What Is a Sewing Machine Belt?

What Is a Sewing Machine Belt

Understanding the role of a sewing machine belt will help you to operate the device better. It is used in a sewing machine to increase its grip and reduce slipping to drive the machine smoothly. The belt is mainly responsible for driving the needle into the fabric, making it an essential part … Read more

What Is a Serger Overlocking Machine?

Suppose you are a seamstress, tailor, or DIY sewing hobbyist who wants to give a refined, professional-looking finish to the items you sew. In that case, consider having an overlocking machine. Also known as a serger, an overlocking machine is used on rough and unraveled edges of fabrics to make them look … Read more

What Are the Benefits of Computerized Sewing Machines?

In this era of modernization and automation, even simple household appliances are upgraded to make everyday household tasks faster and more efficient – and maybe even more enjoyable. Sewing machines are one of them.  From mechanical sewing machines of the past, they have jumped to electronic to computerized sewing machines.  Computerized sewing … Read more

What Are the Pluses and Minuses of Handheld Sewing Machines?

You don’t always have to sit by your sewing machine all day and spend hours stitching. Let’s say you just want to do simple stitching or doing a quick mending.  You have probably heard of handheld sewing machines. You might be thinking of one right now. For proper purposes, handheld sewing machines … Read more

What Type Of Lighting Is Best For Sewing?

In sewing, whether by hand or machine, ample lighting is essential. Good lighting helps you focus, aids in better stitching, and saves you from health issues like headaches or lousy eyesight (eyes focus better and get less strained with good lighting). Natural daylight offers one of the best light sources in any … Read more

What Are Sewing Machine Presser Feet?

Knowing about and understanding the basic components of a sewing machine will help you operate the device a lot better. This time, we are talking about the sewing machine presser feet. A sewing machine presser foot is a small attachment whose primary function is flattening and smoothening the fabric as it is … Read more

What Are the Basic Components of a Sewing Machine?

A sewing machine plays a vital role in the garments manufacturing industry. It’s also an essential appliance in your home, especially if you sew a lot of stuff. All sewing machines are different. The more modern computerized sewing machines have unique features such as the power switch and LCD menu screen. However, … Read more

What Are the Advantages of a Computerized Sewing Machine?

You may be an expert sewing enthusiast by now – first, you have sewn stuff by hand, then used a manual sewing machine, and moved on to an electronic one. Perhaps it’s time to take your sewing to a different level and think of purchasing a computerized sewing machine. A computerized sewing … Read more

Benefits of Owning a Sewing Machine

Sewing is one of the valuable skills that anyone should learn. While many people can get by with simple stitches to mend their clothes, bags, and other stuff, others take the skill to new heights, creating elaborate and artistic works. Sewing is an important life skill that you should learn for three … Read more

What Are Commercial and Industrial Sewing Machines?

Back then, textile and clothing companies hired tons of people to sew using conventional sewing machines, which took hours of work, effort, and trouble.  But those days are already gone. While there’s no doubt that the workers used to create intricate and exquisite pieces and designs, productivity wasn’t what can be accomplished … Read more

A Complete Buying Guide for Sewing Machines

Some people are blessed with imaginative minds, creative hands, and an eye for fashion and style. If you are one of those folks, you love to create unique dresses (such as those for cosplaying), drapes, bed sheets, etc. Thus, you definitely need the needle power. However, your hands need considerable assistance. For … Read more

You will reap whatever you SEW – try sewing as a hobby

Sewing is a popular hobby since it allows them to repair garments and make new ones from scratch. Aside from the creative aspect of this pastime, turning sewing into a hobby can have additional advantages, such as stress relief, tension relief, improved self-confidence, and so on. If you’ve been considering experiencing the … Read more

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