How to Use Batteries to Charge a Cellphone

charging a smartphone with a powerbank

A cell phone, then a novelty, is now one of the everyday things we see and use. Nearly everyone in the United States and many people worldwide own a cell phone. Where the earlier cell phones provided calls and text messaging, the advent of smartphones allowed many people to do other things, … Read more

Guide to the Best Power Banks

Most of us can’t live without our mobile phones and rely on them more and more each day, whether we like them or not. Nowadays, we use our phones not only for receiving and making calls and text messaging. We also use our phones for video chats, playing games, using social media, … Read more

Guide to Solar Power Backpacks

There are a couple of reasons for being out and about. It can be a part of one’s job – for instance, a business person, a park ranger, a wildlife biologist, or a professional nature photographer. Or it can also be an interest or a hobby, such as hiking, camping, fishing, amateur … Read more

Pedal Power Generators Review

Power banks are usually the go-to power source when traveling with a smartphone, tablet, laptop, portable music player, or any other gadget. But what if your power bank runs out and you’re staying for days or even weeks in a place past the edge of civilization? Your regular power bank will not … Read more

Guide to Solar Power Chargers for Laptops

Suppose you’re working on a project or trying to complete a deadline in your home office, and your laptop battery goes low. Then, all of a sudden, there’s a power outage and you can’t charge your laptop.  Or imagine chatting with your friends or sending work e-mails while in the middle of … Read more

Smartphone Charger Buying Guide

The common misconception about chargers that come with flashy, expensive new devices is that they’re the fastest or the most reliable. That is entirely untrue. Even some top-tier smartphone manufacturers continue to bundle slower chargers with their smartphones. Apple is one of them, leaving you wondering why we don’t get fast chargers … Read more

Choosing the Right Portable Solar Battery Charger

Solar energy is beneficial in many ways. It’s renewable, safe, and environment-friendly. More residential and commercial establishments have discovered and reaped the benefits of solar energy.  Solar energy keeps automobiles and devices such as smartphones powered up on the go. You can do this by using portable solar battery chargers. They are … Read more

The Guide to Power Inverters for Homes

Investing in a power inverter is an excellent choice, especially if you want to run your household electronic devices without snags like power interruptions.  Your household’s power requirements may differ from that of your neighbor’s, so you shouldn’t just blindly get the same inverter installed in your home, too. And that is … Read more

Ultimate Guide to Power Converters and Power Adapters

When we’re in an unfamiliar place and want to plug in any sort of device, it’s always best to think about the kind of electricity you’re working with. In an ideal world, all areas within a country and all over the world will use the same types of pus, electricity, and volt … Read more

What Are Dual Battery Chargers?

Rechargeable batteries have become more popular than regular batteries, as they offer a cheaper way power for your devices. While they aren’t precisely cheaper than regular batteries, you don’t otherwise need to buy another expensive set of batteries since you can charge them if they are still working. Because of this feature, … Read more

Ultimate Guide to Surge Protectors

Most households and establishments have more devices and appliances than plugs on the wall.  And if you ever worry about your appliances and electronics getting zapped by a power surge, that’s the reason why you should have a surge protector behind your sound systems, HDTVs, workstations, or machinery. All your devices and … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Extension Cords

Do you think you don’t need an extension cord? Well, think again! Extension cords provide power to indoor and outdoor devices that cannot reach nearby electrical outlets. Hence, this is why extension cords make the life of many homeowners much more manageable. Most physical and online stores sell a wide range of … Read more

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