What are the different types of Airsoft pistols?

More people are now drawn to owning a gun. While some people look at this in a negative way, there are also many good reasons why people opt to have a gun of their own. As you start getting your own gun, it is also ideal to have airsoft pistols. You need this as you aim for accuracy and target shooting, among other preparatory activities, before legally getting a gun.

You should be familiar with the different airsoft pistols during your gun training. Airsoft pistols utilize plastic pallets, which are not that dangerous during your workout. While you can use the pistols on things like small objects, tin cans, or bottles, you must be careful not to aim them at living creatures around you during the training.

Airsoft pistols allow you to have a good perspective on their usage if you are keen on combat and shooting. If your skills are improving, you can also move to another level, which is using airsoft rifle.

While airsoft rifles are more complex than pistols, they add up to your level of skills and enhance your target training.

Popular types of airsoft pistols in the market 

From small to military-look-a-like guns, airsoft pistols come in various shapes and sizes. The gas-powered type is considered the most popular. There is also an electric gun and spring-powered.

If you are a newbie to this thing, you may wonder about the various types of guns to choose from. Interestingly, you can find numerous types and subtypes of airsoft pistols and rifles to check on the market today.

Here are the primary types of airsoft guns:

1. Spring-powered pistols and rifles

While a spring-powered pistol is not as expensive as electric guns, it is still fast during firing. This type of gun doesn’t require batteries for its operation. You only need to reload them every few shots. This is the best option for beginners or those who want to use the gun in just simple gun shooting activities without whistles or bells.

The downside is you need to cock the pistol spring for it to work every time you fire it. Also, with this type of airsoft pistol, you can injure yourself, or your gun can be broken if you cannot cock the gun in a proper manner.

2. Gas-powered pistols and rifles

The gas-powered pistol is one of the leading airsoft guns on the market today. 

It is operated using green gas or compressed CO₂ to fire plastic BBs at a strong velocity. This type of airsoft pistol is also capable enough of several firing rounds per second. While this airsoft gun comes with a expensive price range, it is also understandable as this pistol or rifle is actually powered with authentic cartridges that have propellant. It is also recommended to buy extra or additional cartridges when purchasing this type of gun.

3. Electric-powered pistols and rifles

The rechargeable batteries in electric pistols and rifles are responsible for firing this type of airsoft gun. These batteries can also be plugged into a wall outlet if you like to have a continuous source of power when using a pistol or rifle.

However, electric-powered pistols and rifles can fire at lower velocities compared to spring-powered and gas-powered guns. Nevertheless, it is still powerful when you hit an object during firing.

If your intention involves using your airsoft gun more often, then an electric-powered gun is the best option. It has a higher firing rate compared to spring-powered airsoft guns. You can also reload the gun faster. The only disadvantage in choosing this type of gun is you need batteries to fire it.

Factors to consider between full auto electric power and full and semi-automatic electric powered airsoft gun 

Getting a good airsoft rifle is difficult because several companies claim they give you the best, but that is not the case. Have the best airsoft rifles with open choice and recommend them to fellow friends as well.

1. Pick a full auto electric power airsoft gun with a warranty

You can pick a full auto electric power LPEG airsoft gun with a warranty that comes with additional magazines. This is a must, so you will never run out of pellets or BBs if you have extra magazines. It can be considered a good one for field training or simple backyard wars. 

This type of airsoft gun has maximum speed of 200-250 feet per second with 0.12 gram BBs. This also comes with a battery, charger and can work in three different modes: semi-automatic, fully automatic, and safety mode.

Semi-auto depends on how fast you pull the trigger. The automatic is about the gun performing with just one push to the trigger. On the other hand, the safe mode keeps you safe with slower shots.

You can find other accessories like a flashlight, red dot scope, sling, and barrel extension as well for this type of gun.

2. Choose a full and semi-automatic electric-powered airsoft gun with full tactical accessories ready-to-play package 

An airsoft gun fully automatic electric rifle comes up with a heavy weight, making it more realistic and sturdy. Its motor is driven by the availability of a rechargeable battery. It has an adjustable red dot sight. It can shoot at 200-250 FPS approximately with a semi-auto or full-auto feature. 

For more comfort, it has a flashlight and an adjustable hop-up system. The benefit of choosing a full and semi-automatic electric-powered airsoft gun with complete tactical accessories ready-to-play package is that players can safely play, train, or simulate with the weapon without fearing serious injury. The airsoft rifle feels, looks, and functions like a genuine SG 552. To avoid any jamming issues, maintain operational stability of the rifle.

Some Important Things to Consider when Buying Airsoft Guns

Before deciding on buying your first airsoft gun purchase, you need to take into an account these essential things.

1. Budget

The budget for your airsoft pistol and rifle is the primary basis for the type of guns you will own. Airsoft guns come in various price tags. Also, the budget will dictate to you the features, accessories, gameplay, and warranty packages of your airsoft gun.

2. Type of gameplay

Ask yourself what your plan is on using the airsoft gun. Are you after casual play or competitive play?

If your intention is to plink around with your family members or friends casually, it is best to pick rapid-fire rate types of airsoft guns. The fast-fire airsoft guns are an excellent option for fun shooting on close-range targets.

However, if you plan to improve your competitive gun shooting skills, you can pick gas blowback or airsoft rifles. These types of airsoft guns can fire  accurately and recoil like real guns.

3. Type of ammunition

Check the type of ammunition for your airsoft gun. Are the ammunitions being used involved pellets, BBs, and darts?

While pellets have a slower firing rate, they can give higher accuracy. It is also considered the widely used ammunition for airsoft guns.

The BBs are an excellent choice if you are up for a high firing rate. However, BBs do not offer the same type of accuracy compared to pellets. According to the airsoft gun experts at Innov8tiv, BBs are the best options during target practice and casual shooting.


There is a comprehensive option regarding the types of airsoft pistols and rifles in the market. Others come in a relatively cheaper package, while others are costly in terms of features, accessories, ammunition, and warranty. Checking the type of gameplay you want to involve yourself with can help you a lot in deciding your type of airsoft gun. 

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