off-limits terms that will be listed on the card. If you speak one of the forbidden terms, you will instantly lose the round.

An example of Taboo in action may be as follows: You choose a card. You want the other players to guess “Statue of Liberty,” but you can’t include the words “statue,” “liberty,” “New York,” “France,” “island,” “harbor,” or “torch” in your answer. You’ll wind up explaining the term in an indirect manner that leaves everyone wondering.

10. Cards Against Humanity

Knowing your audience is essential in this humorous card game. It comes with two decks of cards: question and answer. Each player is given ten response cards.

The game begins with one individual selecting a question card. The other players choose an answer card from their deck and give it to the person who posed the question. The asker will choose his or her preferred response, and the person who delivered that response will win the round and ask the following question.

Cards Against Humanity bills itself as “a party game for bad people,” with responses ranging from raunchy to X-rated. This game is entertaining, but it is not for the faint of heart.

11. Classic Card Games

Don’t dismiss the power of a simple deck of cards. A game of poker, hearts, or B.S. may be just as entertaining as any of the other games on this list. Choose your favorite traditional card game or play Ring of Fire, a drinking game played with a standard deck of cards.

How to Pick the Best Dinner Party Games for Adults

Choosing the greatest games for adults isn’t always straightforward, and you may need to consider numerous things.

Here’s how to choose the finest adult dinner party games:

1. Consider the Personalities of Your Guests

Consider the personality of your visitors while selecting games for adults. Some of them may not like particular games, and you must consider this to ensure that everyone has a good time.

2. Be Enthusiastic

Some grownups may not be particularly passionate about playing games at first, which is why you must be fairly eager. Be self-assured and encourage everyone to participate. When you demonstrate how fantastic these games can be, most people will be persuaded.

3. Make Sure Everyone’s Involved

Choose games that enable everyone to participate. If you have eight dinner guests and select an activity that includes just three individuals, the bulk of your friends will feel excluded. Choose games that everyone can enjoy.

Benefits of Party Games

1. Stimulate Interpersonal Communication

When a lot of people get together to have a party, it’s not a given that the party will be lively. Even the best parties can get off to a slow start if there isn’t the right mix of things to do. But party games can be used to get people talking to each other, especially if the games are funny. These games can lighten the mood and get people talking about different things. People who can have interesting conversations with other people can also find it easier to make friends in new places.

2. Reduce the Risk of Degenerative Brain Diseases

Did you know that playing party games with your friends or family may also aid in the prevention of degenerative brain disorders such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s? Playing board and card games with others may help build a stronger, more functional brain and reduce the probability of cognitive impairment in old age. For younger children, the degree of involvement provided by party games may also aid in the development of improved cognitive abilities and memory formation.

3. Alleviate Stress

Playing party games may also help individuals reduce tension. This is because they distract gamers from the difficulties they face in their everyday lives. For lengthy periods of time, the games enable people to concentrate on anything other than their anxieties. Aside from that, party games may help to reduce sadness and promote personal happiness by inducing laughing.


Games aren’t only for children. With these adult party games, even grownups may have a good time and get to know one other better. So, whether you’re throwing a formal dinner party for your coworkers or a wild night with your closest friends, this list of adult party games has a game for everyone. So, choose your game, invite your pals, and have a great time.

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