Choosing the Right Portable Solar Battery Charger

Solar energy is beneficial in many ways. It’s renewable, safe, and environment-friendly. More residential and commercial establishments have discovered and reaped the benefits of solar energy. 

Solar energy keeps automobiles and devices such as smartphones powered up on the go. You can do this by using portable solar battery chargers. They are often USB solar chargers, which are excellent to bring when going on outdoor adventures like camping and hiking. Portable solar battery chargers are not only great to have but are even needed when traveling to places with unreliable power grids. 

Portable solar battery chargers are also essential in emergency kits to ensure your devices will be powered up in case of calamities and sudden power outages.

If you have a trip coming up and are unsure about the availability of electricity in your intended destination, recharging batteries with solar power is the only solution. There are several available portable solar chargers in the market today, so choosing one can be challenging. This is why this article will give helpful hints and suggestions on selecting a suitable portable solar battery charger for different situations.

What to consider when choosing a portable solar battery charger?

Take a look at the factors below to guide you in picking the right portable solar battery charger for your needs.

Power output and charging

While browsing tons of solar battery charger options, choose those that are rated at 10 watts and higher. Why is that so? If you choose less, you may not get enough power to charge even just a single smartphone. In addition, choose chargers that can charge more than one device simultaneously.


Since it’s apparent that you’re looking for a portable solar battery charger, size will matter. A good charger should be easy to store and carry in bags. As for chargers for phones and tablets, they should not be bigger than an iPad. In addition, try to pick one with at least two panels – of course, the more panels, the better. That’s because you’ll need a better surface area to capture the sun’s rays, which may be elusive sometimes depending on the day, region, climate, season, etc. 

Consider the weight as well, especially if you plan to bring it when you go backpacking, so choose a lightweight one (not more than two pounds).

Additional features

It may also be great to find a portable solar battery charger with the so-called “bells and whistles.” You may find a unit with a USB cable. Or you may find another with a carabiner for easy attachment to a backpack, etc.. Perhaps you might prefer a portable solar battery charger with a flashlight? These bonus features make the portable solar battery charger easier to use and provide more benefits to the user.

Warranty and reliability

A good warranty and reliable build are indications of a good product. That’s why you must ensure that the portable solar battery charger you’re interested in buying is manufactured and distributed by a reputable brand. Don’t forget to check its warranty to ensure the product’s quality and durability.

What are the different types of portable solar battery chargers?

There are many types of portable solar battery chargers. There are chargers for phones, tablets, laptops, batteries, cars, and even boats.

Portable solar battery chargers for cars

Most people with cars or other vehicles might have experienced the hassle of a car battery prone to failure. This happens when you leave your car lights and radio on because they can reduce battery life. Buying a new battery for your car now and then can cost a lot. Therefore, one of the best solutions is to have a portable solar battery charger for your vehicle. It can keep your car battery’s voltage up and extend its life span.

The ideal portable solar charger for inside cars and other vehicles should be light and portable, thus perfect for emergencies and outdoor work. It helps maintain and extend the useful life of your car’s battery. Some portable solar chargers for cars come with other features, such as a cigarette lighter adapter and a pair of battery clips.

Portable solar battery chargers for yachts and boats

Solar chargers for yachts and boats, also called marine solar chargers, are a great use of solar due to sunlight exposure and small-scale load. Recreational water vessels are usually used during the summer when the weather is calm and sunny. Thus, a portable solar battery charger is perfect for these weather or seasonal conditions. These solar chargers are small and also waterproof. They can provide the right amount of electricity without overloading your boat’s battery.

Portable solar battery chargers for phones and other small devices

Portable solar battery chargers are a popular option for charging smaller electronic devices like cellphones, tablets, and laptops, in addition to providing battery backup for transportation. Portable solar battery chargers for smartphones and other small devices will come in handy for outdoor adventures such as hiking and camping. It is an excellent off-grid charging solution. 

Aside from that, portable solar battery chargers can act as a wall outlet substitute since many people sleep in a room with a window. You can connect a long USB cable to the portable solar charger on the window sill and do some grid-free charging even at home.

Solar portable battery chargers as great gifts

If you know someone who is into camping, hiking, boating, sailing, or has just begun living off the grid, presenting them with solar portable battery chargers is a wonderful idea. Or, why not make them as a present for yourself?

  • If you’re the one who is out on the road constantly, it’s good to have a portable solar battery charger for your car that should have at least 12 volts. It should be light, portable, waterproof, and able to recharge even on a cloudy day. It should be durable as well to withstand those long drives.
  • Are you into boating and sailing? You should choose a portable solar battery charger with a solid build – there are many units out there covered with a plastic film, aluminum backing, and a heavy-duty rubber gasket for durability and waterproof capabilities.
  • Some portable solar battery chargers feature a whopping 50000 mAh lithium polymer battery, which can power more than enough to provide significant charges even for high-end smartphones, tablets, and other devices. If you have more devices, look for a charger with several different ports as well.


It’s great to know that the role of solar technology is diversifying and expanding. Today, you can power different vehicles and devices through portable solar chargers, an eco-friendly and affordable alternative. This article’s information will help you choose the most suitable portable solar battery charger to cater to your needs. 

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